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Stone Oakvalley's Moment In Time (SOMIT)
in Gaming | Sunday, January 09, 2022 | 21:52

This is my first project which will be constructed as a Virtual Reality (VR) experience type of production. Under the "hood", this experience will feature 12 different games, levels or experiences (whatever you want to call them) that you can play around in by using a Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

In fact, doing this type of project is a completely different approach than what I have done online and shared on my website for the past 25 years!

17 Sep 2022:
Episode #11 initial concept was scrapped and replaced by new episode name.

- SOMIT Episode #11 [09-1983] -
"Copter Hoist"

25 Aug 2022:
Reveal of the last two episode titles:

Episode #11 [12-1984]
"Balance of Mug & Liquid"

Episode #12 [11-1979]
"Occupation: Leftover Star Cleaner"

Updates 16 Aug 2022:

- Episode #10 [12-1980] "Lost Jewel Quest" concept are scrapped and replaced with "Took 'em Out" [12-1989].

- Moment In Time (SOMIT) expanded from 10 episodes to 12 episodes, to conform with the concept of time/clock which is 12 hours.

- Two more episode titles will be revealed shortly.


As the content and progress is pending as of early January 2022, these are just the very early research and preliminary stages I have planned ahead and information I can release for now. I do really wonder where this project will be at when we are nearing Christmas 2022 :-)

You see, this time around, this production will be the first production aimed at actually costing something for the user. For 25 years now online (in fact, my first website was launched on 24th of January 1997, soon nearing a 25 year anniversary in Cyber-Space), I have produced free content more or less, completely ad-free and banner/tracking free material, not earning a single penny (except for the random PayPal donations for various software I had coded, which were always up the to user, but not required), but the time has come to investigate the ventures of Virtual Reality and basically just earn my fair share of bucks in the attempt. I strongly believe that everybody can earn a penny on anything in Virtual Reality, does not have to be much, but it is the concept that matters as more and more people will join VR in the following years, for sure!.

In fact, my thirst for Virtual Reality has been going on from the early 90's, and I am so happy I can finally enjoy the incredible world of Virtual Reality at my own pace, at home, not costing a fortune with a crazy amount of available material and game already available out there!.

I will also look out to seek VR experiences that will include my own creative work to be part of the VR universe somehow, basically to just create content that would be interresting for a broad range of users out there, including specific Norwegian related content too!

To be honest, I do believe that ANY game that was made for 2D in the 80's, 90's could easily be re-produced in a Virtual Reality setting instead of 2D. Problem is that 99% of these companies are now defunct or long time gone from the public eye, and the copyright isn't nothing else than very old relics of the past that where, basically 30-40 years now already.

I will be honest once my experiences are released to give original credit for my inspiration and really point out that I'm not here to steal anything from anybody, its just my creativity going wild, I'm sorry. The originals will always be remembered for what they where for eternity. Heck, it might even inspire or amaze the old copyright holders that their fantastic work still holds water 30-40 years later and that we can all get along, but also appreciate the countless hours of efforts to re-create something inside a new world, the Virtual Reality World. Everything I wrote above regarding "copyright" will all make sense when this project start to getting things finalized for the world to experience.

So, what is "Stone Oakvalley's Moment In Time"?

That name is viewed as an "umbrella" to cover the small experiences I have planned to experiment with. I chose to call them "episodes" within the Moment In Time and once they start to appear, you might recognize where the inspiration came from, but also that its an artist interpretation of already known material. We might call it fan-based, or maybe even fair use with a grain of sugar on top.

To really distance myself of not just stealing titles to get search benefits, the names of the experiences have been obfuscated into similar wording as this is at any end or rate, fully created single handely by me, Stone Oakvalley, from graphics, models as well as sound and music and not just copy-pasted from the original work!

The range of experiences will be inspired from games and movies as well as one unique episode 100% related to my childhood and the world within that.

Here is the planned list of "Stone Oakvalley's Moment In Time" episodes:

Episode #01 [06-1990]
"Enter That Room"

Episode #02 [04-1992]
"Escape The Hedron"

Episode #03 [04-1987]
"Trespass The Mansion"

Episode #04 [12-1989]
"Dangerous Switchback"

Episode #05 [01-1984]
"I, Thesaurus Lyncher"

Episode #06 [11-1986]
"Slingshot Their Citadel"

Episode #07 [01-1983]
"Shelton's Kjort Endeavour"

Episode #08 [12-1983]
"Larva's Lazy Frenzy Invasion"

Episode #09 [12-1985]
"Cross-country Scope Challenge"

Episode #10 [12-1989]
"Took 'em Down"

Episode #11 [09-1983]
"Copter Hoist"

Episode #12 [11-1979]
"Occupation: Leftover Star Cleaner"

How will it be produced?

The experiences will be created using UNITY game engine and a Oculus Quest 2 on my newly upgraded semi-ok VR compatible PC running Windows 10.

Since I have been working with music, graphics, coding and electronics since I was 13 years old, all of these self-thought learning skillls will be used to the limits across the board for everything I do. In fact, my day-time job since 2000 have been as an Graphical Designer and my spare-time is otherwise illustrated here on Stone Oakvalley Studios website covering digital productions and downloadable proof as far back as documented since 1987.

All the SOMIT experiences will be designed in a photorealistic environment using either high quality texture, modifed textures to my liking, but also many own textures made by myself. SOMIT VR Experiences will not be designed in low-poly, solid colored environment or no childish models with blobby look will be cared for.

The graphics will also not be of an "classical" old-school type of vector graphics similar to the VR graphics from the early 90's (meaning single colored, abstract objects etc.).

Just to give you a very simple comparsion of the typical "scale" of graphics for Oculus Quest (1/2) games:
1: Job Simulator = Low poly, childish graphics, cartoon look.
2: I Expect You To Die 2 = High poly, but flat textures, shaded cartoon look.
3: Resident Evil 4 = Photorealistic, proper textures.

Basically, the entire SOMIT VR Experience aim to reach the look of Resident Evil 4, ergo number 3 above. It should be noted that all 3 games mentioned above are great games, I'm just pointing out the different graphics they choose to present their VR experiences and games, so don't misunderstand me.

When will it be released for purchase?

To be honest, just starting with something "real" on 1st of January 2022 its too early to tell how far and long this is gonna take. It should be noted that I started messing around with Unity in January 2021, and that I've only had the Oculus Quest 2 since 16 June 2021 you could say iI'm a late noob into the VR world, but everybody gotta start somewhere, its just that I tend to document well when and how I came to the place to be. Also delaying this progress and dream about VR is directly related to a project I started in 2006, which is still running and active, which are the SOASC= and SOAMC= projects which records authentic music played back from Commodore 64 and Amiga 1200 for ALL THOSE YEARS!

So, bear with me as I document and start as a complete noob on this particular project, but I have hope I can pull something off before December 2022 as a Christmas gift to myself and others.

In fact, the logo below was just rendered yesterday after 3-4 days of work creating it. The logo features my emblem SOS (as in Stone Oakvalley Studios), which have been around since 2009 on the website. The middle picture a solar clock, as this VR project is based on just that, time in my childhood memories that matters or gets remebered more often than others for some reason, just the way things works really :-)

So, yes, "Moment in Time" was when my brain for some reason reacted or made be extra excited at that specific day, month or year, hence the year reference you can see above in the episode list too.

Ending words

In fact, after all these years, there seems to be an actual possibility that people can just live off Youtube videos or creating indie-related content (I really hate that Indie word) instead of having a regular day-time job. I shall be completely honest, if I could just win a couple of millons on a lottery, I would quit my day-time job and focus on VR and related content instead, probably a dream for many people out there, and some do really made it which is quite inspirating. Maybe, even I, will become a Youtuber one day, but my bitter memory of my YTExit in 2013 still haunts me till today, nearly 8 years later.

That shit that caused me to run from Youtube was so lame, a lame copyright claim where credits for the music was ALL documented along with a very amateurish music video by me, set the final straw for me and what kind of "fair use" Youtube and the commercial industry allow and enforces us upon is fart related. It does not looks like that Youtube has gotten any more professional since those days, anyway. That includes all the farce related matters with Twitter and Facebook the recent years.

Let's gamble that the new MetaVerse would create an alternative arena for Youtubers out there, so I can also join that community, but for now, Youtube, Twitter or any of the ordinary platforms is out of the question!

I have my own perfect platform - its this very website you are visiting right now :-)

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