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CPRAW - Image converter
in Nostalgia | Monday, July 28, 2014 | 01:26

Converter software on the Aminet that mentions ColourPic and SuperPic.

The readme is as follows:

cpraw is a utility for SuperPic (also known as ColourPic) video digitizers. It converts the output file to a format readable by image processors like ADpro or ImageFX. 16 bit full resolution output from the Cabaret is not readable by those problems. The HAM-images from Cabaret arn't worth while looking at. So convert them with "cpraw" and process with ADpro.

Here are some of the pictures that originally came from the digitizers which was converted with a "Cabaret" software (an alternative to the software that came originally with the digitizer series from JCL). I have been unable to find any traces of the "Cabaret" software yet.


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