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Alcotini found at auction
in Nostalgia | Monday, August 04, 2014 | 23:48

Headed over to http://www.tradera.com (Swedish auction site) and searched for Amiga stuff today, 25 october 2011 and suddenly a very known hardware figure came up.

Yes, this is the real Alcotini Stereo Sampler! I'm so thrilled right now, and I was able to acquire this start twitching the ends together. Not only is the hardware there, but also manual and box.

The Alcotini Stereo Soundsampler is developed and manufactured by danish company AMITECH DENMARK in 1989, where as the manual that followed my sampler was November 1990, 6th edition.

Not only that, but the sampler's logo are clearly AmiTech Denmark which is not the logo that came on mine back in the days and also not the logo that is visible in the early ads as well as my recently aquired version. I'm not sure if the first revision is with Alcotini logo or the AmiTech Denmark logo.

My belief is that the reason for different logo on the sampler was due to an expansion of their market where they simply used the logo and the spelling Denmark for countries outside Scandinavia just to make it clear for the rest of the world where it came from.

From the Tradera Auction

From the Tradera Auction

For now, traces of it online can be seen here: http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showhardware.cgi?HARDID=1108. Again, as I don't trust the information on that site and if it will stay online forever, here is a snapshot of the website contents.

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