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Contents of Grapevine Issue #11
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Released: 8 August 1992.

001: How to use Grapevine (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: How to become a Grapevine Sub-Editor (Pazza of LSD)
004: Contributers and Contrubutions (Pazza of LSD)
005: How to advertise - The new rules (Pazza of LSD)
006: Important Message (Pazza of LSD)
007: Subscriptions - The new rules (Pazza of LSD)
008: A message to PD Libraries (Pazza of LSD)
009: New features in Grapevine (Shagratt of LSD)
010: Letters to Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
011: The Charts (Torch of LSD)
012: Mub - Hardness Profile (Torch of LSD)
013: The LSD Challenge (Pazza of LSD)
014: The Grapevine Guru (Not The Momma)
015: News and Rumours (Deadbeat and Pazza)
016: Pazza bust - Update (Pazza of LSD)
017: Fake LSD news (Pazza of LSD)
018: About LSD (Pazza of LSD)
019: The New Kent Team Infomation (Klark of The New Kent Team)
020: About Espionage (Seige and Genius of Espionage)
021: What's Happened To Rogues Gallery? (Pazza of LSD)
022: Rogues Gallery (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
023: The Doom UK chart (Pazza of LSD)
024: The need for a custom cruncher (Pazza of LSD)
025: Lame cracks (Hobbit of Cybernetix)
026: Confessions of a Modem Addict (Judas of Gate)
027: Beach Party Invitation (End of Century 1999)
028: Aylesbury Party Invitation (Abnormal Data(?))
029: Kill Rhah (Captain Jewels of Devils)
030: Outback of Cyanide Profile (Outback of Cyanide)
031: The Scene Sucks (Harlequin of LSD)
032: Wounded Heroes (Pazza of LSD)
033: New AD&D monsters (Pazza of LSD)
034: Role Playing Games Forum (2Tone of The Likely Lads)
035: Redwater - An AD&D scenario (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
036: Redwater - The maps (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
037: Where theres a will - An AD&D scenario (2Tone of The Likely Lads)
038: Where theres a will - The maps (2Tone of The Likely Lads)
039: Sci-fi world design (Pazza of LSD)
040: Warhammer fantasy battle, an introduction (Soul)
041: 5OOO point Warhammer fantasy battle (Soul)
042: Random Name Generator (2Tone of The Likely Lads)
043: Codes in Roleplaying Games (Pazza of LSD)
044: Dance wWith the Devil (2-Tone of The Likely Lads)
045: Christians and Dungeons and Dragons (Pazza of LSD)
046: A5OO+ Problems solved 2 (Harlequin of LSD)
047: A6OO Tips (Khul)
048: KickStart 3 Specifications (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
049: New Saddam virus mutants (Shagratt of LSD)
050: Oh no, Barry Manilow - The virus (Doctor Syn)
051: Fax Virus Update (Torch of LSD)
052: More Action Replay protection (Harlequin of LSD)
053: 68OOO Debugging (2-Cool of LSD)
054: Kickstart Checking (2-Cool of LSD)
055: Using Intuition (Shagratt of LSD)
056: Action Replay Cheats (Seige of Espionage)
057: Game Cheats (Sonic of Cyanide)
058: Game Assessment (Hardcore of Cyanide)
059: Game Reviews 1 (Hobbit of Cybernetix)
060: Game Reviews 2 (Khul)
061: Game Reviews 3 (Morpheus)
062: Soccer Game Reviews (Dynamo of Cyanide)
063: Gameboy Cartrige Review (Clyde Iron)
064: Super Nintendo Vs Megadrive (Outback of Cyanide)
065: Product News (Sonic of Cyanide)
066: How good are Magazines (Khul)
067: Magazine review (Harlequin of LSD)
068: Organise Yourself (Axl of Exodus)
069: Organise Yourself Diagrams (Axl of Exodus)
070: Why Qwerty (Not The Momma)
071: Grapevine Review (Gollum)
072: Why Work (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
073: Jehova Witnesses (Morpheus)
074: Child Abuse (Axl of Exodus)
075: A brief history of Earth (Judas of Gate)
076: Racism (The Waster)
077: Racism reply (Harlequin of LSD)
078: Reply to Big Brother (Soul)
079: Reply to Dr. Butcher (Khul)
080: Barnsley (Fish of LSD)
081: Barnzzzzley's so boring (Arma)
082: Its a bit controversial (Not The Momma)
083: Your all wankers (Harlequin of LSD)
084: Why do they do it (Jay of Eclipse)
085: Where's my Disks (Soul)
086: Save The Amiga (Teak of Anti-Lamer force)
087: The Bitmap Brothers (Outback of Cyanide)
088: Consoles - Are they the future (Harlequin of LSD)
089: What are Commodore up to? (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
090: The Scene by a "lamer" (Headcrash)
091: Lame Vs Beginner (Cyborg)
092: Beginners and attitudes of the "Elite" (Outback of Cyanide)
093: F.A.S.T. and Piracy (Outback of Cyanide)
094: Piracy - The misinformed truth (Harlequin of LSD)
095: Commodore shag it up (Harlequin of LSD)
100: Pro Wrestling Inc (Dr Butcher)
101: Pro Wrestling Inc Update (Dr Butcher)
102: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat profile (Dr Butcher)
103: Wrestling - No shit review (Dynamo of Cyanide)
104: How to improve Wrestling (Dynamo of Cyanide)
105: WCW Wrestling Video Review (Dynamo of Cyanide)
106: Sky Scrambling - The next Generation (XL)
107: Blindmans bluff Hacker Style (Alpha of The Dogs)
108: Macro VHS coding (Tall Guy of Teknix)
109: Wrong Number (The Genius of Espionage)
110: What is Phone Phreaking (Gollum)
111: Attitudes towards Axl Rose (Axl of Exodus)
112: Guns 'n Roses in Paris (Axl of Exodus)
113: The law and Rose (Axl of Exodus)
114: Rave report (Seige of Espionage)
115: Rave reviews (Seige of Espionage)
116: A guide to Modern Jazz (Prophet of Goldfire)
117: The history of Electric Light Orchestra (The Waster)
118: The complete Beatles album tracklist (The Fox of Slipstream)
119: Football Facts (The Bladesman)
120: European Football Championship finals 1992 (Dynamo of Cyanide)
121: European Football Championship - The Cup (Dynamo of Cyanide)
122: Seria A (Dynamo of Cyanide)
123: Competition time (Harlequin of LSD)
124: Competition - His masters Voice (Not The Momma)
125: Euro '92 Quiz (Dynamo of Cyanide)
126: Mega Quiz 2 (2Tone of The Likely Lads)
127: Video Game Quiz (Dynamo of Cyanide)
128: Leisure Computing Quiz (Lord Lazy)
129: Wrestling Quiz (Dynamo of Cyanide)
130: Wrestling Trivia Quiz (Lord Lazy)
131: About Test Your IQ (Viking)
132: Test Your IQ graphics (Viking)
133: Strange People 4 (Moz of LSD)
134: Animals that broke the law (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
135: Techniques for Astral projection (Fatty of The New Kent Team)
136: Diseases that changed history (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
137: Gilles De Rais - Alister Crowley's banned lecture (Klark of NKT)
138: The Oswald conspiracy (Fatty of The New Kent Team)
139: Hypnosis (Genius of Espionage)
140: My opinion on time travel (Silk)
141: You couldn't make it up (Torch of LSD)
142: Bizzare but true (Dynamo of Cyanide)
143: Incredible but true 2 (Pazza of LSD)
144: A bit of this, that and the other (Clyde Iron)
145: Star Trek - Where no sane man would go: Part 1 (Leo Schwab)
146: Star Trek - Where no sane man would go: Part 2 (Leo Schwab)
147: 1O reasons for the A6OO (Khul)
148: 1O Reasons the Berlin wall came down (OPR)
149: 1O Annoying things about your local Computer Shop (Morpheus)
150: 1O Things to do with Cyanide (Outback of Cyanide)
151: 21 things about houses you never needed to know (Makaba)
152: Useful Arab Phrases to know when travelling in Moslem areas (Xanadu)
153: How to avoid paying the Poll Tax (Clyde Iron)
154: Clash of the Titans (Torch of LSD)
155: Uncle Hobbits Cooking sketch (Hobbit of Cybernetix)
156: Crap Jokes (Cryton of Apocalypse)
157: Crappy Rhymes (Jester of Teknix)
158: Definition of Sport (The Waster)
159: A Desperate Boozer writes (Clyde Iron)
160: How to earn lots of money (Hardcore of Cyanide)
161: Favorite Lists (Seige of Espionage)
162: Happiness is a warm Amiga (Not the Momma)
163: Things that I hate (Outback of Cyanide)
164: Interview with an A5OO (Harlequin of LSD)
165: Interview with Axl's Dog (Axl of Exodus)
166: Interview with God (Genius of Espionage)
167: Interview with Pazza's dog (Pazza of LSD)
168: Joke Page (Majic Mushroom and Caffine Kid)
169: Joke Time (Pauly)
170: 21 ways to kill your tropical Fish (Genius of Espionage)
171: More Stupid Lists (Jester of Teknix)
172: Trying to be sick (Seige of Espionage)
173: Something to amuse (Seige of Espionage)
174: How to spot an Angler (Deadbeat)
175: Useless facts 2 (Gollum)
176: Variety Vanguard (Hardcore of Cyanide)
177: Wash and Go - At last the docs! (Mad Turnip of ZMB)
178: Why? (ATCW of Ghost)
179: Womens annoying habits (Hobbit of Cybernetix)
180: Luther - Sweetwater, Texas (Dynamo of Cyanide)
181: Shadows and Shades (Merlyn and Lorekeeper of The Magic Guild)
182: Tower of the five Orders (Merlyn and Lorekeeper of The Magic Guild)
183: Crime and Puzzlement (John Perry Barlow)
184: Wild Magic (Merlyn and Lorekeeper of The Magic Guild)
185: Makabra (Makabra)
186: A Girl there was (Tall Guy of Teknix)
187: Butchered - Video reviews (Dr Butcher)
188: The rise of Jean-Claude Van Damme (Bernard Sumner of LSD)
189: Dr. Who Video review (Pazza of LSD)
190: Dr. Who - Are the Doctor and the Master the same person? (Subzero)
191: Dr. Who facts (Alpha of The Dogs)
192: Dr. Who - The missing episodes (Pazza of LSD)
193: Dr. Who episode list (Pazza of LSD)
194: Alien Infomation (Morpheus)
195: UFO's over the UK 2 (Moz of LSD)
196: Aliens in Nevada (Bill Cooper)
197: Alternative 3 (Leslie Watkins)
198: Flying Saucers - Super-conducting Whirls of Plasma (Hans Lauritzen)
199: The art of Airbrushing (Fish of LSD)
200: Moorcock, Elric and Quantum theory (Soul)
201: Lord Lazy's top telly (Lord Lazy)
202: Winning Chess (Khul)
203: An enjoyable day out (Clyde Iron)
204: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (Alpha of The Dogs)
205: Lager reviews (Clyde Iron)
206: Facts about farts (Larder of The New Kent Team)
207: Multiple Scerosis 2 (Fish of LSD)
208: Remote control cars (ATCW of Ghost)
209: Laser Quest (Johan)
210: How to Save Money (Clyde Iron)
211: Beware of this Fish (Not the Momma)
212: Rocket Technologies for the future (Klark of The New Kent Team)
213: New Year - Scotrland style (Clyde Iron)
214: Text Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
215: Graphic Adverts 1 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
216: Graphic Adverts 2 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
217: Graphic Adverts 3 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
218: Graphic Adverts 4 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
219: Final Word (Pazza of LSD)

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