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Contents of Grapevine Issue #17
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Released: 9 October 1993.

000: Index (Index)
001: Help! (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: How to Advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
004: How to Draw Grapevine Clipart (Pazza of LSD)
005: The Grapevine Diskback Service (Pazza of LSD)
006: How to Contribute to Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
007: Important (Pazza of LSD)
008: A Message to PD Libraries (Pazza of LSD)
009: Contact the Grapevine Team (Pazza of LSD)
010: Grapevine Personal Column (Not the Momma)
011: Grapevine Guru (Not the Momma)
012: Scene News (Edited by Cryton of Apocalypse)
013: Whos releasing what (Edited by Cryton of Apocalypse)
014: BBS News (Edited by Cryton of Apocalypse)
015: None-Scene Nnews (Edited by Cryton of Apocalypse)
016: LSD - Too Good For Vowels (Pazza of LSD)
017: The further adventures of ASCII Unlimited (Telemach)
018: About Nuance England (Micheal of Nuance)
019: DCS Report (Ikari of DCS)
020: Interstitial Dreamers - A Statement (Lord Percy)
021: About Infect UK (Real of Infect)
022: Nebula group report (Oedipus of Nebula)
023: Nerve Axis: The Next Generation (Zone of Nerve Axis)
024: Support Eiffel (Dazl of Iris)
025: The Watchers - Who are we? (Mr Style of Watchers)
026: Life on The Bolivian Scene (Pedro Garcia)
027: The Truth about Hipnotics (Caton of Hipnotoics)
028: Hidden Parts in Demos (Axe)
029: So U want 2 B A kewl Swapper? (Overdose of Enhance)
030: Mythical Scene Thugs (Bizarro of Solo)
031: 1O things that piss Swappers off (Overdose of Enhance)
032: Goodbye Scene (Telemach)
033: Respect to the ST Scene (Caecillius of the MLP)
034: Calling All Musicians (Cation of Hipnotics)
035: Strange Scene Hobbies (Bizarro of Solo)
036: A Mum's View of the Scene (Cryton of Apocalypse)
037: Beginners - Do it the P.A.K. way (Cryton of Apocalypse)
038: The Ethics of Software Piracy (Dr. Gerald Hull)
039: Everybodys done it (Live)
040: Answer to "Are Fairlight Heartless" (Luke and Chuck of Fairlight)
041: FAST - The Paranoia (Khul of Nerve Axis)
042: Get on the Scene (Live)
043: How the Groups Reputation effects the Swappers (Cryton of Apocalypse)
044: Illegal (Machiavelli)
045: Beginner, not me! (Bullet)
046: Reply to "Release Dates" (Cryton of Apocalypse)
047: Piracy in the Eye of the Beholder Reply (Danny)
048: Reply To Telemach (Cryton of Apocalypse)
049: Sex with a Donkey (Moxil 89 of Visage)
050: Who Cares (Thomas)
051: Is Cracking Games getting out of Hand? (Apache64 of KKI)
052: The Amiga Scene Gets Split into 2 seperate Corners (Foxx of Silents)
053: Scene Virus Killer (Bizarro of Solo)
054: Small Groups II (Cryton of Apocalypse)
055: Reply to "Stupid People" (Telemach)
056: Support your local Lamer (Afro of Mimik)
057: The Voodoo Charts (Cryton of Apocalypse)
058: Why be a Pirate Reply (Alex)
059: A Womans View (Boudica)
060: You and Your Group (Cryton of Apocalypse)
061: The Gathering 1994 (Crusaders)
062: World of Commodore (Big Design)
063: ECC Party Competition Results (Cygnus)
064: Destiny Communion report I (Cryton of Apocalypse)
065: Destiny Communion Report II (Dark of LSD)
066: GV Questionaire Results (Telemach)
067: Grapevine - Keep it Varied! (Hyperdriver)
068: Reply to "Grapevine, it's English" (Telemach)
069: Breath of Fresh Air? (Not! Dave Tant)
070: Freedom of the Diskmag (Khul of Nerve Axis)
071: Have an Arguement (Cryton of Apocalypse)
072: Magazines are just a big Con - A Reply (Troll of Fine)
073: The Apostrophie: How to use it (Vic E. Babes)
074: Action Replay Cheats (Fat Will of Penile Warts)
075: Blades of Destiny Cheat and Hints (Baser Evil of Prodigy)
076: Gunship 2OOO Hints and Tips (Joe 9O)
077: Nippon Safes Inc. Solution (Holy Inquisition)
078: One Step Beyond Codes (Denzil of Apocalypse)
079: The Ultimate It Came from the Desert (Larder of the Kent Team)
080: The Ultimate Kick Off II (Larder of the Kent Team)
081: The Ultimate Last Ninja III (Larder of the Kent Team)
082: The Ultimate Mega-lo-Mania (Larder of the Kent Team)
083: The Ultimate Populous (Larder of the Kent Team)
084: The Ultimate Rainbow Islands (Larder of the Kent Team)
085: The Ultimate Switchblade II (Larder of the Kent Team)
086: CD32 A Good Move (Phil 93)
087: Commodore launches the CD32 (Stuart Menges)
088: Amiga CD32 v Megadrive-CD (Anon)
089: Reply to CD Articles (Telemach)
090: 3DO - Multimedia console of the future (Smudge)
091: The Atari Jaguar, an IBM animal (Cygnus)
092: Console News (Dazl of Iris)
093: Final Fight II Players Guide (Danny)
094: Sega orders FRAM Chip for Games (Cygnus)
095: The Definitive Mario Kart Guide (Cryton and Denzil of Apocalypse)
096: Mega CD - Good or Bad? (Danny)
097: Mortal Kombat - SNES (Axe)
098: New Console Revealed (Criotech of Elenium)
099: Man at Nintendo - He say No! (Zilog of Iceage)
100: Street Fighter 2 Turbo (THS)
101: Perpetual Hoax (Alpha of the Dogs)
102: UFO Believers reveal Aliens are here (Larder of the Kent Team)
103: UFO Abductions (Fatty of the Kent Team)
104: Sheffield UFO Conferance Report (Dodger)
105: UFO's: Politics and Deception (Vince Johnson)
106: Alien Agenda - the Fake Invasion (Cygnus)
107: The Face on Mars (Mike Malin)
108: Martian Spyinx (Cygnus)
109: Those Mysterious MIB's (Richard Siegfried)
110: Two Britons say they Conned the World (Klark of the Kent Team)
111: 5O years of the German MoonBase 1942-1992 (Cygnus)
112: Aids as a Weapon of War (William Campbell Douglas)
113: End of the World (Jerry Decker)
114: Geological Mystery lies deep below State (Klark of the Kent Team)
115: The Hollow Earth Theory (Klark of the Kent Team)
116: What the Fuck was that? (Johann of Heartlund)
117: Making a Mummy (Glory of Ecto)
118: Make Yourself Irresistable (Machiavelli the Mage)
119: Can what they don't say give them Away? (Fatty of the Kent Team)
120: Was Platos Atlantis a memory of the Monoan Civilisation (Don Allen)
121: Nosferatu: The Vampires (Alpha of the Dogs)
122: A Werewolf in us All? (Curt Rowlett)
123: Hangmans Hill (Asylum)
124: Magic (Hathor)
125: Ouija Boards - the Truth (Abysm of Voodoo Design)
126: Paranormal Fraud (Bruce Walstad)
127: Voodoo (Maverick)
128: How to work Magick on your Computer (Lucifer)
129: Grapevine - The Comic Strip (The Mountie)
130: Cartoons (Anon)
131: Bully - Hard as Fuck! (Slipstream)
132: In the Desert (Halloween Jack of Phoenix)
133: George 'n' Tangles (Vic E. Babes)
134: The Art of Sumo Wrestling (Gundam)
135: Hardcore Review (Tummo)
136: Rave Report (Uppy of Intuition)
137: Tekno - Do it Yourself (Phagex of LSD)
138: Ravers Guide to the Jitter (E-User)
139: Rombusts Coding Tutorial - Actual Coding (Rombust of Nerve Axis)
140: Beginners Coding Tutorial (Apache64 of KKI)
141: Easy Coding Part II (Apache 64)
142: Action Replay Protectection (Apache64 of KKI)
143: Auto Detaching from the CLI (Khul of Nerve Axis)
144: The Mechanics of Disk Access (Phil 93)
145: Silent Bootblocks Tutorial (Khul of Nerve Axis)
146: System Identification II (Khul of Nerve Axis)
147: C Tutorial for Beginners Part 3 (Oedipus of Nebula)
148: Converting Amiga E to C to Pascal (Telemach)
149: The Future of Amiga E (Router van Oortmerssen)
150: How I Learnt to Code (Darren of Iris)
151: More Romwack (Dekrun with Dr. Syn)
152: Shot in the Foot (Apache 64)
153: Are You a Coder? (Axe)
154: Amiga 14OO - A reality? (Cygnus)
155: News from Fred Fish (Fred Fish)
156: IDE Problems (Marc of Chimera)
157: Soft AGA - The Truth (PWS)
158: Jpeg compression Explained (Alpha of the Dogs)
159: Computer Epilepsy and Other Phenomena (Hyperdriver)
160: Diskchanger Madness (Steven Gill)
161: Make or Break time for the old Enemies (Tarragon)
162: IBM Japan develops High Capacity 2.5 inch HD (Cygnus)
163: Nostalgia Corner Special (Ken D of LSD)
164: How Nostalgic are you? (Ken D of LSD)
165: Visionaries and Mystics (Hathor)
166: Drug Comedowns: Am I going Mad? (Uppy of Intuition)
167: LegaliseLSD (Machiavelli)
168: Your Addicted (Moxil 89 of Visage)
169: Timothy Learys Eight Circuits of Consciousness (Cygnus)
170: Heroin Facts (Anon)
171: 2O things about Mary Jane (Tummo)
172: Drugs: The Definative guide (Masterbeat)
173: Weird Theories (Morpheus)
174: Descrimination (Morpheus)
175: Genes - Discussion and Explanation (Hyperdriver)
176: Reply to "Is Progress Good" (Telemach)
177: I'm not thick or Retarded, I'm Dyslexic (Kim Walker)
178: You're all Minors (Cryton of Apocalypse)
179: Why all the Fuss over Ozone? (Man in Black of Purple Helmets)
180: What the Hell (Soul of LSD)
181: The Police and Rodney King (Mitosis of Elenium)
182: Anime News (Neuromancer of LSD)
183: Anime and Manga - Just cartoons and Comics? (Dazl of Enhance)
184: Sound or Dub? - The great Anime Debate (Neuromancer of LSD)
185: Manga Videos (Dr. Ziploc of LOC)
186: UK Anime Reviews (Neuromancer of LSD)
187: Megazone 23 Review (3x3)
188: Vampire Princess Miyu Synopsis (3x3)
189: Uchensekan Yamato - Star Blazes Episode Guide (Jeffrey Delado)
190: Depeche Mode Live at Crystal Palace (Kaauld)
191: Ice Cube and da Lench Mob Live (NAS)
192: Jesus Jones Live O5/O7/93 (Anon)
193: JMJ in concert - 28/O8/93 (Soul of LSD)
194: Jean Michel Jarre and 4O,OOO Trippers (Uppy of Intuition)
195: Metallica - Nowhere else to Roam (Neuromancer of LSD)
196: Cypress Hill - Black Sunday Review (Kaauld)
197: Fluffy Pink Album Reviews (Grambo)
198: Hellraiser - Judgement Day Review (Tummo)
199: P. J. Harvey Album Review (Hyperdriver)
200: Rap Attack (RAS)
201: Mininal art - Simplicity review (Pazza of LSD)
202: Bob Marley (Swish)
203: Bowie Discography (Halloween Jack of Phoenix)
204: Freddie Mercury Reply (Marc of Iris)
205: What the Fuck's going on? (Kaauld)
206: Miming Musicians (Typhoid)
207: Spell Freddie Right (Bullet)
208: Transmission 242 For You (Grambo)
209: E-mail (Ken D of LSD)
210: Bankraid (Zang)
211: Why a BBS's is Better than a Women (Wraith)
212: The Comms Drug (Afro of Mimik)
213: Inside the Mind of Dark Avenger (Pilgrim)
214: Telecom Bill Scam: 3 Held in Swoop (Jay)
215: The Future of Comms? (Logic)
216: Reply to Are Modems worth it? (Ikari of DCS)
217: 2 Nads and a Dangler (Orthodox of Phetamines)
218: Anyone There (Thomas)
219: The Beauty of the Beast (Mephisto)
220: Count your Blessings (Shockwave of Rage against the Mushroom)
221: Earthlings (Thomas)
222: Girlie Poems 2 (Anon)
223: Hiding in Screen (Dream~e)
224: Hucker 2O5O (Wraith)
225: Human Race (Wraith)
226: Judgement (Johann of Heartlund)
227: Let go of the Flame (Dodger)
228: The New Logic Generation (Dream~E)
229: The Mirror Never Lies (Dodger)
230: Now I Know (Dodger)
231: Search (Soul of LSD)
232: A Summer Walk (Soul of LSD)
233: Templar (Johan of Heartlund)
234: Under the Bridge (Johann)
235: Malcolm X (Dynamo)
236: Political Definitions (El Muserote)
237: A Social Violence Manifesto (Constantine)
238: CBRI Manifesto (Machiavelli)
239: Muslim Lives are Cheap (NAS)
240: Destroy Fascism (Oedipus of Nerve Axis)
241: Adolph Hitler (Uncle Ste)
242: Controversy of the Occult Reich (John Roemer)
243: Saddam Mistaken Identity (Khul of Nerve Axis)
244: Why Christian Fundamentalists are Pussies (Constantine)
245: The Other Religions (Alpha of the Dogs)
246: Sins in the Bible (Tyranny)
247: Simple errors in the Bible (Fatty of the Kent Team)
248: Bible Story (Tummo)
249: Mahatma Gandhi - The Man of Peace (Dazl)
250: Masturbation the Morman Way (Klark of the Kent Team)
251: Angels or Spacemen? (Micheal Corbin)
252: Extra-Terrestrial Alien Invasion? (Fatty of the Kent Team)
253: The Complete AD&D Equipment List (Elder David)
254: Adding Locations to your Fantasy city (Boudewijn Wayers)
255: Adding Professions to your Fantasy City (Joe Amato)
256: A Hall of Fame for AD&D Heroes (Haler)
257: Adding luck, Fate & Divine Inspiration to AD&D (Reid)
258: Cult of the Blasphemer (Alpha of the Dogs)
259: Using Lovecraft's Dagon Cult in RPG's (Cygnus)
260: Dungeon Toon (Jon Hughes)
261: Some interesting Shops for your Fantasy Cities (Roger Terrell)
262: The Jedi Knight for AD&D (Nancy McCaskey)
263: The Land of Scleronia (Lord Lazy)
264: Yellow Spotted Green Dragons for AD&D (Troll of Fine)
265: High Magic (Cygnus)
266: The RPG Purity Test (Shadowjack)
267: Smurf Character kit for AD&D (Klark of the Kent Team)
268: Toon RPG Review (Lone Ranger)
269: More Christians against D&D - A Reply (Mythos of Nuance)
270: Virtual Reality Videos - A Review (Hitman of OO32 Bit)
271: Movie News (Dazl of Iris)
272: Nemesis Review (Kei)
273: Star Wars - The New Movies (Stu B)
274: View on Terminator III (Occupier of Trance)
275: Bruce Lee and the Censors (Zilog of Iceage)
276: BBFC Thick as Pigshit (Fat Will of Penile Warts)
277: Married with Children Episode Guide (Dean Adams)
278: Alternative Neighbours (Cryton of Apocalypse)
279: Babylon 5 TV pilot wins an Emmy (Cygnus)
280: New Satellite Channels are coming (Cygnus)
281: The New Teletext on 3/4 (Andy C)
282: Portmeiricon '93 Report (Master Beat)
283: Creative Paranoia (Constantine)
284: Think about it (Kei of High Heaven)
285: Useless Facts (Bongo of Concept)
286: You and the Law (Afro of Apocalypse)
287: 5O Facts (Noodles)
288: Alice (Kei)
289: How to pass a Lie Detector test (Klark of the Kent Team)
290: Brooke Shields where are you? (Bizarro of Solo)
291: The Chaos System - Why mess with it? (Anon)
292: Coke Recipe (Hex Lax of Trauma)
293: Car Protection (Quattra of Fine)
294: How to Cure a Hangover (Blory of Ecto)
295: Free Brigantia (Machiavelli)
296: Great Milk Scam (Lofty of Enterprise)
297: Karting (Codex)
298: Hallowe'en in my School Days (Kim Walker)
299: Learn Fermanagh Speak (Benson of Pancrea)
300: Life - What a Bastard! (Anon)
301: The Magnum Experiance (Trauma of Mimik)
302: Mega Facts (Live)
303: 1O1 Selected Oriental Sayings (Hyperdriver)
304: Self inflicted Rape (Child of the Grave)
305: Death and Myths (Brandy of Slipstream)
306: That's Illegal (Lojic)
307: Build your own Reaction tester (Lojic)
308: Summer Slam Review (Dynamo)
309: Apache's Top Tips (Apache)
310: Trick or Treaters (Oedipus)
311: 3O reasons why its Grim up North (King Boy E)
312: Weather Control (Bizarro of Solo)
313: Wrestling - The Real Deal (Dynamo)
314: Mech Attack - Part one (Troll)
315: No Escape (P. Murphy)
316: Road Kill (Terry Woodward)
317: Akin (Troll of Fine)
318: Closed door (Troll of Fine)
319: The Conflict (Karisma)
320: Countdown (Karisma of Trance UK)
321: Earth Farm Part 2 (Hyperdriver)
322: Justice - Part One (Wraith)
323: The Last Voyage of the Barracuda (Mythos of Nuance)
324: Listner (Troll of Fine)
325: The Man who made Games (Lord Lazy)
326: New Direction (Wraith)
327: Guide to being a Fat Northern Bastard (RamRaider of Quartex)
328: Homework Excuses (Zok of Phetamines)
329: Deep Thoughts of Jack Handey (The LOC)
330: Ming, Mingers and Minging (Zok of Phetamines)
331: The Story of Tax (Troll)
332: The Theatre technicians Bible (Cygnus)
333: Most Excellant Handy Hints and Tips (Grambo)
334: 25 Uses for the Property Times (Axe)
335: Artistic Jiffies (John)
336: How to get served at the Pub in under 2 minutes (Apache64 of KKI)
337: The Boss (Bald Eagle)
338: Coyote v Acme (Stone of LOC)
339: It's the Daleks (Anon)
340: DIY Operations (Larch Lodge)
341: The Complete Dominic Diamond Facts (Crow of LOC)
342: Excuses for Missing lessons at School (Overdose of Enhance)
343: The Infinite reality of Flying Pigs (Wraith)
344: How to Piss Off a Dinner Lady (Orc)
345: Grapevine Advert Editor Adverts Part 1 (Edited By Shagratt of LSD)
346: Grapevine Advert Editor Adverts Part 2 (Edited By Shagratt of LSD)
347: Text adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
348: IFF Adverts Part 1 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
349: IFF Adverts Part 2 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
350: IFF Adverts Part 3 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
351: IFF Adverts Part 4 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
352: IFF Adverts Part 5 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
353: IFF Adverts Part 6 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
354: IFF Adverts Part 7 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
355: IFF Adverts Part 8 (Edited by Shagratt of LSD)
356: Rave Vinyl for Sale (Uppy of Intuition)

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