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Contents of Grapevine Issue #12
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Released: 5 October 1992.

000: Index (Index)
001: How to use Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: Important (Pazza of LSD)
004: A message to PD libraries (Pazza of LSD)
005: Contributions (Pazza of LSD)
006: How to Advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
007: Grapevine diskback Service - Who needs Subscriptions! (Pazza of LSD)
008: The Charts (Torch of LSD)
009: Nostalgia Corner (Ken D)
010: Grapevine 11 - Plus fixed (Shagratt of LSD)
011: Letters to Grapevine (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
012: The Best of issue 11 (Dynamo of Cyanide)
013: Dynamo Grapevine Contributions (Dynamo of Cyanide)
014: About the Grapevine Headlines (Pazza of LSD)
015: Fascist Cop - New cartoon series (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
016: News and Rumours (Deadbeat and Pazza)
017: LSD - Too good for vowels! (Pazza of LSD)
018: About Cosine (Blancmange of Cosine)
019: About Pearl (Blake of Pearl)
020: Cybernetix - Who the fuck are we (Leonardo of Cybernetix)
021: About Oxydize (Uridium of Oxydize)
022: Mad Irishmen? - Quadriga who? (Dad of Quadringa)
023: About Vendetta (Raven of Vendetta)
024: Nerve Axis group report (Evil C of Nerve Axis)
025: The truth about Nuke (Shagratt of LSD)
026: Fake LSD news (Pazza of LSD)
027: Rogues Gallery part 1 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
028: Rogues Gallery part 2 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
029: Rogues Gallery part 3 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
030: Reply to Judge Drokk (Cryton of Apocalypse)
031: An apology to Anarchy (The Fox ex-Slipstream)
032: Nomad's last words (N.O.M.A.D ex-Nemesis)
033: Be careful (Majic Mushroom of Quartz)
034: The Spanish scene (Incubus of Balance)
035: Quartz Party report 1 (Pazza of LSD)
036: Quartz party report 2 (Majic Mushroom of Quartz)
037: Quartz party - The organisers problems (Jaz of Quartz)
038: Quartz party - An explanation of the results (Jaz of Quartz)
039: Arise party report (Dad of Quadringa)
040: Blood Money party report (Red Snake and The Hitcher)
041: European Computer Trade Show report (Bernard Sunmer of LSD)
042: Interview with Bob Hay of F.A.S.T. (Khul)
043: Interview with Cosy of Nemesis (Pazza and Mub of LSD)
044: Maz of Cyanide profile (Maz of Cyanide)
045: Interview with Majic Mushroom of Quartz (Pazza of LSD)
046: Interview with Snare of Quartz (Bernard Sumner of LSD)
047: Interview with Groo & Rufferto of Del. Design (Bernard Sumner of LSD)
048: Interview with NME of Illusion (C64) (Marc Panther of Soundwave)
049: Interview with Paradroid of Anarchy (Pazza of LSD)
050: Interview with Index of Crime Devils (Fish of LSD)
051: Interview with Judge Drokk of Anarchy (Fish of LSD)
052: Rave Video - Are your demo routines being used? (Pazza of LSD)
053: Where are we going (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
054: Controversy Corner (Devils Advocate)
055: Protest Aikido (Machiavelli)
056: Cracking demos (Blake of Pearl)
057: Replying to mail (Blake of Pearl)
058: The scene (Lee)
059: Piracy - Who is to blame? (Khul)
060: Pirates ahoy (Marc Panther of Soundwave)
061: Groups - Do we need them? (Simpson of Equinox)
062: Eternal issue one review (Khul)
063: Elite, Friendship or Business (Speedy of Quartz)
064: The Elitists hierarchy (Cryton of Apocalypse)
065: Game only swappers (Delbert of LSD)
066: Interview with an elite modem-trader (Mad Turnip)
067: Lamers and beginners (Cryton of Apocalypse)
068: Definition of a lamer (Cardiaxx if Wedlock)
069: Redefinition of a lamer (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
070: An ex-lamers story (Cardiaxx of WDL)
071: Views on the subject of lame and elite users (Soul)
072: Lamers (Snazz cats)
073: Lamers - The next generation (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
074: More lamers (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
075: Modem lamers (Alpha of the Dogs)
076: RPG forum (2-Tone of The Likely Lads)
077: Wounded Heroes (Pazza of LSD)
078: Come in XF437 - A Warhammer 4OOOO scenario (Bust, CS and Pazzazu)
079: Come in XF437 Map (Bust, Cryptstalker and Pazzazu)
080: Horror under Witchport - An AD&D scenario (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
081: Horror under Witchport Maps (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
082: The Grapevine campaign world (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
083: Karapath - The 1st part of the GV world (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
084: Karapath - The maps (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
085: CyberPunk 2O2O timeline (Spectral ex-LSD)
086: Dungeon Master tricks and tips (Soul)
087: A rough guide to roleplaying games (Jim-Lad and Tzeech of Vendetta)
088: Space Marine painting guide - Adding extra detail (Lone Ranger of NMH)
089: Space Marine painting guide - The details (Lone Ranger of NMH)
090: Why play roleplaying games (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
091: AD&D - Going beyond the rules (AKI)
092: Create new items for your roleplay (Soul)
093: Aquatic Vampires - A new monster for AD&D (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
094: Basic tactics in Warhammer (Jim-Lad and Tzeech of Ventetta)
095: Fighting Fantasy (Khul)
096: New AD&D Magic items (2-Tone of The Likely Lads)
097: Board game review - Supremacy (AMB)
098: Warhammer novels review (Tzeech and Jim-Lad of Vendetta)
099: Advert - Figures for Sale (Pazza of LSD)
100: Advert - Magazines Wanted (Pazza of LSD)
101: Adverts - RPG Contacts wanted (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
102: Game news and previews (Dynamo of Cyanide)
103: The easiest way to win is by cheating (Lightning of Gods UK)
104: Game cheats (Genius of Espionage)
105: Sensible Soccer (Dynamo of Cyanide)
106: Video game quiz (Dynamo of Cyanide)
107: Super NES game reviews (Dynamo of Cyanide)
108: New console games (Dynamo of Cyanide)
109: An explanation of PBM's (AMB)
110: Play by mail Games (Lord Lazy)
111: League Soccer PBM (AMB)
112: The British Wrestling Association PBM (Lord Lazy)
113: Wrestling - The real deal (Dynamo of Cyanide)
114: The wrestling scene (Lord Lazy)
115: Summerslam 1992 review (Dynamo of Cyanide)
116: The Worlds top 5O Wrestlers (Lord Lazy)
117: The best Wrestlers in the World (Dynamo of Cyanide)
118: Wrestling Quiz 1 (Lord Lazy)
119: Wrestling Quiz 2 (Dynamo of Cyanide)
120: Grapevine Wrestling Federation (Lord Lazy)
121: 16-Bit (P.A.K.)
122: True stories (Genius of Espionage)
123: And finally (Stormbringer)
124: Now there's a thing (Dynamo of Cyanide)
125: Weird, but it happened (Maz of Cyanide)
126: Amazing facts (Leonardo of Cybernetix)
127: I lost my husbands heart to a home computer (Laura Carr)
128: Satellite hacking - The saga continues (XL)
129: Approaching zero (Deadbeat)
130: Cyberpunks and the Constitution (Laceration)
131: Hackers spree (Blake of Pearl)
132: Night of the Hackers (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
133: Strange Objects (Pazuzu of EOC 1999)
134: UFO's over the UK part 3 (Moz of LSD)
135: New UK UFO sightings (Ozone Friendly)
136: Strange people part 5 (Moz of LSD)
137: More time travel (Genius of Espionage)
138: When the Devil walked in Devon (Sandman)
139: Who was Jack the Ripper (The Blademan)
140: A cure for Aids? (Flaming Crones Covern)
141: Amazing encounters (Schitzo of Damage)
142: Flying machines in old Sanskrit texts (Crypt Stalker of Bust)
143: An introduction to Botanical incenses (Rowan Fairgrove)
144: Christ in Kahmir (Crypt Stalker of Bust)
145: Crop circles (Genius of Espionage)
146: A fateful cargo (The Bladesman)
147: A history of Paganism (Larder of the New Kent Team)
148: The Messier objects (Crypt Stalker and Pazzazu)
149: The Nazca lines (Pazzazu)
150: Nostradamus - Europe's greatest prophet (Sandman)
151: Make a Ouiji board (Asylum)
152: Make a Ouiji board diagram (Asylum)
153: What was the Star of Bethlehem? (Fatty of the New Kent Team)
154: Nokola Teslas long range weapon (Oliver Nichelson)
155: Hidden words in the Torah (Larder of the New Kent Team)
156: Sex Pistols - Diary part 1 (2-Tone of The Likely Lads)
157: The truth about Michael Jackson (Axl of the Void)
158: The Cult - Sonic Temple Tour (2-Tone of The Likely Lads)
159: Radio 1's Top 1OO singles (2-Tone of The Likely Lads)
160: Movie Reviews (Dynamo of Cyanide)
161: Robocop - The making of a movie (S. Wynne)
162: Robocop 2 - The movie (S. Wynne)
163: Alien three - The original script (Spectral ex-LSD)
164: Aliens technical readout - Synthetic humans (Echo of LSD)
165: Aliens technical readout - Motion trackers (Echo of LSD)
166: Bladerunner (Neil 348 Walker)
167: Streetwise program report (Glitch of Alliance)
168: Hooray for Hollywood (Slane of Quadriga)
169: Crap film review (Tzeech and Jim-Lad of Vendetta)
170: Knit your own Dr Who Scarf (Dora Kilburn)
171: The Outer limits episode guide (Lauren)
172: Red Dwarf episode guide (Mateen Greenway)
173: The Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy guide (Nova of Vendetta)
174: Star Trek facts (Klark of the New Kent Team)
175: Star Trek - Warp speed explained (Leon Myerson)
176: USS Enterprise - A history (Arnold E. Van Beverhodt Jr.)
177: Star Trek chronology (Allan Finkas and Willaim Stone)
178: StarTrek humour (Klark of the New Kent Team)
179: Star Trek - In search of Acorn Technical Support (Michael P. Butler)
180: Luther - The origin (Dynamo of Cyanide)
181: Luther - Retribution (Dynamo of Cyanide)
182: The great big Fuck (Johann)
183: Friendly gesture (Soul)
184: Memorydust (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
185: A trip (Soul)
186: Action super IV review (Khul)
187: Connect your Amiga to a Scart TV (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
188: Connect your Amiga to an Amstrad Monitor (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
189: Build a hardware virus protector (Maz of Cyanide)
190: Hardware corner (Maz of Cyanide)
191: How hard is your Hardware? (Lord Lazy)
192: Computer knowledge Quiz (2-Cool of LSD)
193: HST Self-test program (Anon)
194: Build a miniature broadcasting kit (Noz)
195: Build a miniature broadcasting kit - The diagram (Noz)
196: Build a FM transmitter (Maz of Cyanide)
197: Neighbours report 1 - What's happening in Australia? (Boner ex-LSD)
198: Neighbours report 2 - What's happening in Australia? (Boner ex-LSD)
199: The Gulf war facts (Khul)
200: Shareware - The way of the future (Cryton of Apocalypse)
201: Copyrights and patents explained (Soul)
202: Swapping (Overide)
203: Enhanced reality (Bizarro of Solo)
204: Desk Top Publishing printing (Micon)
205: Comics (Raven of Vendetta)
206: The Electric car (Genius of Espionage)
207: A trip to Morecambe (Siege of Espionage)
208: Alcohol reviews 2 (ClydeIron)
209: Great British beer festival report (AJW)
210: How to drink a lot of alcohol in a short time and enjoy it (ClydeIron)
211: Computer Magazine review (Genius of Espionage)
212: British Rail (Leaburn of EOC 1999)
213: College (Override)
214: Holiday report (Carlos)
215: Grapevine Forum (Ken D)
216: Desert island disks (Ken D)
217: Copying character names (Soul)
218: Pissed right off (Siege of Espionage)
219: Religion (Anon)
220: Reply to "Its a bit Controversial" 1 (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
221: Reply to "Its a bit Controversial" 2 (Dynamo of Cyanide)
222: Reply to magazine reviews (Dynamo of Cyanide)
223: Reply to racism (Dynamo of Cyanide)
224: What's with the software (Soul)
225: Zero - What happened (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
226: Amiga Vs PC (Khul)
227: Bitmap Brothers - A OK (Khul)
228: Bitmap Brothers (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
229: In defence of the Bitmaps (Asylum)
230: A classless society (Bizarro of Solo)
231: Consoles will die out (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
232: Grapevine success (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
233: Jehova Witnesses (Snazz Cats)
234: Is Moon the Messiah? (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
235: Neo Nazi-ism again (Khul)
236: New-age travellers (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
237: Advertising in games (Cryton of Apocalypse)
238: Commodore RIP (Ken D)
239: Judge Dredd - Typical Sentences (Ghostrider of Slipstream)
240: Out of the cradle (Spectral ex-LSD)
241: Sex on wheels (Johann)
242: Top 1O woman (Siege of Espionage)
243: The truth about Lemmings (Not The Momma)
244: DIY business card (Anon)
245: How to cook a Squirrel (RSPCA!)
246: Famous quotations (Xanadu)
247: Philosophy and Cyanide (Outback of Cyanide)
248: Crashing time (Carlos)
249: Death from Ireland (Dad 1916 of Quadriga)
250: Death of the jiffy bag (Ken D)
251: Just another article (Not the Momma)
252: Thoughts on sex (Alpha of the Dogs)
253: Sayings for any occasion (Xanadu)
254: Total Football (Dynamo of Cyanide)
255: Serie A (Machno of Grace)
256: Major transfers of the Summer (Dynamo of Cyanide)
257: Football - The new rules (The Warlord)
258: Software Debugging (2-Cool of LSD)
259: Grapevine Answers (Ken D)
260: Hidden agenda (Blake of Pearl)
261: CLI corner - Hard Drive instillation (Ken D)
262: Cli Ansi Commands (Blake of Pearl)
263: Shortcuts (Cryton of Apocalypse)
264: The Rom-wack (Dr Syn)
265: ASCII is out (Genius of Espionage)
266: Battle of the Directory utilities (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
267: J.S.Steer virus warning (Dr Syn)
268: Pascal PCQ Page command (Dr Syn)
269: Atari ST picture formats (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
270: Fax virus update (Torch of LSD)
271: Fax virus killer Documentation (Torch of LSD)
272: 13 ways you can help the Greenhouse effect (Overdose)
273: 2O things you never knew about Russia (Leonardo of Cybernetix)
274: 21 things you never knew about Spring (Mr Gumby of Powerhouse)
275: You don't have to do the washing up (Beaver and Blancmange of Cosine)
276: More things that annoy me (Cryton of Apocalypse)
277: Don't you just love it when (Harlequin of Scoopex)
278: The electricians 1O commandments (Judas of Gate)
279: Fridges are better than women because (Schitzo, Case, OSD & Danny)
280: Get your pants off (Not the Momma)
281: Funny Frolics (Siege fo Espionage)
282: The Flynn hintbook (Macna)
283: David Mellor humour (Seige of Espionage)
284: Its joke time (Majic Mushroom and Micon)
285: The humour of Woody Allen (Larder of the New Kent Team)
286: Little known quotes from the Bible (Fatty of the New Kent Team)
287: Lawful humour (Alpha of the Dogs)
288: More lightbulb jokes (Xanadu)
289: More money-making and saving ideas (ClydeIron)
290: Top tips (Leonardo and Asylum)
291: The Grapevine guru (Not the Momma)
292: Sellotape - A guide to sex with small animals (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
293: Sheep shagging - A practical guide (Telemark of Nerve Axis)
294: The Guru interview (Bizarro of Solo)
295: Be a bastard (Davey B/Ken D)
296: Computer diseases (Torch and Ken D)
297: COST report (Bizarro fo Solo)
298: Hardware projects for your Amiga (Bizarro of Solo)
299: Floyd - A chef for the Nineties (Bizarro of Solo)
300: The art of Farting (Dynamo of Cyanide)
301: Cliches (Blake of Pearl)
302: Eldorado quiz (Lord Lazy)
303: The relationship between Man and Fridge (Lightning of Gods UK)
304: How to become a music sex God (Cryton of Apocalypse)
305: Scene songs (Strongbow)
306: Scottish slang (Clyde Iron)
307: Scruples - Have you got them? (Leonardo of Cybernetix)
308: Toothpaste abuse - The hidden menace (Mr Gumby of Powerhouse)
309: Let's manipulate reality (Shadow Hawk)
310: A certain suicide (Khul)
311: Does your family hate you? (Mr Gumby of Powerhouse)
312: The Eurowank (Mr Gumby of Powerhouse)
313: Gay TV (Pazza of LSD)
314: Your swapping Horoscope (Hobbit of Cybernetix)
315: Making pop hits on your Amiga (Bizarro of Solo)
316: Natural Childbirth (Dave Barry)
317: The new extremely English Bible (Norbert the Narc)
318: True definitions (Larder of the New Kent team)
319: Why cops hate you (Judas of Gate)
320: Chemical analysis of a woman (Klark of the new Kent Team)
321: An XR3i driver writes (Subzero)
322: Your stars (Madam Zappa)
323: Babbage - Language of the future (Larder of the New Kent Team)
324: Bad English (Alpha of the Dogs)
325: Disorder in the Court (Judas of Gate)
326: Crazy definitions (Xanadu)
327: Elephant Hunting and looking for a job (Klark of the New Kent Team)
328: Further education 1992/3 (Klark of the New Kent Team)
329: Haggis - The facts (Xanadu)
330: Hopeless definitions (Jester)
331: How to do it (Telemach of DCI)
332: Metric time (Fatty of the New Kent Team)
333: Birth of Amigaman (P.A.K.)
334: Andy go home 2 (Not the Momma)
335: Alice in Dataland (Larder of the New Kent Team)
336: Computer diagnosis (Judas of Gate)
337: The tale of Micro (Larder of the New Kent Team)
338: The Gold Blend saga continues (Stealth)
339: Invasion Cahirciveen (Slane of Quadriga)
340: Clive the Mad Irish wino (Slane of Quadriga)
341: Abbott and Costello - Who's on first (Fatty of the New Kent Team)
342: What the Amiga says (Glitch of Alliance)
343: Who's the boss? (Bernard Sumner of LSD)
344: Ball boy (Judas of Gate)
345: Text adverts part 1 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
346: Text adverts part 2 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
347: Advert - Talent wanted (Soul)
348: IFF adverts part 1 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
349: IFF adverts part 2 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
350: IFF adverts part 3 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
351: IFF adverts part 4 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
352: IFF adverts part 5 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
353: IFF adverts part 6 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
354: IFF adverts part 7 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
355: Final Word (Pazza of LSD)

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