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FloatLED v1.12 (14 Nov 2011) - (c) Stone Oakvalley Studios
One of the few Drive LED software on the market that does what it is supposed to do!

FloatLED is a free and super space optimized Drive monitoring LED software.

An neat little program that monitors drive activity and shows them as blinking read, write and read/write icons in a mini optimzied floating window to place anywhere on your workspace. Preferbly on the titlebar. Auto detects whenever a Drive is removed or turned on (USB HDD's for instance).

It's not propped with options and was never intended to be anything more than a monitoring drive activity software so it will never be bloated or advance in the future. Option to lock the float window once placed.

Using code from DriveGLEAM.dll - DriveGLEAM © 2005-2010 Svein Engelsgjerd (info@dirtcellar.net)


V1.12 (.ZIP 655KB) (November 2011)
View/download .PDF documentation

Previous versions

V1.11 (.ZIP 654KB) (July 2011)
V1.10 (.ZIP 654KB) (May 2011)
V1.10 (.ZIP 654KB) (May 2011)
V1.09 (.ZIP 622KB) (April 2011)
V1.08 (.ZIP 619KB) (March 2011)
V1.07 (.ZIP 1002KB) (October 2010)
V1.06 (.ZIP 480KB) (December 2009)
V1.05 (.ZIP 479KB) (November 2009)
V1.04 (.ZIP 473KB) (August 2009)
V1.03 (.ZIP 395KB) (February 2009)
V1.02 (.ZIP 393KB) (January 2009)
V1.01 (.ZIP 284KB) (February 2006)
V1.00 (.ZIP 282KB) (February 2006)
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