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First of the year: Setting up my Virtual Reality development PC
in Gaming | Sunday, January 02, 2022 | 12:08

Just a very quick story of me upgrading my older PC mainboard/memory/CPU to something that is at least within the recommended specifications of running Air-Link, PC-Link and most importantly my desktops and UNITY editor within realtime grasp from the Oculus Quest 2.

As I promised myself several months ago, from January 2022 I would have to finish off my recent big project of "SOAMC= ENDGAME" which resulted in about 88000 MP3/FLAC recordings of real authentic Amiga played back music from real hardware then recorded.

That actually happend, so on 29th of December, I was ready to dismantle that 4-year long project (everything related was packed down - and finally I can use my Amiga 1200 normally as it has been locked for 4 years!), and transform my own personal PC into a minor upgrade at least, we are not talking high-tech beast of processing, but just enough to ease the development time and compiling while learning more about UNITY and VR.

I plan to focus on learning UNITY and VR mechanics from 2022 and beyond, I have already played around with UNITY since January 2021, but have not yet had more than 6 months to play around within the actual Oculus headset since that was bought in June 2021.

My previous PC consisted of:
- Intel Pentium G860 Processor, 2 cores, 1,604 MHz (3,000 MHz)
- Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 Motherboard (pure crap!)
- 6GB of RAM.
- NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970.

The only regret with this custom industrial motherboard is that I had to loose CD/DVD-ROM drive, reset switch and drive activity led, which is basically covered by alternative solutions such as:

1: CD/DVD-ROM = I can use other PC to transfer related content, CD/DVD is dying anyway. OR: I could merge two disks into a larger sized one, freeing up a SATA port so no big issue.

2: Reset switch, well we have power off switch and reset within Windows 10, not to mention regular ALT+CTRL+DEL anyway.

3: Drive activity LED on physical chassis is basically a complete and utter JOKE. If you have several drives, you never know if the drive C: is working or not anyway. That is why I several years ago created by own pr.disk drive activity LED software, "FLOATLED" which is just so much better to monitor specific drive activity anyway!

A note about the Gigabyte Motherboard is that it was advertised as having the ability to have USB3.0 which is kind of required by connecting the Oculus Quest 2 to PC, but no matter how I tried it never reported back to me as a USB3.0 connection for more than 3-4 seconds, before flipping down to USB2.0. The reason was that if one used a PCIe x16 graphics card, there was not enough PCI lanes to also support USB3.0 so the motherboard was really a known fake shitty card. I also bought a standalone PCI card to give me USB-C and USB3.1 card, injected into an available PCIe x4 slot on the same motherboard, but that card was never detected either, as my PCIe x16 card eat up the entire bandwidth that was available, so no USB3.0 nor other PCIe xXX cards could be inserted. If you google that card, you will see that many other complain about the same shitty card!

The new upgraded PC consists of:
- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570S CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz.
- Industrial Customized "no-name" Motherboard based on Intel® Q87 chipset.
- 16GB of RAM.
- Supports USB3.0, 3.1 and USB-C via my "PCIe USB3.1 Card from ASMEDIA"
- NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970

Regarding my future VR developemnt: I will not focus or use alot of PC-VR related content or generate such, my primary goal is to produce stuff for Oculus Quest 1/2 and/or WebXR related VR experiences of whatever creative stuff I can think of :-)

My old Gigabyte based motherboard and big tower cabinet.

Excuse the mess here, this is my current 70 square meter celler intended for future Oakvalley Crib!

A look inside and notice also my water cooler based system from CoolerMaster.

The new motherboard is much smaller, but packs a better punch. Luckily it features 6 sata ports, some usb extern connectors, but is just enough to barerly cover my needs.

Quick boot reveals the card has survived the transplantation.

Some details of the current memory I had originally on the Industrial custom motherboard (2GB+2GB), they are of SO-DIMM type, so smaller laptop which caused me to have to buy two brand new sticks of 8GB+8GB.

Two new ram sticks inserted, reveals some more MHZ and now happily living at 16GB ram.

Details of the new ram I had to purchase. The motherboard can support 32GB, but that is way too much for me I believe.

Now everything together, all disks fire up, everything is cool. I simply used the onboard CPU fan cooler, as its quite silent anyway.

Finally, back at the Windows 10 login screen. I did not re-install Windows 10, everything just worked out-of-the-box with the motherboard change from crappy Gigabyte to a Industrial type of motherboard, no sweat, I can start work at once :-)

And always keep your favourite drink at hand, mine's Energy Drinks, here given by Monster.

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