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Contents of Grapevine Issue #20
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Released: 11 October 1994.

000: Index (Index)
001: Editorial (Pazza and Maximan of LSD)
002: Help! (Shagratt of LSD)
003: Grapevine Diskback Service: UK residents (Pazza of LSD)
004: Grapevine Diskback Service: Worldwide (Pazza of LSD)
005: How to Contact the Grapevine Team (Pazza of LSD)
006: How to Draw Grapevine Clipart (Pazza of LSD)
007: How to Advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
008: Important! (Pazza of LSD)
009: A Message to PD libraries (Pazza of LSD)
010: Grapevine Corner (Cryton of Apocalypse)
011: Scene News (Edited By Cryton of Apocalypse)
012: BBS News (Edited By Cryton of Apocalypse)
013: Who's Doing What? (Edited By Cryton of Apocalypse)
014: Miscellaneous News (Edited By Cryton of Apocalypse)
015: LSD - Too good for Vowels (Pazza, Fish and Rad! of LSD)
016: About Anathema (Micheal of Anathema)
017: ESP - Just Another new group is Born (Andromeda of ESP)
018: Absolute PC section are here! (GK of Razor)
019: The LOC, a Small but Prefectly Formed Group (Stone of LOC)
020: Behind Bars group Report (Criminalis of Behind Bars)
021: Eltech Report (Mic Flair of Elech)
022: Grasshopper Developments are Born (Kaneda of GHD)
023: About Perception (Mercenary of Perception)
024: Hotline are Back! (Hotline)
025: Nerve Axis '94 Update (Zone of Nerve Axis)
026: The KKI is Dead! (Apache 64 of KKI)
027: The Life and Times of HCCS (Doobs of the HCCS)
028: Southern Eclipse are Born (Buffalo Eula of Southern Eclipse)
029: 976 Evil (976-Evil)
030: The True Story Behind the Crack Factory (Crack Factory)
031: The Bust (Deck the Ripper of NFA)
032: Future Shock II, the first CD by Sidewinder (Sidewinder)
033: Grapevine Advert Editor Adverts (Edited by Pazza of LSD)
034: Cracking Charts - Don't encourage them (Redeye)
035: Learn how to Code (Chucky of Virtual)
036: About Sampling (Dose of Trance inc.)
037: Keep Piracy Within the Scene (Cryton of Apoclaypse)
038: Amiga Nationalism (Databeast)
039: Why do Software Companies Bother? (Oedipus of LSD)
040: What now for the Modem Scene? (Cryton of Apocalypse)
041: How Long will the Scene Survive? (Gop of Paralax)
042: The Non-Scene BBS Arguement (Buffalo Eula of Southern Eclipse)
043: The "Why not Scan" Arguements (Mic Flair of Eltech)
044: Why is the Scene so Hostile? (Alice Cooper)
045: Weird Demos (Oedipus of LSD)
046: Watchers - Where Does it Stop (Guybrush of Ultima)
047: Reply to Alchemist (Hotwire of Origin)
048: Opinions on BBC2's The Net (DataBeast)
049: The Hoisting of the Jolly Roger (DataBeast)
050: Exit the Executioner (Red 5 of Rebel Alliance)
051: Fast get Screwed by the Law (Cruise of LSD)
052: Pirate Sysop Prosecuted (Cygnus)
053: Software Pirates get a Bloody Nose (Zygote)
054: The LSD Coven 1995! (Oedipus of LSD)
055: Assembly 94 results (Steel Rat)
056: Assembly 1994 - The True Story (Gorg of Duplo)
057: South Sealand Party '94 Results (Focus Design)
058: The Gathering 1994 - The Truth (Dr.Outtasight of The Crusaders)
059: The Low Density Party - The Biggest Flop Ever (Flynn of Outlaws)
060: Saturne II Party Results (Movement)
061: Somewhere in Holland II cancelled (TCD of Legend)
062: Article Subjects (Pazza of LSD)
063: Is Grapevine a Scene Mag? (Hampo of Eltech)
064: The Truth about Borre's GV19 HD install (Pazza and Fish)
065: Grapevine in the Outside World (DataBeast)
066: Teach us to Write (Wintermute)
067: Assembler Basics: Part 2 (Nick)
068: Ray/Triangle Intersection (Jeff Arenberg)
069: Apache's Coding Tutorial V (Apache 64)
070: Copper Chunky Enhanced (Skull of Virtual Dreams)
071: Random Number generators and their uses in Encryption (Dave Edwards)
072: Basics of Public Key Encryprion (Fatty of the Kent Team)
073: Reply to Recoil (Oedipus of LSD)
074: Two Dimensional Image Transformations (E.H.Blake)
075: When Will it Stop? (Oedipus of LSD)
076: The PC/Amiga War (Laz of 2OOOAD)
077: How long has the Amiga got? (Trencher)
078: What I'd do to Keep the Amiga alive (Mic Flair of Eltech)
079: Commodore Europe sold to Nesquick! (Coma of Focus Design)
080: Commodore buys Commodore (Mr.P)
081: Commodore - The Future (Anon)
082: Amiga Guru book Review (Dan)
083: The A12OO CD Rom (Vex of Ultima)
084: Floppy diskport based Network (Douglas Nakakihara)
085: The Eleni Virus Exposed (Pazza of LSD)
086: Fifty Quid Amigas (Mic Flair of Eltech)
087: The Motorola 68O6O is Coming! (Cygnus)
088: Amiga to VGA Multisync Monitor (Cygnus)
089: Got a CD32? Read this! (Leonardo of Nerve Axis)
090: Upcomming Amiga releases for '94/'95 (HVC)
091: Amiga Cheats (Cygnus)
092: Action Replay Cheats (Leonardo of Nerve Axis)
093: Blazemonger is Here! (Caroline)
094: Cannon Fodder Hints (Tra and Rodders)
095: ClockWiser Codes (Sandman)
096: Slide It 2 Level Codes (Delight)
097: The Final Frontier (Anon)
098: Hidden Parts in Frontier (DataBeast)
099: Frontier Mission Tips (DataBeast)
100: Frontier Hints (Tra and Rodders)
101: Heroquest II Action Replay Cheats (Zone of Nerve Axis)
102: Impossible Mission 2O25 Level Codes (LTD of Backlash)
103: Kings Quest 6 Help (Sierra)
104: Lemmings AGA Level Codes (Manta of Nut and Bolt)
105: Brian the Lion Map and Hints (Tough of Pulse)
106: The Secrets of Deluxe Galaga (Marshal Law of CPM)
107: Valhalla: Lord of Infinity Preview Solution (Protocol)
108: The Settlers hints (Jesus)
109: Stardust Hints (Jesus)
110: Universe Solution (Mok and Bob)
111: The CD32 Titles List (Fidonet)
112: CD32 Cheats (Klark of the Kent Team)
113: An Account of an Abduction Experience (Clark Hathaway)
114: NASA in contact with Aliens (Don Allen)
115: Release of the Bill Cooper Material (Cygnus)
116: Black Technology (Jim Graham)
117: UFO Crash in New Mexico (Lee)
118: The Final Fate of Flight 19 (Anon)
119: Mysterious Objects in Gainsborough Night Sky! (Caroline)
120: Is there Life on Mars? (Scarface of TGB)
121: Statement (John Lear)
122: NASA: The Missions - The UFO's (Harvey Stewart)
123: Call of Cthulhu: 192O's Medicines (Matt Grossman)
124: Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express (Liam Routt)
125: Call of Cthulhu: Investigators (Liam Routt)
126: Call of Cthulhu: Lore skill (Sandy)
127: Call of Cthulhu: PC Casualties (Jason)
128: Biblography of Cthulhu Mythos Tales: Part 1 (Chris Jarocha)
129: Biblography of Cthulhu Mythos Tales: Part 2 (Chris Jarocha)
130: Using Clive Barkers Cenobites in RPG's (Crazy ST)
131: Daedalos: A New clan for Vampire RPG (Tim Toner)
132: Discordians: A New clan for Vampire RPG (Marzhavasati Kali)
133: Lothorians: A New Bloodline for Vampire RPG (Jack Dracula)
134: Playing Vampires in Rice's Chronicles (Anon)
135: Gurps Horror: The Isle of Night (Scott Maycrantz)
136: Gurps Horror: NightCat (John Nowack)
137: Magic Item Addiction (Doobs of HCCS)
138: New Monsters for Ars Majika (Kripton)
139: Star Trek meets AD&D: Part 1 (Reid Bluebaugh)
140: Star Trek meets AD&D: Part 2 (Reid Bluebaugh)
141: Timelords as a Character class in AD&D (Frank Lazar)
142: The Fairer Sex in RPG's (Eileen Anderson)
143: Auschwitz Gas Chamber was a Fraud! (Stigmata of Paraquat)
144: Butchered (Doctor Butcher)
145: Papa Legba's Nuclear Cinema (Papa Legba)
146: Star Wars 4: The Movie Preview (Cygnus)
147: Star Trek: TNG - The Movie: Full story (Pazza of LSD)
148: Reservoir Dogs: A Detailed Analysys (Papa Legba)
149: Reservoir Dogs Review (Mr.Orange of Eltech)
150: A Glossery of Movie Terms (Cygnus)
151: Should Video Nasties Be Banned? (Oedipus of LSD)
152: Altering the English language (DOA)
153: Berlin - An Ultimately Nice place to Live (Kaptin Kirk)
154: The Bluffers Guide (Jim Cheatham)
155: Checkmate: Part 1 (Vic E Babes)
156: Would you Get that Job? (Leonardo of Nerve Axis)
157: This Diary of Gilbert Shinn (Zone of Nerve Axis)
158: How to have a Party (Daniel Bowen)
159: English to German Motering Terms (Cygnus)
160: Life is a Bitch (Spacehopper of CYM)
161: The Main Answers Man (Vex of Ultima)
162: Put on Weight, See the World! (Alex)
163: Alchemy is Alive and Well (Hans Nitzel)
164: Amid the Pyramids (Fatty of the Kent Team)
165: A Chronology of Secret Societies (Apache Cowboy)
166: The Fireball of 1972 (Don Allen)
167: Ancient City found Irradiated by Atomic Blast (Alpha of the Dogs)
168: Destroy the Moon and Control the Weather (Fatty of the Kent Team)
169: How to Debunk just about Anything (Apache Cowboy)
170: How to Crash the Freemasons (Klark of the Kent Team)
171: Excavation may Revel Noah's Ark (Andrew Turner)
172: Noahs Ark Found (Ronald Barker)
173: The Ouija Board Experience (Zebedee of Cybertek)
174: Out of Body Experience (Zebedee of Cybertek)
175: Foibles and Fallacies of Science (Ronald Barker)
176: Pyramid Power and other Effects (Jeff Johnson)
177: Time Dialation Effects (Norman Wootan)
178: Time and Time Travel (Marc Carlson)
179: Do we have a Double Sun? (Henry Rasmunsen)
180: Stranger than Fiction (Cygnus)
181: Own your Own UFO! (Advertisment)
182: Album Reviews (Hotwire of Phetamines)
183: Record Reviews (Sonic of Cyberdreams)
184: Clawfinger - Deaf, Dumb and Blind Review (Hampo of Eltech)
185: Nine Inch Nails - On the Downward Spiral? (Mr.Orange of Eltech)
186: The Complete Metallica Discography (Scarface of TGB)
187: Dave Lee Roth Live (Spacehead)
188: Tori Amos Live (Hampo of Eltech)
189: Milk it! (Jinx)
190: Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note (Cygnus)
191: Kurt Cobains final Suicide Note, Honest! (Cygnus)
192: Kurt Cobain RIP! (Databeast)
193: Tastless Kurt Cobain Jokes (Cygnus)
194: Big Brother Spies on Whom? (Klark of the Kent Team)
195: The Plight of the Canadian Natives (Frosty Deere)
196: Has Censorship gone too Far? (Dune of Fear)
197: Reply to "How to Cure Crime" (Decker)
198: In Response to a Beast of Data (Cryton of Apocalypse)
199: The Free Speech Myth (DataBeast)
200: Social Futures (DataBeast)
201: Reply to "Does Gay Matter" (Wintermute)
202: Reply to "Get yourself a Gun" (Wintermute)
203: I want a Tattoo! (DataBeast)
204: Very Insulting adverts (Zone of Nerve Axis)
205: MIT - Mostly Nerds (Daniel Robert Risacher)
206: What is Morality (Oedipus of LSD)
207: The Homosexual Age of Consent (DataBeast)
208: Drugs - Why Break the Law? (Oedipus of LSD)
209: "Ism's" and Political Correctness (Oedipus of LSD)
210: In Response to a Butler (DataBeast)
211: Misconceptions about our Youth Culture (Anon)
212: The Black Rider (DataBeast)
213: Central Banking - A License to Steal? (Clark Matthews)
214: Time, and Dealing with the Lack of it (Vincent Joseph Shuta)
215: Tories Force Christianity on Youth (Oedipus of LSD)
216: Art - What is it? (David Dickens)
217: Immortality Sucks (DataBeast)
218: The Media's Attitude Towards Drugs (Abysm of Origin)
219: Reply to Homosexuals (Trencher)
220: Tattoos - Another point of View (Trencher)
221: Exams (Oedipus of LSD)
222: Solipsism (DataBeast)
223: I'm Going (Hotwire of Origin)
224: Sky Raped in Ireland! (Jay of Humaine and Vanity)
225: The PC Videocrypt Emulator (Pazza of LSD)
226: David Letterman: More Top 1O Lists (Cygnus)
227: The Man who is Always Right (Souron of the FBI)
228: Ren and Stimpy Episode Guide (Norman Sippel and Nick Sayer)
229: Star Trek: Voyager - TV series Preview (Pazza of LSD)
230: Star Trek: TNG - Season 7 Episode Guide (Klark of the Kent Team)
231: Remembering 199O! (Caroline)
232: Safe Hex International (Erik Loevendahl Soerensen)
233: Artifice - The First Artificial Games Creator (Protocol)
234: More Computing Lists (Caroline)
235: Animal Rights Assholes (Sleepy of Money Inc.)
236: A Reformed Vegetarian (Pazza of LSD)
237: Reply to "Vegetarians" by Sable (Hotwire of Phetamines)
238: Reply to Sable (Christian)
239: Sable - for the Defence (Sable)
240: Vegetarianism? (DataBeast)
241: Reply to "Vegaterians F*ck off" (Danny)
242: "Vegetarians" - A Reply (Tummo of Dual Format)

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