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Amiga AMOS Examples
in Nostalgia | Sunday, August 17, 2014 | 02:57

A compilation movie that show a wealth of my AMOS v1.3 and AMOS PRO coding, effects, demos and more from my Amiga period in 1990-1997.

It can't get more nostalgic than this. All video clips was captured using an Pinnacle Studio DV500+ from a real Amiga 1200 and its video and audio outputs. Real deal, no Winuae or lame framerate grabbing here, folks! We're talking broadcast quality, 50fps, just the way it was and should been done!

All accompanied by several of my Amiga Soundtracker/Protracker modules all recorded from real hardware in my recording project SOAMC= !

Before I pulled it off Youtube in protest in 2013, check the PDF file at the bottom to see what viewers had to say about my video.

Play Video: Amiga AMOS Examples from Demonoid Productions

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