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SuperPic and Precision Incorporated
in Nostalgia | Monday, July 28, 2014 | 01:41

The plot thickens. I found this tiny little text snippet in "Amiga World Vol 05, 02 1989 Feb" issue.

While the show floor buzzed with talk about Precision Incorporated's new Official Superbase Application Developer program (OSAN), Precision also heralded Superbase Professional 3 (an upgrade sans dongle), Superbase Personal 2 (a simplified version of Superbase Pro 3), and its intentions for SuperPic, a variableresolution frame buffer supporting 35.000 colors.

As Wikipeida tells us, Precision Software created a subsidiary known as "Precision Incorporated". More about that on wikipedia below.

I don't know, maybe the project was aborted and somebody else took over the programming job for JCL. It is unclear what happen to JCL Business Systems after 1990 and their hardware.

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