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Amiga 500 FloppyEmulator - MPDOS
in Nostalgia | Thursday, August 07, 2014 | 18:24

I will show the equipment needed to set up an Multi-platform Distributive Operating System (MPDOS) for Amiga and Atari. My focus is for Amiga.

The system is available for purchase (cable and software) via the links provided at the bottom of this page. Concept, development, cable and software is created by Krishna Software (also known as Krishnasoft) specializes in multimedia software production to make people happy!

What does it do? Well, in simple steps:
1: Use a custom cable connected to your PC PAR LPT port.

2: Connect the other end to your floppy connector on the Amiga mainboard.

3: Use ADF images from PC and prepare a emulation with custom software.

4: Let now your Amiga BOOT and LOAD games/demos directly from your PC!

5: No more use for physical disks when playing with Amiga!

You will need to purchase the cable and the MPDOS software from the author site. I will not reveal any pinning of the cable, NOR post any software. I have bought this myself and so should you. It really deserve some attention cause it really works!

Please review these related article links:
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