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in Software | Thursday, February 16, 2006 | 11:54

FloatLED by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

One of the few Drive LED software on the market that does what it is supposed to do!

FloatLED is a free and super space optimized Drive monitoring LED software.

An neat little program that monitors drive activity and shows them as blinking read, write and read/write icons in a mini optimzied floating window to place anywhere on your workspace. Preferbly on the titlebar. Auto detects whenever a Drive is removed or turned on (USB HDD's for instance).

It's not propped with options and was never intended to be anything more than a monitoring drive activity software so it will never be bloated or advance in the future. Option to lock the float window once placed.

Using code from DriveGLEAM.dll - DriveGLEAM © 2005-2010 Svein Engelsgjerd
(info@dirtcellar.net) www.dirtcellar.net/software.php

For downloads, check my Software Dashboard!

Use your PayPal to show your appreciation for this fine looking free software. Any amount is highly appreciated!

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