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Yeti Adventure by Demonoid
in Nostalgia | Friday, July 04, 2014 | 11:19

The only production I remember making in AmigaBasic (first year I got my Amiga 500 in 1989) was a Adventure Game called "Yeti Adventure". However, after I lost the original AmigaBasic sources, I started re-coding it in AMOS V1.3 (probably in 1991-1993) and below are the results of that never finished production.

It featured digitized color photos captured with my Vidi-Amiga hardware with RGB Color Filter Sets and software (VidiGrab / VidiChrome softwware) from the local nature outside our house.

Luckily I still have all the graphics and source code for this game. I do not remember the trace-route of the game or what was supposed to happen, so I imagine the story would develop as I went along.

I do remember scribblings on paper, including maps, but they are all lost now it seems.

As we can tell from the source code in text format (7.5kb, 138 lines) I did not achieve to get very far on this adventure. Some buttons are working and responses, but that's pretty much it :-)

The "Samples1.abk" sample bank contains most likely a sample which sounds like my intention of the player falling out off an cliff, screaming in agony, with a final "splat/click" sound of your body beeing broken at the end :-)

Update 12 November 2021: Added a bootable disk (ADF) so you can even try the very early preview of what can not almost be called a game :-)


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