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Contents of Grapevine Issue #16
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Released: 29 July 1993.

000: Index (Index)
001: Help! (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: How to Contribute to Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
004: Contact the Grapevine Team (Pazza of LSD)
005: How to Advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
006: Important (Pazza of LSD)
007: How to Draw Grapevine Clipart (Pazza of LSD)
008: The Grapevine Diskback Service (Pazza of LSD)
009: A Message to PD Libraries (Pazza of LSD)
010: The Grapevine Guru (Not the Momma)
011: The Grapevine Personal Column (Edited by Not the Momma)
012: News and Rumours (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
013: LSD - Too good for Vowels (Pazza and D-Man of LSD)
014: The Birth of 4-Ward (4-Ward)
015: Who and what is White Label? (Dope and Sprawl of White Label)
016: ASCII Unlimited - The Facts (Telemach of Nerve Axis/Ascii Unlimited)
017: Official Desire Info (Clipper of Desire)
018: Panacea Group Report (Prowler of Pancrea)
019: Perspex Report (Huk of Perspex)
020: Silicon Limited Official News (Earthshaker of Silicon Ltd.)
021: Official Electric Knights news (Mac of TEK)
022: Intuition - Back from the Dead (Uppy of Intuition)
023: A fond Farewell (Android)
024: Jurassic Art (Chris of Perspex)
025: To all my old Contacts (Shockwave of Rage Against The Mushroom)
026: Sissel (Old Wizard of Nerve Axis)
027: The Rise and Fall of Swapper God (Us)
028: A Message from Telemach (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
029: Torch Song (McBastard of Solo)
030: Trance UK needs You! (Krush of Trance UK)
031: The Amiga leads all Scenes (Cryton of Apocalypse)
032: Has the Scene Matured? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
033: Digitising Graphics - Good or bad? (Bob)
034: Disk Thieves - Together we can Crack it (Lofty of Exeter)
035: Reply to "Does the Scene have to be Illegal?" (Typhoid)
036: The Scene has to be Illegal (Broth of Ahead)
037: Why be a Pirate (Hyperdriver)
038: In Defence of Mail Traders (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
039: Modem V Mail trading II (Dynamo)
040: Are Modems worth it? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
041: More Mail or Modem (Huk of Perspex)
042: Some Thoughts on Packs (Hobbit)
043: Release Dates (Dune of Concept)
044: Reply to Cryton (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
045: Small groups (Hobbit)
046: The Super Jiffy Part 2 (Speed of Chaos)
047: God the UK's Crap: The Reasons (Cryton of Apocalypse)
048: The UK scene is it Dying - NOT! (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
049: The UK scene, is it Dying - A Reply (Dekrun)
050: The UK Scene is Not Dead (Mescalin of TNT)
051: Wasted Audiance (Artman)
052: So What do you Listen to? (Scathe)
053: Where has the Humour gone? (Broth of Ahead)
054: Video Demos - A plea to a Good coder (Exel of SLP)
055: Assembly '93 - The 2nd Phase Invitation (Complex)
056: Beach Party Invitation (Luke and Chuck of Fairlight)
057: The Big WOC Festival (Big)
058: European Computer Conferance Invitation (Virtual)
059: Sautrne Party Invitation (Sautrne)
060: MCS Summer Conferance '93 Invitation (M.C.S.)
061: White Label Party Invitation (Sprawl of White Label)
062: Pixel Art Expo Roma '93 (The Organisers)
063: Sun 'n' Fun party Results (Heartbreak of Despair)
064: Amiga Format Live Show Report (Oedipus of Trance UK)
065: Summer '93 Chicago CES Mini-report (Trillion and Assimilator)
066: The Truth behind the FX Chip (Danny)
067: Super Mario Kart Players Guide (Danny)
068: Megadrive Protection Megahacks (Waynetta of the Kent Team)
069: Piracy in the Eye of the Beholder (The Nameless One)
070: Starfox: Hit or Hype (Danny)
071: Mortal Kombat (Nik)
072: Grapevine 15: The Mythical Disk (Pazza of LSD)
073: ASCII Coders Chart (Dynamo)
074: Grapevine - Its English (Cryton of Apocalypse)
075: The Grapevine Questionaire (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
076: Magazines are just a big Con (Swish)
077: Satanic Rites get it Wrong Again (Pazza of LSD)
078: Stupid People (Cryton of Apocalypse)
079: Thoughts for the Future (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
080: Rave Report (Uppy of Intuition)
081: Real Rave Music (Manik)
082: 'ardcore - Who knows the Score? (Tummo of Eclipse)
083: How to make a Rave Song (Gundan)
084: 2 Unlimited: No Limits Review (Troll)
085: Snowballs: Don't take them (Uppy of Intuition)
086: Trance: A New Direction (Uppy of Intuition)
087: Big Love Advertisment (The Organisers)
088: Anthrax: Sound of White Noise Review (Danny)
089: Album Reviews (Grambo)
090: Ambient Music Reviews (Embryon Spire of Quartz)
091: Music 4 the Masses: CD reviews (Neuromancer of LSD)
092: Rap Album Reviews (Andy C.)
093: Metalica Gig Report (Hell Tell of Trauma)
094: Tubular Bells 2Oth Anniversery Tour Report (Neuromancer of LSD)
095: LaLapalooza III Report (Sir Garbagetruck of LSD)
096: The Orb II (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
097: The Velvet Underground (Animal Action)
098: Record Companies Addresses (Paradise Decay)
099: Rombusts Coding Tutorial part 5 (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
100: Rombusts Coding Tutorial part 6 (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
101: Rombusts Coding Tutorial part 7 (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
102: Rombusts Coding Tutorial part 8 (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
103: 2 Cools Coding Tutorial (2-Cool of LSD)
104: Zen and the art of Assembley language (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
105: The MC68O2O Exception Vector Table (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
106: Simple Demo Effects (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
107: The Principle of Rotation around the X-Axis (Phantom of Desire)
108: System Identification using Execbase Vectors (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
109: Interleaved Bitplanes (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
110: Manipulating Multi-Dimensional Matrixes (Flame of Concept)
111: PC Relative Coding Tutorial (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
112: C Tutorial for Beginners - Part 1 (Oedipus of Trance UK)
113: C Tutorial for Beginners - Part 2 (Oedipus of Trance UK)
114: Data Compression Theory (Dreamer of Nerve Axis)
115: The 68O6O (Seth Stroh)
116: A14OO rumours (Cygnus)
117: Transform your A5OO to an A12OO (Cygnus)
118: The latest on the A5OOO (Dream~E)
119: Truth about the A4OOO and AGA Graphics modes (Blazemonger Inc.)
120: CBM take a RISC? (Decker)
121: Does the Best Hardware always win? (Lone Ranger)
122: The First CD Rom on Mars (Cygnus)
123: Whatever happened to HD TV? (Jas)
124: New Micro-chips under Development (Klark of the Kent Team)
125: The MC68O6O Specs (O.S.D.)
126: First Reports on the new Amigas (Paul Kolenbrander)
127: Re-writing the Bible (Klark of the Kent Team)
128: Catholic Catchphrases that didn't quite make it (Guido Sanchez)
129: Clergy Abuse Seminar notes (Constantine)
130: The Big book of Clergy Humour (Cygnus)
131: The Missing books of the Bible (Klark of the Kent Team)
132: Space Program proves the Bible right (Larry Turnage)
133: The Nine Statements of Satan (Kerry King)
134: How to Hold a Satanic Ritual (Studmuffin)
135: Why Satanists are Pussies (Constantine)
136: David Koresh Humour (Cygnus)
137: Koresh - Madman or Messiah? (Fatty of the Kent Team)
138: The Real David Koresh Ranting (Saint Norm)
139: More Jehovah witness Truths (Vince Banial and Rich Greese)
140: What do Jehovas Believe (The Joker)
141: The Church of the Subgenius (Reverand Kareen du Gristle)
142: Religious Definitions (El Muserote)
143: Religions of the World (Mountaineer)
144: UFO Ignorance (Lee)
145: Fatima and the UFO's (Predator of Power House)
146: Nevada UFO's on Film (Lee)
147: The Gates of Hell Opened? (Cygnus)
148: Jurassic Park for Real? (Cygnus)
149: Project Excalibur (Logic)
150: Scrotum Self Repair (Heuristic of PCB)
151: Doorknobs attached to New York Trees - Elves at Work? (Cygnus)
152: Weird News III (Klark of the Kent Team)
153: Ouija Boards Revisited (Tummo of Eclipse)
154: Resident Spirit plagues Pub (Pazza of LSD)
155: Is my School Haunted? (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
156: Yet More Time Travel (Schroedingers Cat)
157: The Myths of Magic II (Bongo of Concept)
158: Interesting Facts (Tommy Lee)
159: It can't be True (Krush of Trance UK)
160: Strange Stories from the Unknown (Supernova)
161: Lame (Decker)
162: Lamers - Outdated Concepts? (Neuromancer of LSD)
163: Gimp of the Century (Peter C. and Hotrod)
164: Lame Confrontations (Wit)
165: Elite Lamers (Cryton of Apocalypse)
166: A Word of Advice (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
167: How to avoid Dying (Peter Schwab)
168: Communicating with the Dead using Electronic voice Phenomena (Cygnus)
169: 19 Uses for Dead Parents (Cryogenic Piss)
170: The Cannabals Cookbook (Jeffrey Dahlmer)
171: The Canonical list of Dead Baby Jokes (The LOC)
172: Suicide is Painless (Prince Caspain of Access Computers)
173: The Pros and Cons of Death (The LOC)
174: Grapevine Music Competition (Echo of LSD)
175: How to Compose Amiga Music (Huk of Perspex)
176: Amiga Viri Described (Cygnus)
177: Virus Alert - The Fuck Virus (Gabrielle Greko)
178: Safe Hex International News (SHI)
179: More new Viri Identified (Cygnus)
180: Fred Fish hasn't quit (Fred Fish)
181: ANSI Codes supported (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
182: Pick a Language (Oedipus of Trance UK)
183: Beards - Are they the Amigas Future? (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
184: A letter from Andrew Braybrook (Bob)
185: Commodore loses $177.6 million in the 3rd quarter (Cygnus)
186: The Computer Purity Test (Cygnus)
187: Logic Bomb (Animal Action)
188: Sony take over Psygnosis (Decker)
189: ELSPA says "Tighten Up" (Flute of Imperial Distribution)
190: Amiga Sales Forcast (Stu B)
191: Borg Liquidation Sale (Cygnus)
192: We are Borg (Klark of the Kent Team)
193: Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide 5/1 (Klark and AMB)
194: Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide 5/2 (Klark and AMB)
195: Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide 6/1 (Klark and AMB)
196: Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide 6/2 (Klark and AMB)
197: Star Trek: The Next Generation News (AMB)
198: Satellite news (XL)
199: Games World Review (Decker)
200: Terminator III? (Occupier of Trance)
201: They've done it (P.A.K.)
202: CD Rom - Will we get what we Need? (Troll)
203: CD Technology - Good or Bad? (Swish)
204: The Great Computer Porn Scare (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
205: Computer War (The Old Wizard of Nerve Axis)
206: Of Good guys and Disk Thieves (Not the Momma)
207: Dodgy Competition Pro's (Hell Tell of Trauma)
208: Hawaii Smurf O (Scathe)
209: Jiffy Bags - The Hidden Menace (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
210: Low quality Software (Broth of Ahead)
211: Can Motorola turn Intel inside out? (Animal Action)
212: Is Progress realy a Good thing? (Benson of Pancrea)
213: Team 17 Deserve Credit (E User)
214: Hacking Chips on Cellular Phones (The Panther of ULF)
215: The Supra Fax Modem 144LC (Cygnus)
216: Two Hackers get six months in Jail (Cygnus)
217: Irish Hackers Busted (Jay)
218: The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary (Chris Alan)
219: Supra Fax Reply (ZHex)
220: Computer Hackers in the UK Sentenced to Jail (De-K of Chryseis)
221: US Robotics Modem News (UMF and The Panther)
222: Nostalgia Corner (Ken D of LSD)
223: Spectrum Days (Magman)
224: Hobbit Forming Habits (Wayne)
225: Elite - A Reply (R-9 of Dimension X)
226: The Ultimate Elite (Larder of the Kent Team)
227: Action Replay Pokelist (Peter Monk)
228: Fireforce Solution (Baggy of The Loons)
229: Lost Viking level Codes (Bug)
230: Fly Harder Level Codes (Baggy of the Loons)
231: Wales Voyage Hints (Fairlight)
232: Goblins II Solution (Baggy of The Loons)
233: Lemmings 2: The Tribes Solution (David Crooke)
234: Rescue Level Codes (Baggy of The Loons)
235: Woodys World codes (Pob of The Loons)
236: Desert Island Disks for your worst Enemy (Lone Ranger)
237: The Text Adventure Adventure (Troll)
238: Manga Anime (Spectre of Alpha)
239: Anime Book Reviews (3x3)
240: Anime and Manga Contacts (Uncle Ste)
241: Akira: Movie plot Synopsis (3x3)
242: Armor Hunter Mellowlink Synopsis (3x3)
243: Legend of the Overfiend Review (Neuromancer of LSD)
244: Metal Skin Panic Madox-O1 Synopsis (3x3)
245: At the Age of Consent (The Antichrist)
246: Anyways (Van Damme of LSD)
247: Asking for Ignorance (Van Damme of LSD)
248: The Loving Eventful Journey (Dreamer of Nerve Axis)
249: Fate or Circumstance (Van Damme of LSD)
250: Invocations and Incantations (Cygnus)
251: Life as a Gametester (Zok of Phetamines)
252: Mislead Judgement (Van Damme of LSD)
253: Nazi Scum (Antichrist)
254: Requiem for a Blue Planet (Dave Bealer)
255: Sad Case (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
256: Seeking the Sign to Dragonheim (Jeff Bordeux)
257: Splines (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
258: Thank God i'm not the Only one (Zok of Phetamines)
259: The Other Side (Zok of Phetamines)
260: What's out There (Zok of Phetamines)
261: With this Letter (Van Damme of LSD)
262: Assembley Line (Van Damme of LSD)
263: Beer (Zok of Phetamines)
264: Beneath the Trees (Van Damme of LSD)
265: Big Iron Lament (Lloyd E. Pulley)
266: Carnival (Van Damme of LSD)
267: Closed Doors (Van Damme of LSD)
268: Consoles (Zok of Phetamines)
269: Crown of Darkness (Van Damme of LSD)
270: Death Row (Van Damme of LSD)
271: Dirty Doggies (Zok of Phetamines)
272: Earth Our Home? (Magman)
273: Fallen Angel (Van Damme of LSD)
274: Liquid Miracle (Van Damme of LSD)
275: Music (Zok of Phetamines)
276: My Last Battle (Antichrist)
277: A Night Out (Corn)
278: Old Age (Bobby Parker)
279: Phonecall (Van Damme of LSD)
280: Red Carvings (Van Damme of LSD)
281: Scavenger Hunting (Van Damme of LSD)
282: Sex, Drugs and (Rave Zok of Phetamines)
283: Souls for Sale (Van Damme of LSD)
284: 35 Advantages of being Big and Fat (Oedepus of Trance UK)
285: 5O Things ya just hate (Gundan)
286: The rules of Bedroom Golf (Magman)
287: Amazing but True (Dreamer of Nerve Axis)
288: Are You a Bastard? (Troll)
289: Conformity is like Cheese (The Baron)
290: Confucious Say (The Captain of Project X)
291: Differant types of Farts (Dreamer of Nerve Axis)
292: Farting Tips (Rab of BOB)
293: Fruits of Passion (Serger of Phetamines)
294: How Royal are You? (Gundan)
295: Pitbull Attack Queen Mother (Uncle Ste.)
296: Saddam: What a Cunt (Zok of Phetamines)
297: 15Nil (P.A.K.)
298: What is a Black Hole? (Wit)
299: Choose your own Reality? (Machiavelli)
300: Collision Course (Logic)
301: Interview with a Disney Addict (Cygnus)
302: My God! Its Full of Snakes (Scathe)
303: A German Invasion coming? (Jimmy of the Kent Team)
304: Useful Japanese Phrases (Gundam)
305: Learn Glaswegian II (Paul Turner)
306: A guide to the art of Juggling (Mythos of Nuance)
307: Life: Is it Gods Booby Prize? (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
308: How to Make a Wizzbanger (Stu B)
309: Not a day for a Pint of Cider (Ken D of LSD)
310: Wrestling: The Real Deal (Dynamo)
311: Superbrawl 3 Report (Dynamo)
312: The Royals Privatised (Machiavelli)
313: Teit Particles: The first Results (Nimrod of RAW Team)
314: Terry Pratchett book reviews (Hyperdriver)
315: Useless Things for Sale (Cryton of Apocalypse)
316: Sixteen Bit (P.A.K.)
317: Vasectomy - A personal Experience (Java of Inflight)
318: Warning! (Lightbringer of LSD)
319: Why, Why, Why? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
320: Will you be Locked up? (Cygnus)
321: Things to do when Your Bored (Shooting Shark)
322: Official Grapevine Play By Mail games (Lord Lazy)
323: Bloodpit PBM Review (Nik)
324: Keys to Medoch PBM Review (Nik)
325: Pyraglyphics PBM Review (Nik)
326: Hypnosis - A beginners guide (Waynetta of the Kent Team)
327: Design your own Dreams (Alpha of the Dogs)
328: Instant result IQ test II (Logic)
329: Iron in the Soul (Dreamer of Nerve Axis)
330: Lateral Thinking (Immoral)
331: Open your Minds Eye (Predator of Power House)
332: Chaos 2O42 - Part IV (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
333: Actual Reality (Zok of Phetamines)
334: Amiga Park (Oswald Crichton)
335: Artificial Eroticism (Cygnus)
336: Earth Farm (Hyperdriver)
337: Moments of War (Lightbringer of LSD)
338: Necronomicons (Jerone Peartree)
339: Silicon Echoes (Neuromancer of LSD)
340: Terminator III: No Fate (Digger of Klaxon)
341: Wounded Heroes (Pazza of LSD)
342: How did he get to be a 42nd Level GM? (Sawtooth)
343: New AD&D Spells (Cygnus)
344: Abdul Al-Hazreds Big book of Demons (Jay Mackley)
345: More Christians V AD&D (David Hearne)
346: Game Master Tips (Alpha of the Dogs)
347: RPG Police Defining System (Cygnus)
348: Den-Low Craftworld v White Killers (Harlequin of Klaxon)
349: RPG Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
350: Crime and the British Justice System (Dream~E)
351: Cannabis - A power for Evil? (Siren)
352: Sex, Violence and Censorship (Dynamo)
353: Censorship (Magman)
354: Control II (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
355: Don't read That, read This (Johann)
356: Good times just around the Corner? (Bizarro of Solo)
357: Leave Freddy alone (Oedipus of Trance UK)
358: New Age Travellers: A reply (Lightbringer of LSD)
359: A Complaint (Mr R. Martin)
360: Racism Retaliation: My view (Typhoid)
361: Looking at Cyberspace (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
362: Reply to "Destroy Fascism" (Dynamo)
363: Reply to Ken D's "Scotland" (P.A.K.)
364: Take the Train (Lee)
365: UK into Europe and down the Plughole (Telemach of Nerve Axis)
366: We are not Bloody Farmers (Cryton of Apocalypse)
367: Advert Editor Adverts part 1 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
368: Advert Editor Adverts part 2 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
369: Text Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
370: Iff Adverts part 1 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
371: Iff Adverts part 2 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
372: Iff Adverts part 3 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
373: Iff Adverts part 4 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
374: Iff Adverts part 5 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
375: Iff Adverts part 6 (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
376: Special Offer (Constantine)
377: The Final Word (Pazza of LSD)

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