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Contents of Grapevine Issue #15
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Released: 8 May 1993.

000: Index (Index)
001: Help (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: Contact The Grapevine Team (Pazza of LSD)
004: How to draw Grapevine Clipart (Pazza of LSD)
005: Grapevine Diskback Service (Pazza of LSD)
006: How to Advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
007: How to Contribute to Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
008: Important (Pazza of LSD)
009: Message to PD Libraries (Pazza of LSD)
010: At last - The Grapevine Advert Editor is Here! (Shagratt of LSD)
011: The Charts (Torch)
012: The Grapevine Guru (Not The Momma)
013: Grapevine Personal Column (Pazza of LSD)
014: Our Lawyer writes (Klark of the Kent Team)
015: Advice please (Machiavelli)
016: A Few Messages (Pazza of LSD)
017: Fascist Cop episode 4 (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
018: News and Rumours (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
019: LSD - Too good for Leukeimia (Pazza of LSD)
020: Pazza Bust - The Final Chapter (Pazza of LSD)
021: In Memory of Master of Puppets (Thor of Plasma UK)
022: Interview with Torch of LSD - His first and last! (Torch ex-LSD)
023: Goodbye Scene (Torch ex-LSD)
024: Torch - An Obituray (Bizarro of Solo)
025: The fine art of BBS Warring (Constantine)
026: A guide to dOOdspeak (Cygnus)
027: Solution Internal Problems (Profile of Solution)
028: Save Fred Fish - A failure? (Fashion Design of Prime)
029: The Fart template Letter (Machiavelli)
030: Join Chaos (Gollum of Chaos)
031: More Ascii Faces (Cygnus)
032: Phoenix (ABH of Phoenix)
033: Computer Scene Security (Machiavelli)
034: Stamp Faking again (Speed of Chaos)
035: Support Ad Mag (Gollum of Chaos)
036: The Scene by Splatt (Splatt of Fairlight)
037: Are Fairlight Heartless? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
038: Damn all you Pirates (Gundam)
039: Auschwitz - A Nazi Propaganda? (Sam of Bronx)
040: Fuck you Ghostbummers (Gollum of Chaos)
041: Ienstien: The legend of Albert (M.K. Kupa and Red Baron)
042: Does the Scene have to be Illegal? (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
043: Lamerphobia - A Sad Disease (Jinx)
044: Modem V Mail Trading (Mick G)
045: New Charts Needed (Cryton of Apocalypse)
046: Piracy (Dachmo of Synthetic Dreams)
047: Piracy as Sound Economics (Machiavelli)
048: Swapping Rules (Brandy of Slipstream)
049: Teach us to Code II (Cryton of Apocalypse)
050: What Happened to Cybernetix? (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
051: Gathering '93 report (Nightshade of the Crusaders)
052: Destiny Party Report (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
053: Fairlight Party Pre-invitation (Splatt of Fairlight)
054: Silicon Ltd Summer Party Pre Invitation (Silicon Ltd)
055: Computer Crossroad '93 invitation (Zodiac)
056: Amiga Haloween Party '93 invitation (Scoopex)
057: Rendesvous '93 Invitation (Symbiosis)
058: Sun and Fun Conferance II Invitation (Abyss)
059: Letter to Sledgehammer Magazine (Pazza of LSD)
060: Article Psychology (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
061: ASCII coders are revolting (Bizarro of Solo)
062: Fake News - Why? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
063: Grapevine - A Skirmisher of the Coming Age? (Bizarro of Solo)
064: Are paper Magazines Dying? (XL)
065: Typing in Articles (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
066: Writing Articles (Ken D of LSD)
067: Abstract (Cygnus)
068: Anti-ST Poem (Gundam)
069: Chaos (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
070: And then you come out to this (Soul of LSD)
071: Contrasts (Morpheus)
072: Deceptor (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
073: A selection of Dittys (Bongo of Concept)
074: Girlie Poems (Vic E Babes)
075: Q's and A's (Soul of LSD)
076: My Friend (Soul of LSD)
077: Ode to a Lamer (Oedipus)
078: Something (Soul of LSD)
079: Our World (Magman)
080: The Penguin (Soul of LSD)
081: Phantasmagoria (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
082: Poems Associations (Soul of LSD)
083: Haiku poetry (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
084: Space Wars Review (Pazza of LSD)
085: Cleaning your A5OO Safely (Antichrist)
086: DMA Drop the Amiga (Cygnus)
087: AmigaDOS Error-codes explained (Cygnus)
088: Art Packages - The Duel (Marty of Goldfire)
089: Amiga - A Hard Bastard (Overide of Byte Busters)
090: Murder on Disk for Kids (Pazza of LSD)
091: Amiga Return Codes (Cygnus)
092: Safe Hex International Report (SHI)
093: The End of Boot X (Peter Stuer)
094: Rombusts Coding Tutorial part IV (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
095: 68O2O Instructions and timings (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
096: How to use Dual Playfield mode on an A12OO (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
097: Kickstart 1.3 Bootpicture (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
098: Solving Compatability problems Error (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
099: Hiding Data in plain sight (Larry Loen)
100: The Structure of an Amiga Disk (Cygnus)
101: Ray-tracing Jel-o brand Gelatin (Paul Heckbert)
102: 24 Stage Software test (Cygnus)
103: USA Tries to Maroon Pirates (Captain Bli)
104: Report of the Fast-Elspa Meeting (Nigel Hardy)
105: Apple Mac News Roundup (Shadowstorm)
106: The Lowdown on the Sega Mega CD (Malarky of Trance)
107: PD on the C64 (Occupier of Trance UK)
108: Nostalgia Corner (Ken D of LSD)
109: Nostalgia Prize Quiz (Ken D of LSD)
110: Nostalgia ain't what it used to be! (Bizarro of Solo)
111: Action Replay Cheats (RAG)
112: Battle Isle II codes (Network 1O of 2OOOAD)
113: Chaos Engine codes (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
114: Desert Strike Codes and Hints (Pete Nice and Engineer)
115: The Humans Level codes (Mlika of Subzero)
116: KGB - The Solution (Mok snd Bob)
117: Swivel Dribble Level Codes (2OOOAD)
118: Sink or Swim Level Codes (DCSL of Tarkus Team)
119: Superfrog Level Codes (Anon)
120: Dark Seed - Tips and solution (The Loons)
121: Dark Seed: A Critics view (The Zone of Nerve Axis)
122: Virtual Reality - The Future of Games (Ken D of LSD)
123: Elite - Not a game, More a way of Life (The Viper)
124: Reality - A whole New Game (Johann)
125: 12OO Games list - Whats hot and whats not (Anon)
126: Intel's 8O486 V Motorola's MC68O4O (Mike)
127: Amiga A12OO V Atari's Falcon V Apple's Performa (Ken Baum)
128: A12OO V Atari's Falcon (Merlin)
129: The A5OOO v PC's (Digit of Alpha)
130: Amiga V the rest of the World (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
131: Commodore present the A4OOOT, A4OOO/O3O & A4O91 (Marcus Illenseer)
132: First Reports of the A5OOO (Cygnus)
133: Concept - The 68O4O clone (Neuromancer of LSD)
134: Aging Super-computer Awaits its Fate (Cygnus)
135: The Barcode Battler (Lord Lazy)
136: VPL's Dataglove (Occupier of Trance UK)
137: Ferguson 59L5B TV review (P.A.K.)
138: Supra Fax V32Bis Modem - A Warning (Kentom of Nerve Axis)
139: Supra Fax V32Bis Modem Hints (Paul Elson)
140: Supra Fax Reply (Nightflyer of Nerve Axis)
141: Supra Fax Reply II (Al Capone of Nerve Axis)
142: The Secrets Supra are Hiding (Thomas McWilliams)
143: The VFast Protocol (Datalink)
144: British Telecom Video Phones (Marc Panther of Soundwave)
145: UK Hacker set free (D-Man of LSD)
146: The Great Phreak Conspiracy (Lemuel)
147: Bruce Sterling's Statement of Principle (Klark of the Kent Team)
148: Digital Underground (Mark Bennett)
149: Hackers take on the UFO's? (Ann Dromeda)
150: When Hacking turns into Obscession (De-K of Chryseis)
151: 24 Bit II (P.A.K.)
152: Air Fuck Ups (Jade of Nerve Axis)
153: Buying from Auctions (Kei of High Heaven)
154: Guide to being a Best Man (Mad Al of Quadrega)
155: Classic Cars (Dream E)
156: Deff It (Bub of Bubble Bobble)
157: Don't eat Kebabs (Tictac of Voodoo Design)
158: Eee, Ecky Thump (Android ex-Dinetix)
159: The Edge is near (Bizarro of Solo)
160: Espionage - The Blitz (Khul of Nerve Axis)
161: Lightbringer Saves the world: An Excuse (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
162: How to Fail your Driving test (Joker of Pyrogenic)
163: Fun with the Samaritans (Mad Al of Quardiga)
164: Learn to Drive a German Car (Neuromancer of LSD)
165: Annoying people I meet (Morpheus)
166: How to Impress - A guide to life (Denzil)
167: In Need of Modernisation (Larder of the Kent Team)
168: The Joke Shop (Bizarro of Solo)
169: Laws to Themselves (Klark of the Kent Team)
170: Instant result IQ test (Rit of Logic)
171: A Saying for any Occasion (Cygnus)
172: Paradoxical Commandments of Leadership (Alpha of the Dogs)
173: Quiz World (Lord Lazy)
174: The Raygun in your Living Room (Cyborg)
175: Sex Thoughts (Cygnus)
176: The Taxi Drivers Highway Code (XL)
177: On the Turning Away (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
178: Violence and Crime (Mc-E of Nerve Axis)
179: You Have no Life (Guido Sanchez)
180: Comics - An Addiction (Mad Mosher)
181: Wine Making Recipies (Fireball of Hipnotix)
182: Malt Whisky Tasting (Bizarro of Solo)
183: Everything you need to know what Getting Pissed (Phantom)
184: A short Beer-making Glossary (Clydeiron)
185: How to make Dandelion Wine (Hennessy)
186: More Cannibis facts (Cygnus)
187: L.S.D. (Flyer of Powerhouse)
188: The Drugswar (Vulcan of Convex)
189: Vampire World I - Blood Brothers Review (The Zone of Nerve Axis)
190: Recommemded Reading (Kei of High Heaven)
191: Popular literary review #122 (Bizarro of Solo)
192: Telephone book Review (Supernova)
193: The Search: An AD&D Scenario (Pride of Nerve Axis)
194: Asture - The power (Pride of Nerve Axis)
195: AD&D - More ideas (Soul of LSD)
196: New AD&D Character Sheets (Vic E Babes)
197: The Greatest AD&D Adventure ever (Pride of Nerve Axis)
198: The Politics of Hell (Klark of the Kent Team)
199: Steve Jackson Games wins Lawsuit (Mike Godwin)
200: 5O Phrases RPG Players fear Most (Subhuman)
201: Grapevine Trivia league PBM - Free (Lord Lazy)
202: 5-A-Side Play By Mail - Free to play (Lord lazy)
203: Crusaders of Holme PBM - Free (Lord Lazy)
204: Battle Paint Wakefield (Artman)
205: RPG Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
206: Abortion reply (Trinculo)
207: What is SIDS (Cygnus)
208: Depression and Suicide (The Joker)
209: Reply to Suicide (Anon)
210: How to Commit the Perfect Murder (Constantine)
211: Smoking Murderers (Drachmo of Synthetic Dreams)
212: American Cultural Imperialism (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
213: Protest Aikido: Carnivores V Herbivores (Machiavelli)
214: Should Angling be Banned? (Quattra)
215: The H-Blocks of Belfast (Slaine of Quadrega)
216: Censorship (Dachmo of Synthetic Dreams)
217: Censorship II (Eggus)
218: Censorship - Bastards (Mad Mosher)
219: Control (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
220: Crimewatch - I Confess (Machiavelli)
221: The Crypto Anarchy Manifesto (Timothy May)
222: Know your Rights (for what their Worth) (Ivor the Anarchist)
223: Destroy Fascism (Khul of Nerve Axis)
224: Exploring New Worlds reply (Trinculo)
225: The Guilt Merchants (Bizarro of Solo)
226: Guilt Reply (Trinculo)
227: Major Disaster (Slippers)
228: Is Censorship Dying out? (P.A.K.)
229: The IRA (Drachmo of Synthetic Dreams)
230: Miners: Should we be Sympathetic? (Sparkle of Ethics)
231: New Age Travellers (Snazz Cats)
232: One Rule for Some, Another for Others? (Strongbow)
233: Power (Firestorm of Assault inc)
234: The Recession - Now we Know (Cryton of Apocalypse)
235: Street Violence (Autopsy of Cyanide)
236: Sky Hacking Update (XL)
237: Babylon 5 - Aye of Nay? (Cygnus)
238: Cheers Episode guide (Kevin Teru)
239: Normisms from Cheers (Raymond Chen)
240: Cyberzone - Are they Serious? (Anon)
241: Dr Who Episode guide part 2 (Sidewinder)
242: Dr Who Episode guide part 3 (Sidewinder)
243: Dr Who Backstage notes (Cygnus)
244: The Smash-hit TV show of all Time (Bizarro of Solo)
245: The Plot Thickens (Bizarro of Solo)
246: The Word is Crap (McBastard of Solo)
247: Evil Dead III review (Jinx)
248: Naked Lunch Review (The Zone of Nerve Axis)
249: Manga/Aname - The latest (Stu B)
250: Manga Video (Gundan and Neuromancer)
251: Bruce Lee - The Legend (The Enhancer)
252: 3O Years ago Marlyn Monroe died (Mr Gumby of Futura)
253: Are you a Student? (Neuromancer of LSD)
254: Are you a Vampire? (Violator of Pyrogenic)
255: Are you Dead? (Mr Gumby of Futura)
256: How to Recognise a Bad Day (Phantom)
257: Your guide to Hard P.E. and I.T. Teachers (Autopsy of Cyanide)
258: Absolutly important things to know about Having a Bath (Moonlighter)
259: How good is your Marriage? (Halloween Jack of Phoenix)
260: Are you on Holiday? (Mr Gumby of Futura)
261: How to Spot an Angler (Mr Gumby of Futura)
262: Your guide to Tacky Ravers (Autopsy of Cyanide)
263: More Jehova Witness Truths (David T Brown)
264: Its the Jehova Witnesses again (Anon)
265: Buddhism - An Explanation (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
266: God - Or the lack of him (Firestorm of Assault inc)
267: Interview with God (P.A.K.)
268: Jesus was a Heavy Metal fan (My Gumby of Futura)
269: Nostradamus and the Bible (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
270: Satanism: Does it Exist? (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
271: Universal Mind (Mighty Quinn)
272: PWI 1992 Achievement Awards (Dynamo)
273: Wrestlemania IX Report (Dynamo)
274: WCW - The Real Event UK Tour (Dynamo)
275: Wrestling is Fixed, so why wathc it? (Dynamo)
276: Wrestling - The Real Deal (Dynamo)
277: Wrestling - The Real Deal Update (Dynamo)
278: Ancient Spells (David Hindley)
279: Basic Spell construction (Klark of the Kent Team)
280: Myths of Magick (Bongo of Concept)
281: Weird Winged Creatures (Alpha of The Dogs)
282: Legend of the Werewolf (Klark of the Kent Team)
283: Manbeasts (Fatty of the Kent Team)
284: Man-made Myths about the Sea (The Joker)
285: Irish Lake Monsters (Klark of the Kent Team)
286: 1O1 things that we can Excrete (Guido Sanchez)
287: Ball of Fire in the Sky Rocks Homes (Cygnus)
288: Incredible but true Newspaper reports II (Fatty of the Kent Team)
289: Advanced De-ja Vu (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
290: Brainwashing (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
291: Doom, Doom (Bizarro of Solo)
292: Guide to Dreams (Fridge)
293: Two-headed Headlines (Cygnus)
294: The Lincoln-Kennedy Coincedance (Lee)
295: My Experiances with a Ouiji Board (Bern ex-Epic)
296: Initial Findings on the Skelmersdale Sample (Paradise Decay)
297: Timetravel (Screwloose of Nerve Axis)
298: Amazing Facts from Around the world (Jud)
299: Did You know? (Digit of Alpha)
300: Honest its true (Prince Caspian)
301: Interesting Information (Mad Tee of Pyrogenic)
302: Strange but True, or Not? (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
303: Weirdsville (Eggus)
304: Strange News (Sandman of Asylum)
305: Weird Quiz II (Cygnus)
306: UFO Tape Offer (P.A.K.)
307: Khaos 2O42 part III (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
308: Three men and a little Shit (Slaine of Quadrega)
309: An Ambitious man (Troll)
310: Bring a Dog Party (Not The Momma)
311: Gangwar II (Johann)
312: The Incredible story of Jack McCrack (Supernova)
313: Looker: Biography of a Cenobite (The Zone of Nerve Axis)
314: Matrix Error (Charles Owen)
315: The Night Thing (Grambo)
316: Operation Carolina (Jade of Nerve Axis)
317: Star Trek: In Search of Power (Cygnus)
318: School Story (Flyer of Powerhouse)
319: The Survivor (Anon)
320: The Trip (Bern ex-Epic)
321: 1O Facts about Toenails (Blancmange of Cosine)
322: Five Things you won't hear in (Sparkle of Ethics)
323: Bimbo Glossery (Klark of the Kent Team)
324: A Bit Political (Strongbow)
325: Blonde Jokes (Lorenzo Saint Dubois)
326: Cartoon Laws (Trevor Paquette)
327: Dogshit (Lee)
328: Fart Competition (Lee and Ste)
329: Governmant Questions and Answers (Cygnus)
330: Help, i'm Insane (Anon)
331: How to Insult People (Jofus)
332: The Irish Bull is always Pregnant (Anon)
333: Your Guide to Loadmouthed Bastards on a Bus (Autopsy of Cyanide)
334: How to Kill an Eel (Crush of Powerhouse)
335: 1O1 Ways to Kill or Maim a Senior Citizen (Chessman)
336: The Worlds Longest Lightbulb jokes (Cygnus)
337: Loss of Memory? (Echo of LSD)
338: Male Chauvinist Pig Party (Echo of LSD)
339: Momma Bashing - An in-depth Guide (Seer)
340: Even more ways to save Money (Clydeiron)
341: The Mother-In-Law (Newtron of Exodus)
342: The Pink Ping-pong ball (Replay of Turkish Delight)
343: New Police Cuts (Mr Gumby of Futura)
344: The Poopie Guide (Larder of the Kent Team)
345: Reply to a Final Demand (Halloween Jack of Phoenix)
346: Using Rude Words in Society (Psycho Moose of Pyrogenic)
347: Ways to Save Money at Holiday Time (Mr Gumby of Futura)
348: Sexual Frustration: The Symptoms (Neuromancer of LSD)
349: Your Guide to Transport Cafes (Autopsy of Cyanide)
350: Viz Top Tips (Denzil of Apocalypse)
351: More Viz Tips (Grambo of Cybertek)
352: Yet More Steve Wright Jokes (Cookie Monster of Dual Format)
353: Music Competition (Echo of LSD)
354: Dirt - Alice in Chains review (Jinx)
355: Metal Album reviews (Mad Mosher)
356: Indy CD Review (Neuromancer of LSD)
357: Jesus Jones - Perversity in your Town Review (Neuromancer of LSD)
358: Music for the Masses - CD reviews (Neuromancer of LSD)
359: Daisy Chainsaw interview (Subculture of Desire)
360: Doom Metal report (Cathedral)
361: Gabberhouse (Subculture of Desire)
362: The Undercover Rave Scene (Bizarro of Solo)
363: XLR8R Band Profile (Mad Mosher)
364: Extreme Satanic Lyrics (Lightbringer of Soundwave)
365: Mysteries of Modern Music (Ken D of LSD)
366: Raves in Northern Ireland (Speed of Chaos)
367: More Hidden Messages (Morpheus)
368: Backmasked Messages on Records (William Poundstone)
369: Text Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
370: IFF Adverts Part 1 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
371: IFF Adverts Part 2 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
372: IFF Adverts Part 3 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
373: IFF Adverts Part 4 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
374: IFF Adverts Part 5 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
375: The Final Word (Pazza of LSD)

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