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Contents of Grapevine Issue #19
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Released: 12 April 1994.

000: Index (Index)
001: Help (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Pazza of LSD)
003: How to Contribute to Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
004: How to Draw Grapevine Clipart (Pazza of LSD)
005: How to Advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
006: Important! (Pazza of LSD)
007: A Message to PD libraries (Pazza of LSD)
008: Contact the Grapevine Team (Pazza of LSD)
009: The Grapevine Diskback Service: UK (Pazza of LSD)
010: The Grapevine Diskback Service: Rest of the World (Pazza of LSD)
011: Grapevine Awards Update (Ken D. of LSD)
012: Pazza has Moved - New LSD/Grapevine contact Address (Pazza of LSD)
013: Grapevine Corner (Cryton of Apocalypse)
014: Scene News (Cryton of Apocalypse)
015: Who's doing What (Cryton of Apocalypse)
016: BBS News (Cryton of Apocalypse)
017: Non-Scene News (Cryton of Apocalypse)
018: Real Scene News (Anon)
019: FAST Infiltrate the Scene (An employee of FAST probably!)
020: Official Sanity News (Chaos of Sanity)
021: The IRC Co-op demo (Tibo and Shocker)
022: Some things went Wrong (Radavi of Effect)
023: Rumours from the Amiga Side (Richard Johnson)
024: Commodore news (Cygnus)
025: CeBit '94 Commodore News (R-tech of Digital Projects)
026: Update on Commodore (Anon)
027: The Death of Commodore (Fatty of the Kent Team)
028: Commodore Australia for Sale (Cygnus)
029: The Business Software Allience (B.S.A.)
030: Computer Game censorship (Console News)
031: Rogues Gallery returns! (Edited by Oedipus of LSD)
032: LSD - Too Good for Vowels (Pazza of LSD)
033: About Eltech (Mic Flair of Eltech)
034: About Cybertek (Fireball of Cybertek)
035: Cyber Dreams - A new Beginning for the scene (Mythos of Cyber Dreams)
036: Join Behind Bars (Criminalis of Behind Bars)
037: Perceprion Report (Mercanery of Perception)
038: Scandal are Born (Silver of Scandal)
039: Challenge Logic - Getting the Facts Right (Challenge Logic)
040: The competition at Cebit '94 in Germany (Vision)
041: Statement from Kimble (Kimble)
042: Why I'm not Releasing my Phone number (Pazza of LSD)
043: Nuke is Dead - Virus Killer Programmers read this! (Shagratt of LSD)
044: Life in the Norway Scene (Joe Svendsen)
045: Scening in Australia (Zex of Sect)
046: Why I left Nebula (Oedipus of LSD)
047: Splatt! quits the Scene for Good (Splatt ex-Fairlight)
048: The 1993 release charts (The Editor)
049: A Cow ate my Disks (Rag)
050: Cryptoburners - Brainstate-in-a-box (Cryptoburners)
051: Diety: The Soap Opera (Angel Gabriel of Diety)
052: Why do the Media do it? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
053: BBS Warning as Another is Busted (Anon)
054: Pirate Software Seized at raid on Home (Cygnus)
055: Another BBS Hit by Anti-Piracy Squad (Cygnus)
056: Ahoy Jolly Roger (Violator of Apocalypse)
057: Scaremongering in The Mail on Sunday (Protocol)
058: Disk Thieves (Saurian of Maniacs)
059: Disk Thief Lists - No thanx! (Alex)
060: Everyone Does It - Not! (Anon)
061: Don't list Disk Thieves (Cryton of Apocalypse)
062: Are Swappers Lame? (Sasha Yevtushenko)
063: Swapping (Kei of Cyber Dreams)
064: How a Groups Reputation effects its Swappers II (Axe of Eclipx)
065: The Secret life of a Mailtrader (Boadicea)
066: Fairlight - Full of Shit (Sasha Yevtushenko)
067: Cryton Hits Back (Cryton of Apocalypse)
068: Sleepwalker (Axe)
069: Reply to Piracy (Abysm of Futura)
070: Piracy is Killing the Machine (Neon of Perception)
071: Piracy Killing the Machine: A Reply (Mercanery of Perception)
072: Reply to Watchers (Benson of Panacea)
073: Beginners and Lamers - The Differance (Marbles)
074: Get on the Scene II (Axe)
075: Get serious (Anon)
076: Lame Groups (Sleepy of Money Inc.)
077: Practice What You Preach (Lord Lazy)
078: Sampling: Stealing or Expanding Creativity? (Neuromancer of LSD)
079: Why not Scan? (Abysm of Futura)
080: Scene Prejudice (Abysm of Futura)
081: Something about Copying makes me Pissed (Shayera of Transonic)
082: Being Pro or Anti-Bust on the Scene (Anon)
083: 1O Things Wrong with Grapevine (Angel Gabriel of Diety)
084: Grapevine: The Future? (Lord Lazy)
085: Can Grapevine Really be classed as a Scenemag II? (Axe)
086: Who cares if Grapevine is a Scene Magazine (Cryton of Apocalypse)
087: Who wants a Scene magazine? (Papa Legba)
088: Party III Report (Vicious of Skid Row)
089: Party III Results (Zark of Triangle)
090: The Gathering '93 Party Disaster (Prof Do Right of Classic)
091: The Gathering '93 Results (The Organisers)
092: Pearl Party '94 Results (Pearl)
093: Somewhere in Holland II (Dope of Spaceballs)
094: The South Sealand Demo Party (Mazzachre of Focus Design)
095: Assembley '94 Invitation (The Organisers)
096: CLI Arguments (Bigmama of Focus Design)
097: The Rise and Fall of Amiga Computer Inc. (Gary Oberbrunner)
098: Death by Parnet (Hex Lax of Trauma)
099: The International Group of Amiga Users (Darnell Smith)
100: Lesser Known Amiga Models (Jason Compton)
101: The Complete CD32 Games list (Anon)
102: Commodore Cock it up Again (Dodger)
103: Eurica delivers low cost CD32 expansion interface (Cygnus)
104: The Panasonic 3DO (Cygnus)
105: The Smega actual Reality Console (Neuromancer of LSD)
106: Make USA imported Jaguars RGB Scarted (Craig of Crystal)
107: The Jaguar - How Developers have no Trust in it (Craig of Crystal)
108: Cybermorph by the book (Chuck Klimushyn)
109: The Lynx 1993 awards (Robert Jung)
110: Monty Pythons Flying Combat (Robert Stetler)
111: The PC Engine: The console NEC forgot (Andy)
112: The Atari 26OO Hall of Fame (Jessie Schell)
113: Saturn and 3DO news (2-Tuff of Crystal)
114: SNES Cheats I (Fatty of the Kent Team)
115: SNES Cheats II (Danny)
116: Sunset Riders players Guide (Danny)
117: Sunset Riders Review (Danny)
118: Super Street Fighter II Moves (Merc)
119: Super Mario Kart Guide Part II (Danny)
120: Fatal Fury II Guide (Merc)
121: Fatal Fury II Championship Edition Guide (Shadow of Hysteria)
122: The SNES FX2 Chip (Danny)
123: What was all the Fuss About? (Lieberstraum)
124: Hints for Super Metroid (Rad! of LSD)
125: NHLPA Hockey '93 Players Guide (Danny)
126: Nintendo have gone too far (Danny)
127: Tournament Fighters Guide (Merc)
128: Console Cheats (Larder of the Kent Team)
129: The Story behind the Recall of Sega's Night Trap (Cygnus)
130: Sega CD Cheats (Cygnus)
131: Sega News (Cyanide)
132: Sega NTSC/PAL and Language Switch (Anon)
133: 15 uses for a 3.5" Disk (Nazz)
134: All Computers ever think of is Hex (Eutronix)
135: Charles Babbage (Caroline)
136: RSI - A Pain in the Arm (Ragman)
137: Weird Words from Crazy Computers (The Main Man)
138: Strange but True uses for Computers (Lucifer)
139: S.H.I. - The Computers Greenpeace (Erik Sorensen)
140: SHI News January 1994 (Erik Soerensen)
141: Virus Alert (Cygnus)
142: Remove the Gremlins Virus from your HD (Metal Force of Anthrox)
143: Is the AAA Chipset Already Obsolite? (Eric Caley)
144: So you want to buy an IBM? (Anon)
145: CBM's eternal Snobbery (Phil!94)
146: How Commodore could save the Amiga (Alex)
147: Reply to Blitz Vs Amiga E (Recoil of Eutronix)
148: Where is the Support (Domain)
149: Tight Gits (Axe)
150: A reply to "Hard Bastard: A Reply" (Noodles)
151: What would happen of God had to do it all again? (Cygnus)
152: More Jehova Witness Facts (Cygnus)
153: Religion (Acid Warlock of Purple Hell)
154: Renouncement of God (Graf M.L.P.)
155: Amiga Cheats (Cygnus)
156: Blade of Destiny Super-characters (INQ)
157: Bomb-X Codes (Anon)
158: Dimos Quest level Codes (Fatty)
159: Frontier Hints (Optimiser)
160: Innocent until Caught Solution (Javahead)
161: Liberation AGA cheat (Tas of Medellin)
162: Zool 1 Solution (Paul and Ben)
163: Yo! Joe hints and Solution (Paul Luby)
164: Simon the Sourceror Solution (Anon)
165: Star Trek 25th Anniversary Solution (Anon)
166: Beneath a Steel Sky Solution (Fourtyoz Hitec Red and Oliver)
167: Apache's Coding Tutorial part 4 (Apache64 of Nebula)
168: CIA coding Tutorial (Delusion of Metanoia)
169: Upwards Compatibility in Games and Demos (Apache64)
170: AMOS? (Kei of Cyberdreams)
171: Assembler Basics (Nick)
172: Programming (Kei)
173: Coding Poem (Kei)
174: Wolfenstein style 3D Techniques for the Amiga (Neuromancer)
175: How to Create better games with SEUCK (Fez)
176: British Telecom Area Code Changes (Cryton of Apocalypse)
177: British Telecom Abolish Peak Rate (Cryton of Apocalypse)
178: Caller ID Summary (Raven of Warp the Ultimate)
179: ISDN in Communications (Lord Lazy)
180: Protect your Ami-Express BBS from being Hacked (2-Cool of LSD)
181: Internet Passwords Cracked (Captain Bli)
182: How ZK 2OO8 Combat 18 etc. are "Hacking" BBS's (2-Cool of LSD)
183: Will the Modem Scene die? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
184: Going Modem (Ken D. of LSD)
185: The Modem Scene (Skywalker)
186: US Robotics present four new Modems (Cygnus)
187: Cookbook for High-Speed Modem users (The Captain)
188: Make your A3OOO(t) run at 28mhz (Cygnus)
189: DIY guide to A5OO repair and Modification (Lewin Edwards)
190: AAA Chipset Overview (Death Angel of Illusion)
191: First reports of the A5OOO (Cygnus)
192: Install internal Ram on your A5OO (Gizmo of Troy)
193: Peripheral Component Interconnect (Steven Gill)
194: How to Build a Telephone Scrambler (Bloodwing)
195: A DIY guide to PC Repair (Lewin Edwards)
196: Electronics made Pointless (Phil!94)
197: Hi-Fi Hack (Steven Gill)
198: The "Official" announcement of an Alien Presence (Dave Alexander)
199: Anti Abduction Technology (Cygnus)
200: Dreamland man Speaks (Bill Cooper)
201: If Aliens where to Land on Earth (Cygnus)
202: What to do if you're Abducted by a UFO (Cygnus)
203: Official UFO Documents (Lee)
204: Shortage of UFO Sightings (Cygnus)
205: The Secret Government Part 1 (Bill Cooper)
206: The Secret Government Part 2 (Bill Cooper)
207: Imminent Missions to Mars (Lucifer)
208: Monuments on Mars (Richard Hoagland)
209: Truth About Mars (Cygnus)
210: The Art of Evocation (Lucifer)
211: Chaos Magick (Lucifer)
212: The Necronomican Explained (Apache Cowboy)
213: The Occult Reich Revisited (Lucifer)
214: Reflections from the Past (Cygnus)
215: My Haunted House part II (Raider of Maniacs)
216: Ouija Boards (Cobra of Maniacs)
217: Ouiji Hotspot (Astro of Calypso)
218: In 1994 the Enlightened will Leave the Planet (Cygnus)
219: Hypnosis (Crow of LOC)
220: Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology (Hatcher Childress)
221: The Phoenix Egg (Lucifer)
222: Weird News part IV (Klark of the Kent Team)
223: Weird ways to commit Suicide (Trojan of Panacea)
224: Fossil preoves Whales once Walked! (Cygnus)
225: Spy Ship: Fact not Fiction (Ragman)
226: Immortality (Kei of Cyber Dreams)
227: How JFK Saved the World Reply (Crazy)
228: UFO's: A Reply to Cryton (Axl of Exodus)
229: Who wants to Live Forever: A reply (Cage of Perception)
230: Reply to Time Travel isn't Possible (Pak of Nebula)
231: Time: Does it Exist? (Lucifer)
232: Reply to UFO's are Bollocks (Pak of Nebula)
233: Who is Bill Cooper? (Bill Cooper)
234: My Views on the Paranormal (Tat 2)
235: Don't Fuck with a Ouija Board (Gollum)
236: A State of Anarchy: Part 1 (Hotwire)
237: The Flight of Aragon II (Saurian of Maniacs)
238: The Bastard Operator from Hell (Cygnus)
239: Bedtime Story (Cygnus 23)
240: Diary of an Assassin (Druid of SAS Crew)
241: Lab 21.B (Anon)
242: Master Key (Frantic of Abuse)
243: The Thirteen Valleys (Mythos of Cyber Dreams)
244: Trefusis goes North (Apache 64 of KKI)
245: Wrath (Angel Gabriel of Diety)
246: Stellar Conflict (Druid of SAS Crew)
247: Canabis and Alcohol (Crazy)
248: How Cannabis may heal the Body (James)
249: Tobacco and Cannabis are good for you? (Lucifer)
250: Drugs - What every Lifeform should know (Hex Lax)
251: How Extasy Blows your Mind (Susan Katz Miller)
252: Reply to Legalize Drugs I (Pak of Nebula)
253: Reply to Legalise Drugs II (Danny)
254: Are You A Good Lover? (Recoil of Eutronix)
255: Are You A Lamer? (Nazz)
256: Are You Gay? (C and Nazz)
257: How Not to Pull a Woman (Nazz)
258: Are you a Total Sad Bastard? (Apache 64 of KKI)
259: G 'n' T part III (Vic E Babes)
260: Seven Hassles of being a Man (Angel Gabriel of Penile Warts)
261: Things that make you say "Bollocks" (Nazz)
262: Contraceptives (Anon)
263: Things that get my Goat (Alex)
264: Late Night with David Letterman - 1OO lists (Cygnus)
265: Early Retirement (Anon)
266: Hangover? (Ken D. of LSD)
267: I don't like Norwich City very much (Danny)
268: How do you make an Irishman laugh? (Tarragon of NFA)
269: Jokes (Lynchy)
270: My Dog - A life (Ragman)
271: The Muppet Show: TNG (Scott Marusac)
272: Party Hints (Eutronix)
273: How to be Politically Incorrect (Crow of LOC)
274: Things that annoy me (Cryton of Apocalypse)
275: Questions withourt Answers (The Main Man)
276: Stupid Lists (Zoot and Stone of LOC)
277: Anime video reviews I (Neuromancer of LSD)
278: Anime video Reviews II (Neuromancer of LSD)
279: Anime Roundup (Andy)
280: Crying Freeman review (Neuromancer of LSD)
281: Anime Audio Reviews (3x3)
282: Anime Book Reviews (Alpha)
283: Anime Model Kit reviews (Alpha)
284: Macross - Do they Remember love? Synopsis (3x3)
285: BAOH: The Bioweapon Movie Synopsis (Amos)
286: Bubble Gum Crisis Collection (Alpha)
287: The Dirty Pair TV and Movies (3x3)
288: Macross Collection (3x3)
289: Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Synopsis (3x3)
290: The Orange Road Collection (3x3)
291: Roujin Z Synopsis (3x3)
292: Ban Manga (Hampo of Eltech)
293: Kiseki Vs Manga (Anon)
294: The Beavis and Butthead War (Mik Flair of Eltech)
295: Music 4 the Masses I (Neuromancer of LSD)
296: Music 4 the Masses II (Neuromancer of LSD)
297: Metallica Live (Neuromancer of LSD)
298: Ambient Music Reviews (Embyron Spire)
299: Lawnmower Death: Billy Review (Hampo of Eltech)
300: Depeche Mode - Devotional tour Report (Neuromancer of LSD)
301: Dr.Awesome's Montage Review (Cryton of Apocalypse)
302: Club Scene (Uppy of Intuition)
303: Sepultura Live (The Dead Kennedy)
304: Music - What's in it? (Hotwire)
305: Angel Gabriels All-Time Brit Awards (Angel Gabriel of Diety)
306: How to listen to Music Backwards (Dr. Bushwacker)
307: Making Money from the Grave (Boatman of Maniacs)
308: Behind the Sex Pistols Lyrics (The Dead Kennedy)
309: Argolands Mystical Trinkets (Dodger)
310: D&D vs AD&D - oh really? (Lord Lazy)
311: Doomed Priest (Sable)
312: Humourist class Magic items (Sable)
313: The Church of the Subgenius in Gurps (Non-Rev. Webb)
314: The Government Warehouse list (James Dibenedetto)
315: Legend of the Holy Rose Scenario (Dalamar)
316: Dream Park: A new Genre of Gaming (Dalamar)
317: The Fantasy Football Craze (Oedipus of LSD)
318: Wrestling Knowledge Champs (Lord Lazy)
319: Space Hulk: The Boardgame (Anon)
320: Boudicea: A Reply (Kei of Cyberdreams)
321: Capital Punishment - Don't bring it Back (Alex)
322: Homosexual age of Consent drops to 18 (Oedipus of LSD)
323: Does Gay Matter? (Dalamar)
324: Get yourself a Gun (Lucifer)
325: How do they Know? (Danny)
326: Reply to How I'd Solve crime (Sable)
327: Post Christmas Blues (Boadicea)
328: Rape reply (Angel Gabriel of Deity)
329: Reply to Do we ask for it? (Danny)
330: Travellers or Human beings? (Graf of M.L.P.)
331: Vegetarians (Sable)
332: Warrior (Nite Hawk)
333: White may be a Myth (Anon)
334: Stop this Madness (Danny)
335: The Suppression of Knowledge (Lucifer)
336: Satellite Hacking News (XL)
337: Satellite News (C)
338: Sci-Fi on TV (Neuromancer of LSD)
339: Orange Squashed (Papa Legba)
340: The Complete Astra List (C)
341: Dr.Who: The Missing episodes (Hex Lax)
342: Red Dwarf Profiles (Hampo of Semprini)
343: I Choose Satellite (C)
344: Reply to Top Telly (Danny)
345: Patrick McGoohan: The Prisoner (Freeman of Perception)
346: Fast Food Television (Papa Legba)
347: The Empire magazine Movie Quiz (Papa Legba)
348: Where we ready for Freddy? (Papa Legba)
349: Steven Seagal: What a Prick (Cryton of Apocalypse)
350: Independant Film-making (Papa Legba)
351: Movie Quiz (Papa Legba)
352: My Bleeding Heart (Hotwire of Synners)
353: Clarence Seward Darrow (Mo of St.Halo)
354: Cuts in Dolls (Van Damme ex-LSD)
355: D-Man - The Poem (Anon)
356: Dedicated to Maddy (Mo of St.Halo)
357: Define my Life (Hotwire)
358: Dreams of the Past (Kei of Cyber Dreams)
359: Enough Rope (Hotwire)
360: Find the Chord (Hotwire)
361: Bionic Fred (Eutronix)
362: Bionic Fred II (Eutronix)
363: Heavy Heart (Hotwire)
364: The Latin Teacher (Oedipus of LSD)
365: Mediation (Hotwire)
366: Too Prolific (Papa Legba)
367: The Final Solace (Hotwire)
368: The One (Kei of Cyber Dreams)
369: Untitled (Anon)
370: Who knows Why? (Mo of St.Halo)
371: Yesterday (Ragman)
372: Stare into the Sun (Hotwire)
373: A Subtle Case for Discrimination? (Ragman)
374: Advert Editor adverts (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
375: IFF adverts Part 1 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
376: IFF adverts Part 2 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
377: IFF adverts Part 3 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
378: IFF adverts Part 4 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
379: IFF adverts Part 5 (Edited by Pazza and Shagratt of LSD)
380: Musicians Wanted (Maelstrom Recordings)

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