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RocGen RG300C - Test Footage
in Nostalgia | Monday, August 04, 2014 | 21:10

Several captured sequences made fully by an Amiga 500 and my JVC GR-60E VHC-C video camera. Behold the power of 90's and a young Stone Oakvalley...and some of my cousins...erhmtheir arms and heads to be more precise :-).

Play Video: RocGen Genlock Demos 90's

To my knowledge this must have been around 1990-1991 and was about the only footage I could manage to dig up.

Not only did I play around with genlock, Deluxe Paint and more, but I also programmed my own tailored genlock tools, such as censor-strip, subtitle software and loads of text typer and text scrolling software.

You can find traces of this in Amiga Production section on my website.

Updated use / Test Footage!
Some new footage showing that the unit is re-energized in the year of 201x (x to be determined when time permits). Video camera used is Panasonic MS-4 S-VHS full size camera. Old-school it has to be!

-- test footage to appear here --

In fact, one of the serious uses today for the RocGen RG300C Genlock is for my Norwegian promotion TV-Series for my book "Trekranen".

You can learn more about TV-Series and especially "TV-LESESTUND" (click the links, only in Norwegian language!) that features old-school equipment and Amiga video stuff to re-create a new production made in the style of 80-90's television and computer hardware available at that time.

No need to fake anything with hi-tech new-age equipment, it will always look and feel simulated. Remember that.

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