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Contents of Grapevine Issue #18
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Released: 12 December 1993.

000: Index (Index)
001: Help (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: How Contribute to Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
004: How to Draw Grapevine Clipart (Pazza of LSD)
005: How to Contact the Grapevine Team (Pazza of LSD)
006: Grapevine Diskback service - The UK (Pazza of LSD)
007: Grapevine Diskback service - Outside the UK (Pazza of LSD)
008: Important (Pazza of LSD)
009: A Message to PD Libraries (Pazza of LSD)
010: The Grapevine Awards 1993 (Ken D)
011: Grapevine Guru (Not the Momma)
012: The Grapevine International Horrorscope (Bizarro of Solo)
013: Grapevine Personal Column (Not the Momma)
014: Scene News (Cryton of Apocalypse)
015: Releasing News (Cryton of Apocalypse)
016: BBS News (Cryton of Apocalypse)
017: Non Scene News (Cryton of Apocalypse)
018: Fred Fish News (Fred Fish)
019: Hawaii Smurf 'O - 2 (Scathe)
020: The First Prison Sentance for Software Counterfeiting (Cygnus)
021: Safe Hex Virus Warning (Eric Loevendhal)
022: The Party 1993 Update (Silents/Lemon./Spaceballs)
023: Rainbow Party (Radwar VII) Invitation (Radwar Enterprises)
024: Invitation to an Astral Party (Lucifer)
025: LSD - Too good for Vowels (Pazza of LSD)
026: LSD - The 1993 Releases (Pazza of LSD)
027: Jesus on E's Fixed and HD installer (Shagratt of LSD)
028: About Jurassic (Mercenary of Jurassic)
029: About Nuance (Micheal of Nuance)
030: The KKI - Bigoo1 (Apache64 of the KKI)
031: Infinate Logic: A group Report (Xyborg of Infinate Logic)
032: A Goodbye to Mailtrading (Majic Mushroom of Lemon.)
033: The Nebula Official British Charts (Oedipus of Nebula)
034: Interview with Comrade J (Hotwire of Synners)
035: Solution for 'A Maze In' by Digital (Ridge of Bold and Beautiful)
036: The Official Eurocharts, Too! (Arise)
037: Get Publicity (Cation of Hipnotics)
038: Ultima group Report (Guybrush of Ultima)
039: About De'lite (Phantom of De'lite)
040: Splatt Speaks (Splatt! of Fairlight)
041: Is there a Scene in Australia? (Gop of Paralax)
042: Beginner - Yes You (Cryton of Apocalypse)
043: Everybody's Done it reply (Bullet)
044: Reply to Fairlight (The Mad Bloke)
045: Fairlight - Clutching at Straws (Cryton of Apoclaypse)
046: F.A.S.T. - A Real life threat? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
047: Fuck Off Pirates! (Alex)
048: A Proposition (Ken D)
049: The Scene doesn't need any Watchers (Cryton of Apocalypse)
050: A Split in the Scene (Gop of Paralax)
051: Why Not Scan (Benson of Pancrea)
052: SNES Cheats (Cygnus)
053: Super Wildcards (Merc)
054: CD Censorship (Maverick)
055: Is it Illegal? (Merc)
056: Mortal Kombat II (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
057: Mortal Kombat Special Guide (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
058: Sega to create Next Generation Video Game (Cygnus)
059: No Gore, so What? (Danny)
060: Road Rash II Players Guide (Guybrush of Ultima)
061: A Bit of Electronics News (Steven Gill)
062: 3DO Emulator for the CD32 (Frank Eva)
063: A5OOO latest News (Psyco)
064: Action Replay III Advanced Guide (Praxis of Ultima)
065: Action Replay IV Software Advanced Guide (Praxis of Ultima)
066: The Atari Jaguar (Atari Corp.)
067: Modifications for a Realistic Pro-2OO6 Scanner (Halloween Jack)
068: P-FC Secret Report (Bizarro of Solo)
069: Power Computing Video Backup device Review (Staples of Phetamines)
070: Interview with Jolyon Ralph of Armathura (Hotwire of Synners)
071: Gurus and Software Alerts (Mercenary of Jurassic)
072: Graphic Calculator Programs (Steven Gill)
073: 25 Good points of Disk Thieves (The Mad Bloke)
074: Make your own Diskbox (Scope)
075: Bullshit Detector (Lofty of Enterprise)
076: 4O Things to do with a Duff Floppy (Mushy Pea)
077: The $25,OOO Jiffy-bag (Micron)
078: 1O Non-mail uses for a Jiffy (Cyborg of Jurassic)
079: Hard Bastard: A Reply (Cyborg of Jurassic)
080: What's so Advanced about AD&D? (Hotwire of Synners)
081: The Humourist Mage school for AD&D (Sable)
082: Cyberpunk 2O2O RPG Report (Cyborg of Jurassic)
083: Grenade Specialisation in AD&D (Klark of the Kent Team)
084: Conquest of Power PBM Review (Lord Lazy)
085: Play by Computer League (Mercenary of Jurassic)
086: The Cyberdome Crystal Maze (Lord Lazy)
087: Don't judge a Book by it's Cover (Cryton of Apocalypse)
088: Can Grapevine realy be classed as a Scene Magazine? (Dazl of Iris)
089: A Letter from Amiga Format (Richard Baguley)
090: Alien Contact book Reviews (Fatty of the Kent Team)
091: Is there an Alien base under Peuto Rico? (Anne Ecker)
092: Aliens already walk Among us (Cygnus)
093: Aliens in my Bedroom (Alpha of the Dogs)
094: The Crop Circle Phenomena (Alpha of the Dogs)
095: MIB'S - Agents of the Dark (Fatty of the Kent Team)
096: How JFK Saved the World (Alpha of the Dogs)
097: A Face-off on Mars (Fatty of the Kent Team)
098: Tourists from Outer Space (Larder of the Kent Team)
099: Why not to Report a UFO (Don Allen)
100: UFO's - Bollox more like! (Cryton of Apocalypse)
101: Bigfoot in Ohio (Klark of the Kent Team)
102: Creatures of the Mind (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
103: The End of the World is Neigh? (Ozone of Phetamines)
104: The Enigma of Identical Twins (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
105: The Grey Man of Ben Macdhui (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
106: How to Haunt your own House (Veego of Purple Helmets)
107: Was Helen of Troy an Android? (Sigma 7 of Generation)
108: Measuremants reveal Immense Impact Crater (Retro of Backfire)
109: Levitation - The Practical Secrets (Lucifer)
110: The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
111: The Secret Technique of Transindental Meditation (Lucifer)
112: The Miracles of Saint Medard (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
113: My Haunted House (Raider of Maniacs)
114: Occult Questions Answered (Lucifer)
115: Ouija Board Conversations (Mick Flair of Semprini)
116: The Ouija board - More Horror Stories (Lucifer)
117: Orffyreus and Perpetual Motion (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
118: Psychometry (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
119: Two men injured in Bizarre Sexual Practice (Rapier X of FON)
120: Black Magic (Angel Gabriel of Penile Warts)
121: Can Anything travel faster then Light? (Taragon of NFL)
122: The Voynich Manuscript (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
123: Where is the Mona Lisa? (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
124: Ain't that just a luvverly Pair of Bristol's (Anon)
125: The Car Thief (Bizarro of Solo)
126: The Fear Inside of You (Cyanide of Maniacs)
127: The First Time (Boadicea)
128: Somethings loose on Flight 22 (T.O. Francis)
129: The Ghost with Auburn Hair (Muffbusters)
130: A Good Tune (Carl Thames)
131: The Guild (The Mad Bloke)
132: A Hard Knights Work (Anon)
133: The Human Body (Alpha of the Dogs)
134: Judy Blume Nightmare (Guido Sanchez)
135: The Last Hacker (Exodus of Drann)
136: Lethal Knowledge (Black Panther of The Corporation)
137: Narrow Way (Mephisto)
138: The Opening: Chapter one (The Mad Bloke)
139: Philosophy 1O1 (Carl Thames)
140: The Space Corp (Micron)
141: Spontaneous Combustion and the Aryan Parade (Flaming Severed Head)
142: Surreal (Johann of Heartlund)
143: I've got that Thursday Feeling (The Llama)
144: Timehunter (Dean Hathaway)
145: Ultra Sorrow (Troll of Fine)
146: The Voice (Phantom)
147: Amegas (Slush of Delta 9)
148: G 'n' T part 2 (Vic E Babes)
149: Sad Gits eye Examination (Scope)
150: 12 Things not to tell your Kids (Boudeica)
151: Screwdriver Control Now (Donald Pottorff)
152: Graranteed Chat-up Lines (Corn)
153: The Craplist (XL)
154: Identification by Farts (XL)
155: Git Syndrome (Blory of Ecto)
156: Odds and Sods II (Micron)
157: How to Piss off a Teacher (Nazz)
158: How to Piss off your Girlfriend (Hitman of 32 Bit)
159: The Sextest (XL)
160: 1O1 things to do with Spam, Jelly or Vaseline (Access Denied)
161: More Steven Wright Quotes (LOC)
162: Stupid and Bent (Andy C)
163: That Toilet Emotion (Mushy Pea)
164: The Top 1O Chat-up Lines (Guybrush of Ultima)
165: The 1O Strangest list (Crest of Autonomy)
166: Some Heroic Failures (Lone Ranger)
167: It can't be True (Swish)
168: Oh Dear (Cryton of Apocalypse)
169: Oceanic Record Holders (Joker)
170: Science Facts (Clawfinger of Dimension X)
171: Stupid Quotes (Cornflake)
172: Tales of the Past (Maverick)
173: True Stories (Guybrush of Ultima)
174: Cock-ups by Famous People (The Moonlighter)
175: Excerpts from the Weekly News (Lucifer)
176: Weird Times (Klark of the Kent Team)
177: The Ancient Olympics (Trojan of Pancrea)
178: Speaking Geordie II (Violator of Apocalypse)
179: How to Speak Scottish (Ken D)
180: Instant Result IQ test III (Logic)
181: Posing Puzzlers (Swish)
182: Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Quiz (Kano Kult Klub)
183: Juggling - The Sport of Kings (Hex-Lax of Trauma)
184: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X (The Nameless One)
185: The Problem with Shelving (Bugg)
186: Radar Detectors - The Facts (Codex)
187: Gulf Lazer zips Motorway Maniacs (Codex)
188: Recommended Reading II (Kei)
189: Subtle Subversion: A meek users Guide to Anarchy (Mushy Pea)
190: Superquiz (Bald Eagle)
191: Be Telepathic for two minutes (Stu B)
192: Terry Pratchet Character Reports (Anon)
193: Travellers (Machiavelli)
194: A Guide to British Univercities (Richard)
195: Various Bits (P.A.K. OF Nebula)
196: Beyond the Walls of Time (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
197: Yin and Yang Explained (Hotwire or Synners)
198: The Wasteland (Machiavelli)
199: Paranoia: A personal Account (Uppy of Intuition)
200: Could you Direct me to the nearest Asylum? (Lils of Intuition)
201: Sky Hacking: The Continuing Story (XL)
202: Winding up a Clockwork Orange (Papa Legba)
203: Jurassic Park SFX in Motion (Inquisitor Warfalcon of Ultima)
204: All I want is a Decent Programme (Viper)
205: Paul Daniels: A Bastard? (The Bugg)
206: Pass me the Remote Control (Horror of Eclipse)
207: Lord Lazy's Top Telly II (Lord Lazy)
208: The Truth about Rainbow (Wraith)
209: HitchHikers guide to Star Trek: The Next Generation (David T. Lu)
210: Let's Speak Klingon (Cygnus)
211: Star Trek: The Syrup Adventure (Paul Bobbit)
212: Frontier: Pushing back Bounderies? (Soul)
213: Frontier Hints (Ryu Kami of Insight and Slave of Perspex)
214: Game Codes and hints (Cygnus)
215: Beast Lord Solution (Alice of Revenge)
216: Games for Girls (Anon)
217: Hired Guns Players Guide (Homer of Revenge)
218: No Shag 'em ups (Anon)
219: The Complete Pinball Fantasies Cheat list (Roncler Gang)
220: Space Hulk Players Guide (Homer of Alpha Flight)
221: Theatre of Death Hints and Solution (Cluster and Metal)
222: Goblins III Solution (MSW of Effect)
223: 21st Century Caffeine (Kane)
224: Humans - Brain Cells of the Earth? (Lucifer)
225: Is the Brain realy Necessary? (Alpha of the Dogs)
226: Cyclic Stupidities (Machiavelli)
227: DNA: The Human Program (Bizarro of Solo)
228: Do We ask for it? (Boudeica)
229: That Gets on my Tits (Cryton of Apocalypse)
230: Who wants to Live Forever? (Scathe)
231: The Mystery of Men (Boudeica)
232: Living in a Rip-off Society (Nonterraqueous)
233: The Simpsons: An example of American Culture (Papa Legba)
234: Smoking Murderers - A Reply (Marc of Iris)
235: How I'd Solve Crime (Danny)
236: Time Travel - The Future (Staples of Phetamines)
237: Time Travel - It's not possible (Kei)
238: Legalise Drugs (Oedipus of Nebula)
239: Is Assembler Going out of Date? (Oedipus of Nebula)
240: Basic Intuition programming in C - Parts 1 and 2 (Oedipus of Nebula)
241: Apache's Coding Tutorial part 3 - Copperlists (Apache64 of KKI)
242: Beginners C Tutorial - Part 4 (Oedipus of Nebula)
243: AREXX tutorial: Grapevine article Conversion (Halcyon)
244: Learn to Code! (Oedipus of Nebula)
245: More Romwack (Mercenary of Jurassic)
246: How to Pretend to be a Coder (Slush and Beladin of Delta 9)
247: How to Code a Shoot 'em up (Phagex of LSD)
248: Vector Coding Tutorial (Slave of Perspex)
249: They Realy have Gone and one it! (Guybrush of Ultima)
250: Will the Falcon Flop? (Taragon of NF)
251: The Future for Commodore and Computers (P.A.K. of Nebula)
252: Reply to "Sex With a Donkey" (Oedipus of Nebula)
253: Software - Does it Corrupt (Lieberstraum)
254: New Manga Video Reviews (Neuromancer of LSD)
255: Manga Comics (The Dead Kennedy)
256: Japanise Anime Jargon (The Dead Kennedy)
257: Manga Videos - Are they Ova-rated? (Freeman)
258: Manga - My View (Pazzazu of Bust)
259: Anime - My thoughts (Pazzazu)
260: Rave Report (Uppy of Intuition)
261: The Black Metal Inner Circle (The Dead Kennady)
262: Carter USM Gig report (Alex)
263: Depache Mode: Devotional Tour report (Neuromancer of LSD)
264: Eskimos and Egypt Gig Report (Neuromancer of LSD)
265: Front 242: Angels versus Animals review (Kaauld of Mondo X)
266: The Good Old Days (Moxil89 of Visage)
267: Iron Maiden, Raising Hell - The Truth (Xyborg of Infinate Logic)
268: Music 4 the Masses (Neuromancer of LSD)
269: Metallica: Nowhere Else to Roam (Neuromancer of LSD)
270: Phunky Phat Phlavour (Tummo of Dual Format)
271: Record Censorship (The Dead Kennedy)
272: This is Talking Heads (Papa Legba)
273: Tunafish (Jon Homer)
274: British Telecom reduces Prices (Caroline)
275: Cheers Ikari (Cryton of Apocalypse)
276: Cyberpunk Explained (Cygnus)
277: Cyberpunk Dead? (No Fucking way! Kaauld)
278: V34 high Speed Modem news (A Cygnus Production)
279: Are You a Pervert? (Dazl)
280: Are you Friendly? (Zok of Phetamines)
281: Swappers Excuses (Ken D of LSD)
282: Things to avoid saying when Drunk (Tummo)
283: Alone (Magman)
284: Americana (Papa Legba)
285: Council's (Magman)
286: Disease (Mephisto)
287: Faith Healer (Johann)
288: Father In Red (Van Damme of LSD)
289: The Fool (Magman)
290: Girl of my Dreams (Magman)
291: Grace (Johann)
292: Help (Bet. Karta)
293: Her (Noodles)
294: I Hate the BBC (Noodles)
295: Indian Lover (Johann)
296: Oblivion (Mephisto)
297: Oblivion II (Mephisto)
298: Pause for Thought (Magman)
299: Raining Tears (Van Damme of LSD)
300: Requiem (Mephisto)
301: Sand Timer (Mephisto)
302: Sniff (Bald Eagle)
303: Some Poems (Access Denied)
304: Time to Go (Magman)
305: Oh Woe is Me (Blooddrinker of Demonic Urges)
306: Christmas Time (Ken D of LSD)
307: Rape, Pillage, Murder and Father Xmas (Anon)
308: How to Kill Santa Claus (Outland of Neon Knights)
309: A Nativity Play (McBastard of Solo)
310: Santa Claus - The True Story (The Zone of Nerve Axis)
311: Phillips Surprise (D.W. Livingstone)
312: Christmas Tree Cruelty (St.M of Eclipse)
313: Text Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
314: Advert editor Adverts (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
315: Rave Vinyl for Sale (Advert)
316: Iff Adverts Part 1 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
317: Iff Adverts Part 2 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
318: Iff Adverts Part 3 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
319: Iff Adverts Part 4 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
320: Iff Adverts Part 5 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
321: Iff Adverts Part 6 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)

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