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Initial Hits from Google
in Nostalgia | Monday, July 28, 2014 | 01:16

Let's start with some links that got me started. Since I do not trust that any of these sites will stay forever (like I intend to do), I shall provide screenshots in case the original links will some day fail.

For a long time this Framegrabber was listed as a Genlock on the internet. This is NOT a Genlock. Further the company name was spelled wrong, "JLC", it's "JCL", check the original advertisement below.

They also state it is connected to the Amiga Video Port (23 pin). Again, false. It is connected to the Parallell port. There are many copies of the Big Book of Amiga Hardware sites, and it's hard to know which of them is obsolete or what not.

The Amiga Rack Magazine scanning project over at hol.abime.net. There is a review on page 80-81, but sadly it was not scanned yet. Says it is a Real-Time Digitizer. The review I would really like to read. The name of the magazine was: Amiga Action Issue 17, Feb 1991.

Google however gave me this link: http://issuu.com/amigauser/docs/cshow1989

In this scan of the magazine ad, "Commodore Christmas Show UK 1989 Guide". On page 12, there was a page with advertisement for JCL Business Systems ColourPic, ColourPic and SuperPic. The hunt continues...for that magazine and possibly a review.

Another advertisement found in Amiga Computing Issue 49 - Jun 1992: Which shows my model, the ColourPic version

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