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Contents of Grapevine Issue #13
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Released: 4 December 1992

000: Grapevine 13 index! (Index)
001: Help (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: How to advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
004: Important (Pazza of LSD)
005: Contact the Grapevine Team (Pazza of LSD)
006: How to Contribute (Pazza of LSD)
007: Grapevine Diskback service (Pazza of LSD)
008: Notice to PD libraries (Pazza of LSD)
009: The Grapevine Guru (Not the Momma)
010: Personal Column (Not the Momma)
011: Letters to Grapevine (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
012: The Hardness charts (Torch of LSD)
013: Important - Vote in the Hardness charts! (Torch of LSD)
014: Doctor Torch's Hardness clinic (Torch of LSD)
015: News and Rumours (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
016: The Party invitation (Anon)
017: Digital Symposium 1992 party report (Soul, Pazza and Mutant Mango)
018: Eclipse 1992 Party report (Axl of Exodus)
019: The B.U.S. Micro-mini conference report (Raging Plum of B.U.S.)
020: LSD - We'll tear your Soul apart probably (Pazza of LSD)
021: LSD Fake news (Pazza of LSD)
022: Power House - An insight (Predator of Power House)
023: Join Trance (Crush of Trance)
024: Nerve Axis report (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
025: Apoclaypse - After the Reformation (Cryton of Apocalypse)
026: The Quadriga story - part 2 (Slaine of Quadrega)
027: EndlessPiracy - The info (Mythos of Endless Piracy)
028: About Hipnotics (Semtex of Hipnotics)
029: Rogues Gallery (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
030: World Charts 9 info (Autopsy of Scoopex)
031: An apology to Apocalypse (Blake of Peral)
032: Dovetail - The truth (Ken D.)
033: Pazza of LSD Versus the Crown (Machiavelli)
034: The LSD rules (Pazza of LSD)
035: We need you (Axl of Exodus)
036: Grapevine Knitting pattern (Doreen NcNasty)
037: Foreign Contacts (Khul)
038: Jesus On E's fix (Shagratt of LSD)
039: What's in a Name? (Blake of Pearl)
040: Apocalypse get It Right (Harlequin)
041: Bob of the Stolen Data team - The official reply (BOB of SD Team)
042: Things not to say in articles (Pazza of LSD)
043: Doppleganger (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
044: Intro or Demo (Gad of Hardcore)
045: Lamers Beware (Harlequin)
046: New Years Resolutions (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
047: Paranoia (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
048: Stolen Data review (Harlequin)
049: Mail Traders Guide (XL)
050: Swappers habits (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
051: The UK - God its Crap (Harlequin)
052: What is a Lamer? (Gollum of Damage)
053: Why should we stop Piracy? (Gollum of Damage)
054: 1992 Top 5 Demos (Khul)
055: Albert - A lamer? (Ken D.)
056: Elite and Lamers (Dynamo of Cyanide)
057: Euromag II (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
058: The first send (The Zone)
059: Life after your Amiga? (Cabal of Pyrogenic)
060: Views on the Modem scene (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
061: How to write the Scrolltext in a demo (Jofus)
062: Teach us to Code (Heat of Assault Inc.)
063: Who's in the Right? (The Zone)
064: Disk thieves (Sarek of EOC 1999)
065: Lamer Theory (Sarek of EOC 1999)
066: Amstrad DD VHS Review (Sarek of EOC 1999)
067: Kodak Photo CD review (Harlequin)
068: Universal Product Code (Count Nibble)
069: MTX Micro VHF Transmitter (Maz of Cyanide)
070: MTX Micro VHF Transmitter - Diagram (Maz of Cyanide)
071: Aliens? (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
072: The Men in Black (Larder of the New Kent Team)
073: The Abduction syndrome (Ozone frirendly of Challenge Logic)
074: The Allende letters (Leonardo)
075: Close Encounters of the forth kind (Fatty of the New Kent Team)
076: UFO related facts (Predator of Power House)
077: The Haunting of Borley (Klark of the New Kent Team)
078: Spooking the Spooks (Pazza of LSD)
079: Spooky but true (Pazza of LSD)
080: A Poltergeist detector (Rombust Of Nerve Axis)
081: The Third Reich and the Occult (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
082: A Crowleyian corruption of the "Dog of Defence" ritual (AC)
083: The Golden Dawn Society (Katon Shual 93)
084: Ho Ophis Ho Archaios (Gareth J. Medway)
085: The Pagan Federation (Histler)
086: The Temple of Set (AES)
087: Wiccan Philosothy (Robert)
088: The end of the World is Nigh! (Mike Brown)
089: Did you know? (ClydeIron)
090: True Stories (Mr Gumby of Futura)
091: More of this, that and the other (ClydeIron)
092: Incredible but true Newspaper reports (Fatty of the New kent Team)
093: Alternative world news (Dynamo of Cyanide)
094: Amazing facts (Beelzebub)
095: Space and Time (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
096: Drowning with Abnormalia (Macno of Abnormalia)
097: Amiga Thoughts (Harlequin)
098: Blind, Deaf and Dumb (Peter M.)
099: From Crusher with Love (Not the Momma)
100: Limericks (Sidewinder ex-LSD)
101: Magicpower (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
102: Poetic Soundings (Khul)
103: Weird Poems (Flyer of Turkish Delight)
104: Adam (Nicholas Biel)
105: Amigoes (P.A.L.)
106: Days long Gone (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
107: In my Mind (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
108: Its Magic (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
109: The Mavern (The Dragon)
110: Poems (Eggus)
111: Restrained (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
112: When You and I are gone (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
113: Bertie Magoo - The bitter Blue (Bertie Magoo)
114: Chrimbo Spirit (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
115: Troubles (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
116: Wounded Heroes (Pazza of LSD)
117: Chronicles of Figure Painting (Andy Craig)
118: The Grapevine world - Holme (Lord Lazy)
119: The Beastiary - Servant of Cythrula (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
120: New Faiths for a new World (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
121: There and Back Again - An AD&D scenario (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
122: There and Back Again - The map (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
123: Terminal Death - A new AD&D monster (2-Tone of Likely lads)
124: The Whittler - A new AD&D NPC (Pazza of LSD)
125: New spells for AD&D Magic Users (Aki of Energy)
126: Ninja - A new Player Character for D&D (Aki of Energy)
127: Warhammer Fantasy Battle IV review (Aki of Energy)
128: Warhammer Question (Aki of Energy)
129: A WFB Vetran speaks (Huw)
130: Chaos - Is it worth the Price? (Soul of The Grapevine Team)
131: Space Marine basics (Lone Ranger of NMH)
132: Keeping the Heart - Christians against D&D 2 (Jimmy Barber)
133: Keeping Perspective - A reply to "Keeping the Heart" (Pazza of LSD)
134: In Defence of Fantasy (Trebor the Ranger)
135: Why I stopped RPGing (Morpheus)
136: Fighting Fantasy and RPG Origins (Khul)
137: The Cthulhu Mythos and its Contributers (Zanth)
138: Kickabout PBM review (David West)
139: What is fantasy roleplaying? (Nam)
140: Details are everything (Nam)
141: Roleplaying adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
142: Satellite Hacking (XL of LSD)
143: Sky Hacking - Update (XL of LSD)
144: Red Dwarf fun page (The referee)
145: British Comedy (ClydeIron)
146: Dana - The road to Insanity (Anon)
147: Gladiators review (Hook)
148: Nightmare on Ramsey Street (Psycho Moose of Pyrogenic)
149: Alienated (Eggus)
150: Horror film quiz (Pazza of LSD)
151: Star Wars Trilogy Quiz (Nam)
152: Predator2 Competition (Harlequin)
153: Hellraiser Mythology (The Zone)
154: No shit Movie reviews (Dynamo of Cyanide)
155: My Video top 14 (Ozone Friendly)
156: Video Reviews (Mr Beelzebub)
157: The Christmas Festival (Bizarro of Solo)
158: Hogmanay (Ken D. and ClydeIron)
159: A few words (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
160: automotivation (Morpheus)
161: Death from Ireland (Dad 1916 of Quadriga)
162: The original Purity test (Cygnus)
163: The three minute Test (Ozone Friendly of Challenge Loogic)
164: Its and Ad world (Zanth)
165: CB Jargon (Sting)
166: Beginners guide to Geordie (Violator of Pyrotechnic)
167: Rural Irish street Credibility (Slaine of Quadrega)
168: The Necroscope saga - A review (The Zone)
169: An unexpected letter (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
170: Weird Quiz (Cygnus)
171: Wine Making recipes (ClydeIron)
172: World War II Timeline - Part 1 (AMB)
173: Quick Quiz (ClydeIron)
174: A12OO report (Ken D. and AMB)
175: Christmas Spirit (Khul)
176: A12OO Megaface III preview (Pazza of LSD)
177: The new Motorola 68O6O Processor (Jonathan Cassell)
178: New A12OO Optcodes (Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
179: The A4OOO technical specifications (Cygnus)
180: The Complete Amiga Lexicon (Cygnus)
181: New Vortex PC emulators (Cygnus)
182: The Game Genie (XL of LSD)
183: Cartridges - The protection your up against (XL of LSD)
184: UK to US/Japanise SNES converter (Edge of Dianetix)
185: Future Technology (Renegade)
186: Microchips (Xeno)
187: Amstrad NC1OO review (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
188: Optical Chips (Klark of the New Kent Team)
189: Santa ain't for Real (Not the Momma)
190: Dreamscapes (Gill Cobley)
191: Wife leaves husband because of Firkin pig (Beelzibub)
192: Hell is here (Axl of Exodus)
193: In case of Fire (Not the Momma)
194: The Last Story ever told (Julian Veyne)
195: Sailor Tim (Axl of Exodus)
196: Split Hearse (G.L. Ford)
197: Sun Wars (Judas of Gate)
198: To Whom it may Concern (Lian lynch)
199: Prison (Captain Paranoia)
200: Chaos 2O42 (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
201: Clive the Wino 2 (Slaine of Quadrega)
202: The Disk Doktor (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
203: The Emperors three questions (Leo Tolstoy)
204: Gang War (Johann)
205: Gen A Sys (Zanth)
206: The Great bit fuck II (Johann)
207: In case of Fire (Not the Momma)
208: Thirteen Valleys (Mythos of Endless Piracy)
209: Whodunnit (Mad Mosher)
210: Watch yourself (Khul)
211: Birkenhead (Baby Klanger of Solo)
212: Chemical Ammunition (Mythos ex-Cybernetix)
213: Jehova Witness - The facts (Rich Griere)
214: Start your own Cult for fun and Profit (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
215: The art of Argunents (Norbert the Narc)
216: Hot to go to Center Parcs for the weekend (Jofus)
217: Crap and stupid Letters (Khul)
218: Signs of the Times (Cygnus)
219: The Worlds worst Serial killer (Khul)
220: The Ethics of Hacking (Dissident)
221: Fork Knox - Anti-Hacking devices (Zanth)
222: The Fraudbuster (Zanth)
223: 911 Attacks (Barbera and John McMullen)
224: Toronto Hacker Bust (Barbera and John McMullen)
225: Caller ID (.44 Magnum)
226: Build a Lardbox (Pazza of LSD)
227: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Hacker (Bizarro of Solo)
228: What does all this modem V. stand for? (XL of LSD)
229: Star Trek - The Original and Animated Series (Judas of Gate)
230: Yesterdays Enterprise explained (Otto Hever)
231: Star Trek - Quiz (Norbert the Narc)
232: Star Trek Technology (Leon Myerson)
233: Vax Trek V - part 1 (Dexter Hexter)
234: Vax Trek V - part 2 (Dexter Hexter)
235: Star Trek - When Casts Collide (Marc Foreman and John Shiali)
236: Chip Music (Blake of Pearl)
237: Music competition (Echo of LSD)
238: Album reviews (Grambo of Cybertek)
239: Alistar Brimble - The Team 17 Works Review (Echo of LSD)
240: Rave music reviews (Lez)
241: Heavy Metal reviews (Mad Mosher)
242: Hobbits and Spaceships review (Crypton of Apocalypse)
243: Music reviews (Anon)
244: Ozric Tenticles gig review (Eggus)
245: Wayne's World Music review (Mr Gumby of Futura)
246: Guns 'n' fucking Roses (Beelzibub)
247: The Law and Axl Rose II (Axl of Exodus)
248: Iron Maiden down-under (Turrican)
249: Iron Maiden Singles (Axl of Exodus)
250: How to be a Muso (Jofus of blood, Sweat and Sheepdip)
251: The Orb (Replay of Turkish Delight)
252: Be a music success (Ozone friendly of Challenge Logic)
253: Duck - Its Sinead O'Connor (Slaine of Quadrega)
254: Strange Stories of Rock 'n' Roll (Johann)
255: The Sex Pistols story - Part 2 (2-Tone)
256: Grapevine Forum (Ken D.)
257: Amiga Versus PC (Harlequin)
258: What Commodore are up to (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
259: Bitmap Brothers reply (Harlequin)
260: Bitmap Brothers - Another view (Heat of Assault Inc.)
261: Reply to Harlequin - The Bitmap debate continues (Telemach)
262: The Bitmap Brothers controvercy (Dynamo of Cyanide)
263: College or Amiga (Gollum of Damage)
264: Reply to "What's with the Software" (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
265: Lame Games (Gollum of Damage)
266: Magazine Coverdisks - Good or Bad? (Heat of Assault inc.)
267: C64 versus Amiga (Blake of Pearl)
268: Amiga Format is a great magazine (Cabal of Pyrotechnic)
269: Amiga - The Next Generation (Seer)
270: What's the point of game Cheats and tips? (Morpheus)
271: Reply to "Consoles will die out" (Dynamo of Cyanide)
272: Hold on (Mythos of Endless Piracy)
273: Macho Nerd (Dan Guthman)
274: My Amiga is Dead (Khul)
275: Really Annoying Things (Khul)
276: Do magazines listen? (Khul)
277: Gamesmaster versus Bad Influance (Crush of Trance)
278: Computer Thoughts (Trinculo)
279: Its a Moral thing (Shadow of S.M.I.)
280: Fights (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
281: Child Abuse 2 (Axl of Exodus)
282: Gang Warfare in Cork (Neutron of Exodus)
283: Guilt (Morpheus)
284: Jehova Witness - A reply Reply (Morpheus)
285: Love Is (Axl of Exodus)
286: Death of the Jiffy bag (Ken D.)
287: Its only a joke (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
288: Perverted Bastards (Autopsy of Cyanide)
289: Censorship - Why? (Eggus)
290: Dodgy Government (Soul of Grapevine Team)
291: Milksnatcher! (Dynamo of Cyanide)
292: That really Pisses me off (Cryton of Apocalypse)
293: This will make you go Hmm (Mad Al of Quadrega)
294: Showdown at Glastonbury (Soul of the Grapevine Team)
295: A Waste of Time (ClydeIron)
296: God - An answer (Trinculo)
297: Computer related Terminal illness (Bizarro of Solo)
298: Printer Ribbon Re-Inking (Ken D.)
299: Coders Habits (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
300: Money for nothing in your A5OO/A6OO (MCX if Hipnotics)
301: Amiga doormat letters page (Captain Paranoia)
302: The Seven deadly Sins (Ken D.)
303: 9O's Computing (Zanth)
304: Accolade versus Sega (.44 Magnum)
305: I like it backwards (Not the Momma)
306: Ninbendo, Kega, Tatari and Dommopore (Luos of VG Pore)
307: The Top 5 Stepper changes on the Amiga (Mr Gumby and Raging Plum)
308: Amiga Intern review (Khul)
309: Game News (Dynamo of Cyanide)
310: Battle of the Flight sims (The Dog)
311: Games Sales Chart (Harlequin)
312: The Golden Fleece solution (Semtex)
313: KS2 Game fixes (Harlequin)
314: Avalon Play By Modem (AMB)
315: Lotus 3: Ultimate Challenge level Codes (Bobba Fett & Bounty Hunter)
316: Troddlers - Level codes (Network 1O and Ozzy)
317: Indianna Jones 4 Solution (Skid Row)
318: Shadow of the Beast III Solution (Anon)
319: X-Power Codes (Terminator of Alpha Flight)
320: Alien Breed special edition passwords (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
321: Game Reviews (Dynamo of Cyanide)
322: Comic Zone (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
323: Rorschach Profile (Echo of LSD)
324: Rorschach's Journal (Echo of LSD)
325: CollectingComics in the '9O's (Spawn of Majem)
326: Comics today (Neuromancer of Cyanide)
327: Spawn - A new Image (Prances with Dogs)
328: Scaling with the Blitter (Captain Paranoia)
329: Scrollers for Beginners (Shagratt of LSD)
330: Protect your intros (Gollum of Damage)
331: Using Pascal at College (Cabal of Pyrogenic)
332: Coding tutorial (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
333: Key Tester (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
334: Gary Bracey of Ocean Software interview (Tech1)
335: Interview with Interrogator of Librety (Blake of Pearl)
336: Woody of Lunatics interview (Blake of Pearl)
337: Cylde Synclair Interview (Bizarro of Solo)
338: Fred Fish Interview (Bizarro of Solo)
339: Russel Grant profile (ATCW of Ghost)
340: Interview with Richard and Eddie (The Dog)
341: Nostalgia corner (Ken D.)
342: Classic game reviews (ClydeIron of Oxydise)
343: Desert Island disks (Dynamo of Cyanide)
344: Paradroid - My favourite Game (Sting)
345: Those where the Days (Ken D.)
346: The Ultimate Machine? (Ken D.)
347: Santa Claus - What a Bastard (Fx Jordan and TNC of Fatal)
348: Fascist Cop - Episode 2 (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
349: 1OO ways to say "No" (Zanth)
350: Gulf War Requiem (Cygnus)
351: More Jokes (Cygnus)
352: Pizza's are better than Women because (Pazza of LSD)
353: Ironies (Raging Plum of B.U.S.)
354: Are you mad? (Pazza of LSD)
355: How to make a Blancmange bomb (Blancmange of Cosine)
356: Excuses, excuses (Anon)
357: Fuck - A word for all seasons (Alpha of the Dogs)
358: Things that make you go Huuummmmm (XL of LSD)
359: Have you shagged one of the Royals? (Mr Gumby of Futura)
360: Howta Rekagnise Amerikan Slurvian (Alpha of the Dogs)
361: Cybercents (Bruce Young)
362: DIY Cyberpunk (Morpheus)
363: DIY Cyberpunk diagram (Morpheus)
364: Cyberpunk Bust (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
365: Alien War (Granbo and Prisoner of Cybertek)
366: Exploring New Worlds (Bizarro of Solo)
367: Cyberpunk - Behind the Mirrorshades (Neuromancer of Cyanide)
368: Soccer News (Dynamo of Cyanide)
369: Total Football (Dynamo of Cyanide)
370: World Soccer review (Dynamo of Cyanide)
371: Sheffield Wednesday report (Heat of Assault inc.)
372: Cheated (Heat of Assault inc.)
373: Reply to "Football - The new rules" (Dynamo of Cyanide)
374: Reply to Macno of Grace (Dynamo of Cyanide)
375: Teach Yourself Football (Hood)
376: Grapevine Wrestling Federation (Dynamo of Cyanide)
377: The Real deal (Dynamo of Cyanide)
378: Wrestling Predictions for 1993 (Dynamo of Cyanide)
379: Wrestling Holds (Dynamo of Cyanide)
380: Wrestling Quiz (Dynamo of Cyanide)
381: My favourite Wrestling matches (Dynamo of Cyanide)
382: Wrestling terms (Triumph of Zippo)
383: British Wrestling Association PBM - November report (Lord Lazy)
384: Text Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
385: Wanted - Amiga Scanner (Read This!)
386: Alistair Brimble - The Team 17 works advert (Alistair Brimble)
387: IFF Adverts #1 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
388: IFF Adverts #2 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
389: IFF Adverts #3 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
390: IFF adverts #4 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
391: The final word (Pazza of LSD)

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