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Alcotini Stereo Soundsampler
in Nostalgia | Monday, August 04, 2014 | 23:44

This was my first and last sampler for Amiga. I remember I also wanted one for the Commodore 64, but since I only had the C64 active for about 1.5 years, there wasn't time and money available to aquire that.

Anyway, this sampler seems to be made in Denmark and finding traces on Google is extremely hard, so I figured I had to make the effort to preserve as much as possible I can dig out of my archives. Since it was made and probably sold mostly in Scandinavia, all traces of this sampler will probably be in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish computer magazines. It might probably stretch as far as UK and German magazines, but I doubt it was ever mentioned in any US based magazines. Since German language is totally cryptic for me, I'll settle with a scandinavian or english written reviews from magazines. It seems to surfaced sometime in 1988 and lasted a couple of years which narrows down traces of it in magazines at least.

I will post anything I find about this amazing sampler which connected to the PARALLEL and SERIAL ports of any Amiga. I'm unsure if it came with a unique disk or software, but my hunt for reviews will eventually reveal that. During the time ahead I will also try to purchase this item (if I can find it), scan the manual and take new photos of it, not to mention sample and post some audio examples as well!

I will also make the effort to dig out samplings that I actually did with this back in the early 90's.

First traces and pictures can be seen below. These advertisement findings came from the swedish Datormagazin and Norwegian club "Den Norske Hjemmedataklubben (dNh)" computer club magazine, both from 1992.


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