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## Possible Releases in far future :-) ##

I'm currently working slow and relaxed on two new software titles, freeware naturally with good gui design:

First up is "FloatPDF Viewer" which is intended for viewing magazines/books (i.e. any pdf) in a touchscreen based
environment simulating multi-touch without multi-touch with screen rotated into portrait mode :-). Only one button/one finger
needed and its smooth and fast by using DirectX, not only that but it is also a nice converter from PDF to TIF/JPG in the same
process. Not to mention the simplicity of it all. Not sure if such a viewer exists already out there, but if it does...I'm sure its like shit :-)

The other software is called "Real Classic 80's Videotexter" which will be a program capable
of producing old-school looking subtitles as seen during the 80's on both the only Norwegian tv-channel (NRK) back then
and typical rental videos you'd find. They have their own unique and sweet style which I intend to mimic.

Both looking like to become good solid concepts and will be a thrill to release when it's ready sometime...

Download When Available (DWA) - Freeware

Download When Available (DWA) V1.0 (25 Nov 2011)

A small clever program to check when a possible offline file is available for download again within predefined intervals, and you don't have the time or brain cells available to remember to check manually.

Another great software from Stone Oakvalley Studios, the guy who hates childish, bloated, overloaded, skinned design, airy and fancy modern GUI design typically inspired by Apple or by themselves, along bringing back the term 'FREEWARE' into its rightfull place!

I made this little software to show off my skills in good design, good concept, usefullness and simplicity without the classic belief 'its better to remove than to add' which is a term invented by lost and completely non-complicated morons.

But seriously, I really made this software because I wanted such a tool, but was too lazy to try and Google for it, not to mention the horror of seeing other developers sometimes dreadful concepts of a software meant to do just one simple thing.

Not only all of that above, but this software is portable and works all the way from Windows95 too...so eat that new-age developers, I say no more.

This software was coded in about 8 hours during 2 days, so naturally there might be some unknown hickups, but it seems stable enough.


Portable V1.0 (32KB .ZIP KB)

Obsolete versions

None yet.

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FloatLED - Freeware

Head over to the dedicated area ( for FloatLED right now! )

AmigaGuide Windows Viewer (AGWViewer) - Freeware

AmigaGuide Windows Viewer (AGWViewer) V1.2 (10 Jan 2012)

A tool that will display and convert any AmigaGuide .guide file and let you browse around just as the original AmigaGuide viewer for Amiga machines. But, naturally, it features more than the original, such as powerful search, automated index generator, conversion to HTML/TXT/PDF, fixes/workarounds for cranky .guide files, PowerPacker (PP20) and XPK decompressing on the fly!

Note: This software is based on V39 (OS3.0) guides specifically. It should load and convert V40 (OS3.1) guides to V39 look with a spoon of salt perhaps.

Works on any Windows Operating System (Win95/98 will only convert, since internal html browser engine is not supported).

Require WinUAE v2.3.1 (or lower, not tested) for decompressing XPK compressed guides, works transparently, just config path and rom file.

Outputs are: HTML, TXT or PDF (via printing text file)


Installer V1.2 (416KB .ZIP KB)
Portable V1.2 (181KB .ZIP KB)
View Readme

HTML Output Example
Automated Index Generation Output Example
TXT Output Example

Obsolete versions

Installer V1.1 (434KB .ZIP KB) 23 Apr 2011
Portable V1.1 (161KB .ZIP KB) 23 Apr 2011
Installer V1.0 (434KB .ZIP KB) 23 April 2011
Portable V1.0 (160KB .ZIP KB) 23 April 2011

Click below on my PayPal to show your appreciation for this fine looking free software. Any amount is highly appreciated!

Not Just Another D64 Viewer (NJAD64V) - Freeware

Not Just Another D64 Viewer (NJAD64V) V1.2 (20 Jul 2013)

A tool that will display the contents of D64 disks as real Commodore 64 graphics using the orignal chars and colors without having to use any emulator or a real C64. From that point you are able to graphically or textually export the information stored in the directory structure of the D64 disks.

Outputs are: PNG, TXT, CSV and PDF (purpose of label printing)


Download (.ZIP 506KB) - 20 Jul 2013
Download (.ZIP 496KB) - 27 Oct 2010

PDF Output Example
CSV Output Example
TXT Output Example
PNG Output Example

Click below on my PayPal to show your appreciation for this fine looking free software. Any amount is highly appreciated!

Easy Chart Designer v1.0 (Freeware 2004)

Suitable for designing HTML charts for Web or Powerpoint

1: Design Chart And Save Chart.
2: Generate Chart (will auto-open into Internet Explorer).
3: Choose 'File/Edit with Microsoft Word' in Internet Explorer.
4: Choose 'Edit/Select All' in Microsoft Word.
5: Choose 'Edit/Copy' in Microsoft Word.
6: Choose 'Edit/Paste Special + Microsoft Word Document Object' in Powerpoint.
7: Or just use the generated HTML code in your own website.
8: Done!

Download (.ZIP 46KB)

Idle RenderLW v1.1 (Freeware 17 August 2004)

(Newtek Lightwave scene queue manager for single machine systems)

LWSN Commandline Front End software, suitable for Lightwave 7.x and 8.x LWSN.EXE and .LWS scene files from 7.x/8.x
Tested fully on WindowsXP, and slightly on Windows Millenium

Software tested against LWSN build 582 (from LW7.5) and LWSN build 690 (from LW8.0) and against Lightwave Scene files from 7.0, 7.5 and 8.0.

This program was written after an inital idea by Mr. Svein Engelsgjerd (author of future AutoLWSNRender software) The program was written for my own use, but since it blew out of proportions quickly I decided to make it more user friendly and make it look good and prepare it for official release.

This software is not an subject for being updated or revised regulary. If there would be any bug report, and the problem is easy to fix I will do that. But no suggestions will be allowed. Not even from myself. Use it as it is, or find something else. I'm happy with it, and use it regulary.

The source might be available for sale if anyone is interrested in expanding the program.

Download (.ZIP 54KB)

ADF Renamer v1.0 (Freeware 2004)

Easy/clean manual renaming tool for Amiga ADF disk images using RomCenter Dats.

Information and Usage:
Will take the .DAT files from Romcenter and extract out the filename for ADF files. Use it now on your own collection to rename chosen file you want with the correct name given in the Romcenter dat files (which can be specififed in the .INI file) Only 13 dat different files are allowed in v1.0 of this software. If change in future, this software will have to become updated.

The dat files much be located in "/dats" where the program is started from. The dat filenames itself are located in the ADF_Renamer.ini file. You may change them to what you desire.

Of course this routine only applies if the RomCenter software DOES NOT recognize YOUR filenames or the unique signature stored in the RomCenter data files.

This utility was programmed to serve only the purpose of renaming badly named ADF files you have downloaded from all over the planet, for instance a filename like "ev.adf" does not say much.

This software does not do any automatic renaming. All is manual selection made by you.

Pressing DEL on your selected file will delete it locally on your harddrive!

Will only scan first subdir from where you selected MAIN ADF Directory.
Example: Main dir is "C:\ADF\" and first subdir is then "C:\ADF\B\"

"C:\ADF\B\BARBARIAN\xxx.adf" will not work!

Download (.ZIP 594KB incl .dats)

Lotto Checker v1.0 (Norwegian Freeware 2004)

Easy lotto checking tool for people with lots of online cupons. Only for Norwegian Lotto..

Download (.ZIP 17KB)

Free Win7/Vista/WindowsXP/ME/2000/98/95 software from Stone Oakvalley Studios
(All software copyright and programmed by Stone Oakvalley Studios using PureBasic from Fantaisie Software)

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