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MAFIA EXTERMINATOR by Demonoid Productions
in Gaming | Friday, November 12, 2021 | 20:48

This is probably the most complete game I ever had time or managed to create from scratch in 1991 (early test coding with AMOS v1.3) and last worked on sometime in 1995 by using AMOS PRO. I have no idea how much time was actually used, but most likely it was very random :-)

Below are the results of that never finished production.

The game was planned to be a mouse shooting / aim game which would also try to feature a story along with some training grounds logic. I do not really remember all the ideas I had for it, but judging from the office photo there was supposed to be some sort of mission based game where you were to clean the town of mafia assholes and the likes (to me these guys have always been worthless, so the game was supposed to give us a simulated chance to wipe out the filth, haha).

Everything was created by me as well as the graphics handdrawn using Deluxe Paint of course!

The only text ever written was
"You must first prove to"
"me, that you really are"
"a Mafia exterminator. "
"I have a practice place"
"that you can use to "
"show me your skills. "
"Try to hit the targets "
"I have set up for you! "

I have added all the graphics available, the .AMOS source code and all assets, including a bootable ADF disk image, so you are able to try out the game yourselves.

I believe it would run best on a un-accelerated Amiga 500, but seems to even work on Amiga 1200 with AGA.

Not that the source name was named "MafiaBackup", but it was not the title of the game which was always "Mafia Exterminator", the backup part was just added during programming as I was DEAD scared of loosing the source code (rememebering what happend to my previous YETI ADVENTURE AmigaBasic code the same year, or the year before).

Inspiration for the Mafia Exterminator game came from:
Take 'Em Out (1989, Artronic Products Amiga game)
Empire City: 1931 (1991 Arcade Game)
Thunderhawk (CORE 1991) - especially the "lobby" section of the game (office etc.)
Oil Imperium (1989 by reLINE Software) - especially the office section of the game.
Operation Wolf (I had planned a first person section with large mafia bosses to kill, but was only programmed with myself as mafia boss (digitized) and some testing for shooting sprites, it was never included in the game, but crude source code was created).

Title screen for the game which reveals it was created in 1991.

Just a regular high score (which does not work in the preview game)

I had some plans to be able to call phones and some kind of mission text would appear here.

Fun Fact: The phone is based on the Telenor's famous 90's phone which was called "Tastafon".

Not sure what the intention was for this picture, as it is not even used inside the preview game, probably I had a plan to open up the file cabinet to research or do some kind of detective work prior to missions or to even solve them.

Picture from the actual game more or less, in the preview game doors slide, cannon balls and paper cut people to shoot including sound effects where all created.

Other related test code for first person shooting in Mafia Exterminator, was never included in the preview version.

It features myself (digitized, 3-4 frames) and one could shoot the sprite and it would die, only to re-appear randomly again. You could also shoot the glass to make it explode, it was never really finished in any form that would be of any value.

The background was ripped out from another Amiga game, which I cannot remember the title of.

The training ground graphics where actually also created in Real3D v1.4.2 PRO by Realsoft 1992 and where supposed to be replaced by my previous Deluxe Painted ones.

I thought it would become a more realistic and faster game to create certain levels with 3D renderings, but it never ended up being used in the unfinished game (I did do some test code with it though). The textures used are also presented here.

The texture used in my Real3D scene for the Floor

The texture used in my Real3D scene for the ceiling.

The texture used in my Real3D scene for the Walls.

I could not resist in rendering this now in November 2021 at a resolution of 320x256, HAM mode just to see it.

Here I also rendered a 640 x 512 version in HAM mode, starting to look pretty good :-)

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