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Contents of Grapevine Issue #21
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Released: 23 April 1995.

000: Index (Index)
001: Help (Shagratt of LSD)
002: Editorial (Oedipus & Maximan of LSD)
003: PD Libraries Read This! (Maximan of LSD)
004: How To Contact The GV Team (Oedipus of LSD)
005: Grapevine UK Diskback Service (Pazza of LSD)
006: How To Draw Grapevine Clipart (Pazza of LSD)
007: How To Advertise in Grapevine (Pazza of LSD)
008: Important! (Pazza of LSD)
009: Plans for Grapevine (Maximan & Shagratt of LSD)
010: Pazza - Main Editor No More! (Pazza of LSD)
011: Black Box Symposium Invitation (Black Box)
012: Saturne Party Three Is Delayed! (Serge Jully)
013: LSD - Too Good For Vowels! (Fish, Axen & Maximan of LSD)
014: About Cybertek (Zebedee of Cybertek)
015: Pazza "Gets Huge Plug Shocker" (Pazza of LSD)
016: Advert Editor Adverts (Edited by Oedipus of LSD)
017: Amiga Scene Musicians AKA List (Cygnus)
018: About Dred (Dooba of Dred)
019: Money For Nothing (Sleepy of Money Inc.)
020: Skid Row - The Truth (Datastream and Zandor of Skid Row)
021: Toronto Scene Report (Prizm of LSD)
022: Tension Merge! (Sincenatic and Daffy Duck of Tension)
023: Scene News (Compiled And Edited by Oedipus)
024: 1OO% Reply? Bollox More Like! (Buffalo Eula of Recoil)
025: Reply to Abysm (Benson of Panacea)
026: Reply to Benson (Cryton of Apocalypse)
027: Pack-Disk Copyrights (Pazza of LSD)
028: Fuck BBS Adverts! (Neuromancer of Abyss)
029: The Party 4 Releases (Reviewed by Wit of LSD)
030: Friendship Rules OK? (Trencher)
031: More Hard Drive Demos! (Pazza of LSD)
032: I've Stopped Cracking! (Lithium of Morphine)
033: One Dull Modem-Trader's Story (Prizm of LSD)
034: Weird Demos: A Reply (Wit of LSD)
035: List of Eric Schwartz's Latest Animations (Eric Schwartz)
036: Commodore's Vengeance - The A13OO CD (Rakesh)
037: List of BBS Acronyms (Cygnus)
038: CAAST Reveal Plan To Combat Piracy (Anon.)
039: Pirates Target Software on CD (News Media)
040: Driving Us Crazy! (Alan Brenden)
041: Car Boot PC Cheat Caught (News Media)
042: 586 Emulation for Emplant? (Jim Drew)
043: Power Supply Modification For Low Hum (Mike Sucher)
044: Quantum Computing - A Leap Forward (Wit of LSD)
045: Grunged Glossary (Dave Bealer)
046: What The Hell Is Raytracing About? (Syko of Dred)
047: Your Sportster Is A 168OO DST! (Anon.)
048: Commander Virus Info (Prizm of LSD)
049: Monitors Capable Of Displaying All AGA Modes (Bjorn Sternberg)
050: What You Need To Know About Viruses (Eugene Accardo)
051: Review Of Cix (Buffalo Eula of Recoil)
052: Buy That Software (Ken D of LSD)
053: Commodore - What a Bunch Of Fools (Redeye)
054: Games Censorship (Hampo of Eltech)
055: Trainers For Originals Please! (Pazza of LSD)
056: Yet Another Hard Bastard (Dust Devil)
057: I Just Bought A Game! (Trencher)
058: Ski Laptop (Dave Bealer)
059: Has The Magic Gone Out Of Computing? (DFO: of NFA)
060: PD CD-ROM Reviews (Pazza of LSD)
061: C64 Outcounts Pentium (Cavedude)
062: Computer Lightning Protection (M. N. Yoder)
063: CD-32 Leads The Future (Prizm of LSD)
064: Help and Cheats for Pinball Illusions (Alcoholic of Edge)
065: Twenty-Five Amazing Things About Wargames (Anon.)
066: Amiga Game Cheats (Cygnus)
067: Hints For Skeleton Krew (2Fast of Avantgarde)
068: January Game Releases (Anon.)
069: Are Games Becoming Too Hard? (Nick)
070: Gripes About Amiga VS PC Games (Prizm of LSD)
071: How To Speed Up F1 Grand Prix (Kaneda of GHD)
072: Level Codes For DeathMask (Ferox)
073: Lost Description Files For Wizball (Joona Palaste)
074: Help For Alien Breed 2 (Gamesoft)
075: Benefactor Codes (Typed by Fish of LSD)
076: Kid Chaos Hints (Fish of LSD)
077: Theme Park Hints (Fish of LSD)
078: UFO - Enemy Unknown Hints (Fish of LSD)
079: Nintendo News (Braindead!)
080: Mortal Kombat 2 - Special Moves (Necromaster of Necronomicon)
081: Rise of The Robots - Special Moves (Frosty of Trader's Dream)
082: Info on Super Streetfighter II (Anon.)
083: Top Gear AGA All Races Passwords (HOTRAO Productions)
084: Australian Blue-Boxers Busted! (Anon.)
085: BT Computer Hacked! (Typed By The Dream King)
086: C-NET BBS System Improved (Ken Pletzer)
087: A Lexicon Of Virtual Culture (Cyberpoet)
088: Cyberpunk is Already Here! (Hotwire of Origin)
089: Computer Student Acquitted (Jose Martinez)
090: Calling Card Theft Ring Goes Hi-Tech! (Sallie Hofmeister)
091: Smilies (Entity)
092: Cracking The Code (Mark D. Uehling)
093: The Pirates of the Internet (L.A. Times)
094: Stalking the Wily Hacker (Nik B.)
095: Undocumented Features of USR Courier V.34 (Anon.)
096: Troubleshooting 288OO Connects (Anon.)
097: Spy Numbers Transmissions (Havana Moon)
098: Amusing Taglines (Various)
099: BBC Basic Protection Routines (Zebedee of Cybertek)
100: How To Contour Scattered Data (Dave Watson)
101: Anarchy - A Way of Life (Dire)
102: Beavis And Butthead (Alice Cooper)
103: Has God Been Found? (Trevor Major)
104: Should Boxing be Banned? (Danny)
105: Cheer Up! (Trencher)
106: Life, The Universe And A Few Other Things (Dire)
107: How I Would Solve Crime (Mic Flair of Eltech)
108: Reply To Alex About Crime (Danny)
109: Do Women Ask For It? (Trencher)
110: A Solution To WorldWide Famine (Prizm of LSD)
111: Football ISN'T Racist (Alice Cooper)
112: Is There A God? (Fire)
113: Beware Of The Criminal Justice Bill (Anon.)
114: Torys - What a Joke! (Entity)
115: The Adver-Cow Cycle Leads Again (Dave Bealer)
116: Skateboarding Nostalgy (Skinner of Eltech)
117: Words of Our Mentors - Part 1 (G.P. Orridge)
118: 24 Amazing Facts (Speed)
119: Did You Know? (Tom-E)
120: More Did You Know? (Dust Devil)
121: How To Do It (Mic Flair Of Eltech)
122: UFOs Buzz Falkirk (L8-X of GHD)
123: Pearls Of Wisdom from Bill Hicks (Lucifer)
124: True Stories (Hampo of Eltech)
125: How To Crack Codes And Ciphers (Louis Cipher)
126: Songs Of The US Civil War (Fatty of The Kent Team)
127: Is It Coke? (Fatty of The Kent Team)
128: Mediocre Writer Review (Alpha of The Dogs)
129: The Darkbulb (James L. DeLucas)
130: Developing Paranormal Abilities (Lucifer)
131: How To See The Devil (Inducea)
132: Lunar and Solar Eclipses Until 2OOOAD (Phil!94)
133: The Emperor's Three Questions (Leo Tolstoy)
134: Graffiti: The Scrawl Of The Wild (Phoner)
135: Weird Diseases (CBS)
136: Should Cannabis Be Legalised? (Inducea)
137: The First Psychonaut (Progen)
138: Free Ganja! (Redeye)
139: Friday The Sixteenth (Fibba of Dred)
140: Hearts Sold As Ecstasy (Chinny of Black Flag)
141: Should We Legalise Ganja? (Redeye)
142: Thirty-One Minutes Past Nine (Mr. Orange of Eltech)
143: Animal Products (Sparhawk)
144: Anybody Home? (Troll)
145: The Chicken And The Bureaucrat (Lorne Strider)
146: Dual World (Sparhawk)
147: Isolation 2O1O (Lieberstraum)
148: She Was My Only Love (Prizm of LSD)
149: Day Of The Barney (Anon.)
150: Day Of The Barney II: Aftermath (Anon.)
151: Enlightening the Master (Greg Borek)
152: Fifty Ways To Disable Your Atari STE (Alice Cooper)
153: The Blonde's Guide To Medical Terms (Klark of The Kent Team)
154: Down The Arcade (Danny)
155: The Return of Baron Von Sphincter (Prizm of LSD)
156: Fresh (Ken D of LSD)
157: What Gets On My Tits (Gop of Paralax)
158: Destroy All PCs (Muse)
159: Wired's Jargon Watch (R-Cade of Doodles & Shock)
160: School Poster Celebrates Deviant Sex (Prizm of LSD)
161: Jokes in BAD Taste Compiled (Prizm of LSD)
162: Lovely Lists (Micon)
163: Who To Shag Out Of Neighbours? (Buffalo Eula of Recoil)
164: Rules For Playing Spot The Goth! (RepoMan of PizzaReheat)
165: Programming: Shooting Yourself In The Foot (Anon.)
166: The Laws of Video Games (Repoman and Exarch of PizzaReheat)
167: Welcome to the FidoNet Olympics (Dave Bealer)
168: Some Great Pentium Jokes (Various)
169: Sheffield Student Jokes (Apache Cowboy)
170: Meet Dr. Flair (Mic Flair of Eltech)
171: Astra Satellite Frequency Guide (Ev!L Master Bomber)
172: Roger Ebert's Ten Greatest Films (Cygnus)
173: Roger Ebert's Best Movies of 199O (Cygnus)
174: Blade Runner - SF or Science FACT? (Mr. Orange of Eltech)
175: The Empire Essential Top 5O Videos (Typed by Papa Legba)
176: Star-Trek 13 - The Old Series Meets TNG (Glenn Colby)
177: Beavis And Butthead Episode Guide (Apache Cowboy)
178: Cheap Books (The Llama)
179: Ferengi Game: AST:TNG Story (Chinny of Black Flag)
180: Comic Reviews! (Repoman of PizzaReheat)
181: Edge Magazine Is Shit! (Buffalo Eula of Recoil)
182: Intron Depot One Review (Andy)
183: Weird And Wacky Music Reviews (Oedipus of LSD)
184: The Apostles Of Experimental Composition (AEC)
185: Depeche Mode Quiz (Mr. Orange of Eltech)
186: Commercial Jungle (Dooba of Dred)
187: Techno and Ambient Music Reviews (Prizm of LSD)
188: Industrial And Metal Music Reviews (Prizm of LSD)
189: More Techno And Ambient Music Reviews (Prizm of LSD)
190: Top 5 Music Samples (Fatty of The Kent Team)
191: New AD&D Monsters (Apache Cowboy)
192: What's Role-Playing About? (Hotwire of Origin)
193: Akin Part Two (Troll)
194: A Contest Of Magic (Sparhawk)
195: A Duel To The Death (Hoild of Guru Team)
196: Real Men, Roleplayers, Loonies and Munchkins (Galactic Commander)
197: A Death At War (Anon.)
198: Amsterdamned (Flecky Flenco)
199: Life's A Bitch (Sonic of Cyberdreams)
200: The Song Of Bill Clinton (Cygnus)
201: Three Rodents With Defective Visual Perception (Cygnus)
202: Busted (Allen Ginsberg)
203: The Psalm Of Clinton (Cygnus)
204: An Ode To Bill (Cygnus)
205: The Courtroom Song (Federico Geonese-Zerbi)
206: Do We Need To Say It? (Hotwire of Origin)
207: My Dream (Sonic of Cyberdreams)
208: Gaia (Troll)
209: Who Am I? (Hotwire of Origin)
210: Big John (Anon.)
211: A Reply to Animals (L8-X of GHD)
212: Does Cruelty To Animals Suck? (Mic Flair of Eltech)
213: Reply To Sable (Shimmer)
214: Vegetarianism (Entity)

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