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Contents of Grapevine Issue #14
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Released: 25 February 1993.

000: Index (Index)
001: Help (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: How to contribute to Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
004: Contact the Grapevine Team (Pazza of LSD)
005: The Grapevine Diskback service (Pazza of LSD)
006: Important (Pazza of LSD)
007: A message to PD libraries (Pazza of LSD)
008: How to draw Grapevine Clipart (Pazza of LSD)
009: A few messages (Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
010: The Adventures of Captain Pazza (P.A.K.)
011: The Hardness chart (Torch of LSD)
012: The UK charts - The only chart that counts (Torch of LSD)
013: Grapevine answers (Pazza of LSD)
014: The Grapevine Guru (Not the Momma)
015: Dr.Torch's Hardness Clinic (Torch of LSD)
016: Grapevine personal column (Not the Momma)
017: Fascist Cop episode III (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
018: Answer to Amnesia Magazine (Pazza and D-Man of LSD)
019: The final reply concerning Euromag (Cryton of Apocalypse)
020: Is Grapevine for minoraties? (Pazza of LSD)
021: To the lazy reader (Snazz Cats)
022: Is right justified justified? (Pazza of LSD)
023: News and Rumours (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
024: Music competition results - And a new competition (Echo of LSD)
025: LSD - Too good for trousers! (Pazza and D-Man of LSD)
026: Official Anarchy news (Trix of Anarchy)
027: Lemon. are here! (Facet of Lemon.)
028: About Ethnics (Sparkle of Ethics)
029: Assault Inc. group report (Heat of Assault Inc.)
030: Asylum group report (Sandman of Asylum)
031: Byte Busters UK report (The Shadow of Byte Busters)
032: From Doom to Voodoo design (Gremlin of Voodoo Design)
033: Dual Format - Who are they? (Cookie Monster of Dual Format)
034: Eclipse UK profile (8-Ball of Eclipse)
035: Fatal report (TNC of Fatal)
036: A F.I.N.E. new group (Makaba of F.I.N.E.)
037: Oxydize - The Facts (Smudge of Oxydize)
038: Join Asylum (Sandman of Asylum)
039: Join Cadaver (Tyrant of Cadaver)
040: The scene wasn't interested (Pazza of LSD)
041: The Classifieds info (Khul of Quadriga)
042: Glimpses of Darkness (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
043: Hidden messages (P.A.K.)
044: Fake LSD news (Pazza of LSD)
045: Rogues Gallery (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
046: Interview with Wildcard of Skid Row (D-Man and Pazza of LSD)
047: A12OO - A view (Ringo Starr, Animal and Goofy)
048: Commodore's way to handle the Kickstarts (Flake of D-Tect)
049: Don't believe the hype (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
050: Emulators (Micon)
051: PC vs Amiga (Overide of Byte Busters)
052: PC v Amiga (Khul of Quadriga)
053: Amiga vs PC vs ST (Cookie Monster of Dual Format)
054: Should we upgrade? (Hysteria)
055: Apple Newtons (Pytheaus)
056: Apple WWDC developments (Pytheaus)
057: Casper speaks (Brian S. Kending)
058: Microkernal Mac (Pythaeus)
059: Quickring speed (Paul Sweazey)
060: Deadfish? (Fred Fish)
061: Fred Fish speaks (Fred Fish)
062: Save Fred Fish (Pazza of LSD and Pleasure)
063: It'll happen in 1993 - Possibly (Executioner of Quartex)
064: Revised USA Computer Crime sentencing (Jack King)
065: Amigagate (Ken D of LSD)
066: Computer cheats take Cadsoft's bait (Carl Kadie)
067: Memory prices Skyrockets (Mark Ambinder and Adam Egest)
068: V.Fast moves towards a new modem standard (Airforce of Justice)
069: V.fast reveiled (Mofo of Crazy)
070: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Visionary and Silicon)
071: Computer Chaos (Autopsy of Cyanide)
072: Terminal Addiction (Madness of Skid Row)
073: New UK software laws (Cygnus)
074: Virus Writers prosecuted (Mark Ambinder)
075: Rusty and Edie's BBS raided by the FBI (Cygnus)
076: The Branston interview (Bizarro of Solo)
077: Use a scanner - Go to jail (Klark of the Kent Team)
078: PD libraries - Some support the scene (Pazza of LSD)
079: Top 1O lame questions (Treason)
080: Friendship (8-Ball of Eclipse)
081: Give 'em a chance (Override of Byte Busters)
082: Innovation - The skill (Khul of Quadriga)
083: The big Menace (Firestorm of Assault Inc.)
084: Reply to "modem Scene" (Bub of Bubble Bobble BBS)
085: Modem views - An explanation (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
086: How to be an Elite modem trader (Wills)
087: Nasty people (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
088: Oh no - Demos (Eggus)
089: Packripping (Khul of Quadriga)
090: Release Dates (Tyrant of Cadaver)
091: Sleepwalking Nightmare (Gremlin of Voodoo Design)
092: Software Racism (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
093: Stamp Expences (Tyrant of Cadaver)
094: This is your Scene (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
095: Tumour vs Friendship (Merlyn of the Magic Guild)
096: Reply to "UK, God were crap" (Eggus)
097: Viruses - The hidden menace or gems of thought? (XL of LSD)
098: Voting - Reflecting reality (Khul of Quardiga)
099: What is elite? (Disgui)
100: Are you hooked? (Ken D of LSD)
101: The Super Jiffy (Sarek of Nerve Axis)
102: Albert - A lamer? (Yes! Uridium)
103: Scene Highscores chart (Uridium)
104: Lamer theory: Beginners (Uridium)
105: The UK Scene - Is it Dying? (Gemini of Dimension X)
106: Crack Scene Games? (Khul of Quadriga)
107: Stop Cracking - why not (Cubic of Trance)
108: Piracy - A question of scale? (Khul of Quadriga)
109: Crystal Silents Anarchy - The report (Milamber)
110: Crystal Silents Anarchy - The results (Spads of Alpha Flight)
111: Crystal Silents Anarchy - The Pictures part I (Various)
112: Crystal Silents Anarchy - The Pictures part II (Various)
113: Future Entertainment Show report (Marc Panther of Soundwave)
114: World of Commodore 1992 report (Shaun)
115: Gathering 1993 Invatation (Crusaders)
116: Americon Invitation (Dancing Fool of Epsilon)
117: Data-Live '93 Invitation (Pleasure)
118: Swedish party Pre-invitation (The Organisers)
119: Nostalgia corner (Ken D of LSD)
120: Those where the days - February/March 1987 (Ken D of LSD)
121: Nostalgia prize Quiz (Ken D of LSD)
122: Writing music for computer games (Allister Brimble of Team 17)
123: Sorted! - The Grapevine index (Ken D of LSD)
124: Speed up your A3OOO Hard Drive (Dream Weaver)
125: The Amiga Alt symbols (Cygnus)
126: Amiga System test (Amiga Exchange)
127: The Amiga 68O1O CPU (DDT of Halfbrains Team)
128: Anti Virus Advice (I.K.B)
129: AREXX - What the hell is it? (Ken D of LSD)
130: Gravis Gamepad review (RAG)
131: Converting a US phone plug to a UK socket (XL of LSD)
132: A12OO IDE hard drive instillation (Ken D of LSD)
133: A12OO Hard Drive infomation (Cygnus)
134: Let there be Speech (P.A.K.)
135: Supra Fax modem warning (XL of LSD)
136: Let's get Floptical (OverLord of Cadaver)
137: DL232 - A new modem protocol (Cygnus)
138: The Amiga 14MHz hack made Easy (Nightdragon)
139: Major Virus alert (Cygnus)
140: Teenage Pirates and the Junior Underworld (Klark of the Kent Team)
141: The Coding evolution since 1983 (DDT of Halfbrains Team)
142: Commodore US announces price reductions (Cygnus)
143: Bulid a PC (Lewis)
144: Ace in the hole? - The Super PC (Alpha of the Dogs)
145: Real PC users and Programmers (Xanadu)
146: Windows support CD (Norbert the Narc)
147: Close Encounters of the PC kind (Anon)
148: IBM stands for (Cygnus)
149: New AT&T telephone security (Taxman of Scoopex)
150: Spymasters fear bugproof Cellphones (Larder of the Kent Team)
151: Tele-communications Amiga Style (OverLord of Cadaver)
152: AT&T NS Video (Taxman of Scoopex)
153: UK Government BBS legislation (David Lynch of Nerve Axis)
154: Caller ID arrives in the UK (P.A.K.)
155: Home phone and Cellular phone hacking (XL of LSD)
156: A guide to Smileys (Ghostrider of Slipstream)
157: Federal Agants seize Computer equiptment (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
158: Syslaw review (Jim Thomas)
159: Teen computer Whiz (George Nikides)
160: Fit a Mute button to your phone (Boue of Abuse)
161: UK STD Codes (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
162: Dragons lair III solution (Dr. Watson and Ollie North)
163: Flashback Solution (Skafo)
164: Megatraveller II Solution (Baser Evil)
165: Monkey Island II solution (The Joker)
166: More Troddlers passwords (Mc-E of Nerve Axis)
167: Waxworks solution (Danny Hann)
168: Humans Levelcodes (Cygnus)
169: Pushover Levelcodes (Cygnus)
170: Ugh Levelcodes (Cygnus)
171: Ween Solution (Baggy of the Loons)
172: Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Solution (Shitface)
173: Game Cheats (Cygnus)
174: Lotus III R.E.C.S. Codes (Anon)
175: Lotus - 2's company, 3's a crowd (Anon)
176: Action Replay cheats (Rag)
177: Rombust's coding tutorial part II (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
178: Rombust's coding tutorial part III (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
179: BootBlock Coding (Khul of Quadriga)
180: How to Pretend to be a Programmer (XL of LSD)
181: Coders Exercises (DDT of Halfbrains Team)
182: Code Compatibility between CPU's (DDT of Halfbrains Team)
183: Data encryption (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
184: Programming the A12OO AGA chipset (Junkie, Yrageal & Spencer Shannon)
185: Direct Pascal file update (Cookie Monster of Dual Format)
186: Using graphics in Turbo Pascal (Cookie Monster of Dual Format)
187: Solving compatability problems (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
188: Sega and Nintendo - The copyright code (XL of LSD)
189: Console thoughts (Trinculo)
190: Nintendo seize BBS's (James Bikoff)
191: Consoles will not die out (Marc Panther of Soundwave)
192: Nintendo killed my Son (Cygnus)
193: Never mind Nintendo, now its Sintendo! (Cygnus)
194: Boldly in Shadow: A Star Trek:TNG story (Amber)
195: Leap Trek - ST:TNG meets Quantum Leap (Katriena Knights)
196: Star Trek - The Bottom line (Mad Al of Quadriga)
197: Beep, Beep (Larder of the Kent Team)
198: Take my Worf, please (Steve Rehrauer)
199: 14 Ways (P.A.K.)
200: 24 Bit (P.A.K.)
201: Drinking Games (Mr. Flid)
202: Don't try suicide (St. M of Eclipse)
203: Bereavement (Captain Slippers)
204: How to grow a big Penis (P.A.K.)
205: A lamers guide to Cocktails (Malarky)
206: Hospital report (Pazza of LSD)
207: Who's your ideal mate? (Sandman of Asylum)
208: Cannabis (The Panther and Sepultura of UMF)
209: Drugs - The facts (Mikie)
210: Instant Justice (Machiaveli)
211: Insurance claims (Bald Eagle)
212: Lockerbie (Marc of Chimera)
213: Loony legislation (Eggus)
214: Moral Dilemmas (XL of LSD)
215: Odds and Sods (Micon)
216: Party Games for the party animal (Mad Al of Quadriga)
217: Privacy for sale (P.A.K.)
218: Quasar (Lord Lazy)
219: How to save Money (Lee)
220: How to have a School trip (Jofus)
221: Scotland (Ken D of LSD)
222: Sexual Misadventures (Phantom)
223: Amazing competition (Tech1 of Asylum)
224: The Titanic disaster (Grambo of Cybertek)
225: A UK weather forcast for 1993 (Hardcore of Cyanide)
226: How to regain your Virginity (TFN of Fatal)
227: Zodiac personalities (Sandman of Asylum)
228: How to Speak Glaswegian (Hysteria)
229: Danish phrases (Dizgui)
230: Mutant Mango's Musical Express (Mutant Mango of Quartz)
231: Faith No More - Angel Dust review (Tyrant of Cadaver)
232: Metallica gig review (Lord Lazy)
233: Music reviews (Lord Lazy)
234: Album reviews (Grambo of Cybertek)
235: Senser gig review (Eggus)
236: Music (Overide of Byte Busters)
237: Nine Inch Nails (Grambo of Cybertek)
238: Spiral Tribe report (Nozz)
239: The History of Bob Marley and the Wailers (The Joker)
240: Iron Maiden albums (Force of Infinate)
241: Summer of the Techno Pagens (Subculture of Substance)
242: Industrial music (Neuromancer of LSD)
243: How to have a number one hit (Subculture of Substance)
244: European Soccer news roundup (Dyanmo)
245: Soccer news round-up (Dyanmo)
246: Loadsa Lira (Dynamo)
247: 1993/2 Season firsts (Sting of Byte Busters UK)
248: Footy stuff (P.A.K.)
249: Glasgow Rangers FC (Grambo of Cybertek)
250: Rangers vs CKSA Moscow (Grambo of Cybertek)
251: Seria A report (Dynamo)
252: Seria A is dead (Macno)
253: Football quiz (Carlos)
254: Wounded Heroes (Pazza of LSD)
255: Andy Craig's Chronicles of figure painting (Andy Craig)
256: Phantom Shift - An AD&D module (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
257: Search for Elire - A D&D module (Aki)
258: Warhammer Fantasy Battle - Battle Magic review (Aki)
259: Chaos Vs Wood Elves - a WFB scenario (Pazazu)
260: Rainbow Warriors V Eldar - Warhammer 4OK scenario (Pazazu/Bolsh)
261: The Barghest - A new AD&D monster (Matt of the Sons of Rofocale)
262: Giant Trichordates - A new AD&D monster (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
263: New magic items for AD&D (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
264: New AD&D Swords (Quaid of Exodus)
265: Asture - The capital of Aphlex (Pride)
266: Druids and Geomancers on Holme (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
267: The Hellsan and Amric (Pride)
268: Grapevine PBM games (Lord Lazy)
269: Modules wanted (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
270: AD&D NPC experience (Gambit)
271: Role Playing adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
272: Sky Scrambling - The Next Generation (XL of LSD)
273: Basic Instinct II - The Plot (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
274: Dracula review (David Lynch of Nerve Axis)
275: Film Cliches (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
276: Alien III review (Neuromancer of LSD)
277: Breeding Aliens for fun and profit (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
278: Watch out, Beadles about (Psycho Moose of Pyrogenic)
279: Cyberzone Review (Mc-E of Nerve Axis)
280: All the Films Plots (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
281: Dr. Who - Episode guide part I (Sidewinder)
282: Dr. Who - Episode guide part II (Sidewinder)
283: Dr. Who - Episode guide part III (Sidewinder)
284: Micon TV - The breakfasttime schedule (Anon)
285: Special effects in movies (Tech1 of Asylum)
286: The new Arnie movie (Echo of LSD)
287: Life, the Prisoner and everything (Enigma)
288: White Men Can't Jump review (Neuromancer of LSD)
289: White Men Can't (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
290: The Unspeakably nasty thing from beyond Time & Space (Lightbringer)
291: Clive the Mad Irish Wino III (Slaine of Quadriga)
292: Goats in Space (Aubrey Scoon)
293: Kauf - The lost boy (The Zone)
294: Khaos 2O42 - Episode II (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
295: Nightmare in Toyland (Mad Al of Quadriga)
296: The Pay-off (Khul of Quadriga)
297: The Mouldiest Sarnies in the World (Bern ex-Epic)
298: Soap Hotel (Klark of the Kent Team)
299: A Strange advert (The Zone)
300: The Subject (Nam)
301: Run with the Wolves (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
302: Full Moon (Cain of New Power Generation)
303: 4 O'clock in the morning (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
304: Silly Bitch (Flyer of Assault)
305: Siouxsie (Johann)
306: Colours (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
307: The Dream (8-Ball of Eclipse)
308: Mixed Emotion (Gambit)
309: Never ever, ever no more (Eggus)
310: Blue Stars (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
311: A poem of peace (Eggus)
312: Peace Unknown (Gambit)
313: Every fucking time (Geir M)
314: Reality (8-Ball of Eclipse)
315: Sunmists (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
316: True Betrayal (Gambit)
317: The Workers prayer (Bald Eagle)
318: Winter Sun (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
319: My Bleeding Heart (Geir M)
320: Haiku poetry (8-Ball of Eclipse)
321: Wrestling - The real deal (Dynamo)
322: British Wrestling Association - Terminal non-report (Lord Lazy)
323: EWF Wrestling (McBastard of Solo)
324: WWF Royal Rumble report (Jimmy of the Kent Team)
325: WWF Survivor Series review (Dynamo)
326: Wrestling quiz (Dyanmo)
327: Battle of the Gladiators (Lord Lazy)
328: US Gladiators is superior (Dynamo)
329: Comics Zone (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
330: The Endless (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
331: Book reviews (Micon)
332: How to advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
333: No "Chain" Adverts (Pazza of LSD)
334: Text Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
335: IFF adverts part I (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
336: IFF adverts part II (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
337: IFF adverts part III (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
338: IFF adverts part IV (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)

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