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ColourPic, Digipic or SuperPic?
in Nostalgia | Monday, July 28, 2014 | 01:44

After googleing some more for clues, I find an Spanish Amiga World issue 1990 that yet again mention a review of Digipic, and SuperPic.

Check out the links at the bottom, the page says:

Distributor: 007-SOFT.
Product Features: real-time monochrome digitizer.

Distributor: 007-SOFT. SOFT MAIL.
Product Features: Digitizer real-time color.

Im still searching for an review of the digitizers and so far searching through 1000's of pages in approx. 775 Amiga related magazines has come up with almost nothing!

To add to our search term confusion, I typed in "SuperPic Genlock and Framegrabber", and google gave me the link (check bottom of page):

This gives me two results of JCL hardware:
SUPERPIC NOV 1989, AF4, Page: 68

Well, that brings about a whole new ballgame. It means magazines misspelled its hardware name, and yet again the search continues for a review. As typically expected the Amiga Magazine Rack does not come in a complete package (why, it bothers me). Reference: Amiga Format #4, Nov 1989, Page 68 (Misses page 68 of course).

Amazingly enough, I came over a Dutch Amiga Magazine April 1989, and within it I found a reference to "DigiPic". It mentions "PerfectVision DigiPic". So, maybe JCL changed their name of the company or sold the hardware to somebody else?

Below is the screenshot of the frontpage. I will not upload a dutch magazine here, since I can't read it. I stick to English.

When I can find any reviews, user manuals or datasheets for the JCL devices mentioned here, I will upload and add it to this webpage.


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