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Virtual Reality (VR) Trillion Dollar Industry Belief
in Gaming

In this section I will tell you my story regarding my experience from 3D imagery (stereoscopic, Anaglyph 3D style) to Virtual Reality of today, and the not-so-long into the future to be. Let's put it this way: VR is finally here and the concept I lay out here may very well become the golden mine for everybody with secrets revealed and forthcoming l...

Created Wednesday, September 15, 2021 | 19:24
Last Revised Thursday, October, 14, 2021 | 19:53
Norwegian Toy Catalogs (1990) - Norske leketøyskataloger fra 90-tallet
During my research into my childhood memories of traces for Virtual Reality / 3D related for my gaming section of the website, I came across some old forgotten Norwegian Toy Catalogs from RINGO and EXTRA LEKER I had collected...

Created Sunday, September 12, 2021 | 14:10
Last Revised Sunday, September, 12, 2021 | 15:37

Star Wars Game Design Concept with a twist
in Gaming

Presented here is an idea for a game concept I cooked in late 2020 based on a mini project I was experimenting all way back in late 2010. It begin with a story in the Norwegian Star Wars comic magazine #5 in 1987, which is based on the original english Star Wars story from Marvel Comics #78 from 1977, called "HOTH STUFF".

In Norwegian ...

Created Tuesday, August 17, 2021 | 19:39
Last Revised Saturday, September, 04, 2021 | 14:49
Homemade Star Wars Comic Magazines (1986-1987)
Whilst doing some digging into my childhood archives related to a Star Wars project I'm currently working on, I came across some homemade comic magazines I created back in 1986 or at least 1987 (at the age of 12,13 years old) which I just had to scan and present for historic reasons...

Created Monday, August 16, 2021 | 20:51
Last Revised Tuesday, August, 17, 2021 | 19:27

New section in the Oakvalley Universe!
in Gaming

In this new "Gaming" section of my website realms, I will do some respect to my much neglected focus to the nostalgic past and future as I enter the games department world with what's been done and what new ideas and concepts I have cooked up during the past years...

Created Sunday, August 15, 2021 | 13:50
Last Revised Sunday, August, 15, 2021 | 19:12
Repair of an Commodore Plus/4 (264) !
Many years ago, together with some papers, tapes, carts, cables and mices there was also a Commodore Plus/4 inside a left-over-lot from an online auction at www.finn.no. Basically it was like scrap parts.

As I first expected, the Commodore Plus/4 was dead, until just recently!...

Created Tuesday, May 25, 2021 | 18:09
Last Revised Friday, May, 28, 2021 | 07:24

The mystery of LSD Doc Compact #550
As you may already have noticed I collect Amiga based ADF, ISO's etc. files from various places on the internet for the past 10+ years...

Created Monday, May 24, 2021 | 18:37
Last Revised Tuesday, May, 25, 2021 | 17:50
Added "Programklubben"/ C=64 KLUBBEN for C64 leaflet - 1990 (Norwegian)
Thanks to Vidar S. for providing this for free for inclusion into my growing library of old scans of norwegian computer magazines and related leaflet regarding Commodore 64 and Amiga's...

Created Sunday, February 21, 2021 | 19:15
Last Revised Sunday, February, 21, 2021 | 19:38

Computer Video - Amiga 500/2000 Promotional 1987 Video - Part 1
Part 1 - "Jeg er vakker"
Deluxe Paint II by Electronic Arts.
Digi-Paint by Newtek.
DBW Render by David B. Wecker (a few raytraced pictures from that software).
Easyl by Anakin Research.
Digi-View by Newtek.
Sculpt 3-D by Eric Graham.
Draw Plus by Aegis.
PCLO -- Amiga/CAD by SoftCircuits.

Created Monday, February 01, 2021 | 18:16
Last Revised Wednesday, June, 09, 2021 | 17:14
Computer Video - Amiga 500/2000 Promotional 1987 Video - Part 5
Part 5 - "Jeg skaper glede"
Goldrunner by Microdeal.
The Karate Kid - Part II by Microdeal.
Emerald Mine by Kingsoft.
Barbarian by Psygnosis.
City Defence by Kingsoft.
Archon II: Adept by Free Fall.
Mind Walker by Synapse/Commodore.
The Bard's Tale - Tales of the Unknown by Electronic Arts.

Created Monday, February 01, 2021 | 18:13
Last Revised Wednesday, June, 09, 2021 | 17:20

Computer Video - Amiga 500/2000 Promotional 1987 Video - Part 4
Part 4 - "Jeg er opplysende"
First Shapes by First Byte.
Probe Sequence by Joel Hage - Keith Doyle.
KidTalk by First Byte.
Deluxe Video v1.0 by Electronic Arts.
Great States USA by Designing Minds.
The Surgeon by ISM.
Donald Duck's Playground by Sierra.
Kinderama by Unicorn Software.

Created Monday, February 01, 2021 | 18:13
Last Revised Wednesday, June, 09, 2021 | 17:19
Computer Video - Amiga 500/2000 Promotional 1987 Video - Part 3
Part 3 - "Jeg er produktiv"
Analyze! by Micro-Systems Software.
Scribble! v2.00 by Micro-Systems Software.
WordPerfect 4.1 by WordPerfect Corporation.
B.E.S.T. Business Management by Business Electronics Software & Technology Inc.
MaxiPlan by MaxiSoft.
UniCalc by Lattice.
Impact! by Aegis.
VIP ...

Created Monday, February 01, 2021 | 18:13
Last Revised Wednesday, June, 09, 2021 | 17:17

Computer Video - Amiga 500/2000 Promotional 1987 Video - Part 2
Part 2 - "Jeg er bilde og lyd"
VideoTitler by Aegis.
TV*Text by Zuma Group.
ProVideo CG1 by JDK Images.
Deluxe Video by Electronic Arts.
DeluxeVideo Post Production Kit (PPK) by Electronic Arts.
Music Mouse - An Intelligent Instrument v1.00 by David Silver & Laurie Spiegel.
Sonix by Aegis.

Created Monday, February 01, 2021 | 18:13
Last Revised Wednesday, June, 09, 2021 | 17:16
Computer Video - Amiga 500/2000 Promotional 1987 Video - Introduction
This Norwegian mini-feature advertisement video really defined me to become what I am today in regards of my interrest into computer graphics, programming, computers and music including keep-the-nostalgia factor that goes into collecting, investigating and archiving all that is Commodore.

The background story for my first Amiga 500 has...

Created Sunday, December 20, 2020 | 18:01
Last Revised Wednesday, June, 09, 2021 | 17:21

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