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A random Amiga .ADF disk image which I had, where they have pictures from the JCL's Slideshow (probably part of the software demos that followed the ColourPic hardware) along with some information about the digitizer.

Below are some pictures from that disk and the contents which was produced with the CanDo and ColourPic. You may also download the ADF disk image via the links at bottom of page.

Workbench bootup

The text that mentions ColourPic: "The girl on the intro screen was grabbed in realtime into a framestore. The framestore we used was JCL's ColourPic because we believe it's the only product for the Amiga that can do it! (Thanks to JVC for the loan of the video camera.) The animation inside the framestore was 512k in size and 50 frames in length (1/16th screen per frame), with 64,000 colours (16 bit). The next stage was to use the Cabaret software to download the image data, convert it to an IFF 16 shade b/w picture and then save it to disk. This was done automatically while I went to make some coffee. Going into DPaint IV, I loaded all of these frames and saved the result as an animbrush for use with CanDo."

The text that mentions ColourPic: "This picture is a real stonker! When you have seen enough of it, just click anywhere on the screen. The picture is called "BadPete" and comes from one of JCL's slideshow disks. It was downloaded straight from the ColourPic framegrabber and digitised within the same box of tricks. The software saved it just as you can see it, without any re-touching from any art package! If you want to see anymore of these pictures, then give JCL a ring and ask them how much they want for their ColourPic showreel. Thank you JCL for letting us use this great picture!"

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