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Perfect Sound v2.2
in Nostalgia | Monday, August 04, 2014 | 23:54

The Alcotini Stereo Soundsampler package came with a Public Domain software called Perfect Sound v2.2, but the manual also mention the sampler is compatible with a number of other known sample programs such as; Aegis Soundmaster, Dsound, Future Sound, Dela Sound and Datel Sample Editor.

If my memory serves me correct even the Audiomaster software can be used to make samples with the Alcotini hardware (naturally that software was probably not released during the writing of the manual).

Below is both the original disk scan and .ADF image. The read me mentions: "ALCOTINI STEREO SOUNDSAMPLER - ALCOTINI HARD & SOFTWARE (c) 1988/1989?, so it seems Alcotini was a subdivision or brand name for the company itself which was named Amitech Denmark.

The custom thing is that the disk was modified which included a quite flashback of memories in the visual and audio areahow cool to see it all again as this was in my very early days of learning about computers. Below are all the sample sounds and a nice picture of the sampler hardware itself during the boot-up of Perfect Sound:

Play Audio: Ball Bounce

Play Audio: Bang

Play Audio: Clapping

Play Audio: Demo1

Play Audio: Demo2

Play Audio: Demo3

Play Audio: Hey-you

Play Audio: Pet-Shop-Boys-at-28khz

Play Audio: Scrap

Play Audio: Splash

Play Audio: Yell

Disk scan of the original disk that came with Alcotini Stereo Soundsampler. You may download the .ADF disk image at the bottom of this page.

Boot Loader picture

Menu Snapshot #1

Menu Snapshot #2

Menu Snapshot #3

Menu Snapshot #4

Menu Snapshot #5 (About)

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