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FPS with elements from DEUS EX, CYBER related and MATRIX
in Gaming | Saturday, November 13, 2021 | 01:32

A interresting game idea/concept by Stone Oakvalley.

This will reveal a first person shooter game idea/concept that goes beyond anything ever tried before or told by anybody. We're talking Deus Ex meets the Matrix.


Throughout the years of 3D texture mapped games all the way down from orginal Wolfenstein, original Doom, Blood, Quake, Dark Forces series, Deus Ex series, Max Payne, Half-Life, Far Cry, Crisis and so fourth all way towards PS4's The Last of Us Part II - all do share a common progress. A span of years since 1992 until just now in 2021, almost 30 years!

The progress is how the graphics have evolved, how the pixels in any of these games either lets our brain "fill in the gaps" or are just presented in a almost true-to-reality way for the game we played, in either game listed above we all had fun, anger and excitement just in that period alone. Some even will get nostalgic and play those early 3D texture mapped games all over again, 30 years later.

In this game concept I will reveal something that I have never seen before and that I also would like to see a game beeing presented. Not just for teaching the newer generation, but also to remind ourselves of the journey that has taken place and to honor the game industry for keep pushing the limits.

The new game idea

The game idea would have to based in a cyber reality where body augmentations would be given to the character (the player, you) and it would follow pretty much the same rule as every game listed above, that for each level you progress, you are given a reward. Like in FPS games you might just start off with a rock to kill enemies, then upgrade to a knife, then a gun, then a bigger gun, then lasers, then whatever - I believe you have seen all that before.

I will base my game concept/idea around one of my personal favourites which was the original Deus Ex released for PC back in year 2000 which was a action role-playing game developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive.

The Deus Ex game featured you as the character JC Denton which is the nano-augmented player. All though in the game he was given upgrades which gave you as a player more advantages over the enemies as you went along in the game, story and levels. It kind of reminds us of Syndicate which featured a similar upgrade system to the player, advancing you as you went along.

But, my concept goes beyond that, not only that the character you play become more advanced, but the actual VISION as seen through the character's eyes will improve. And by improve, I mean how it will visually be for you as the player as you are seeing the upgrades through the players eyes. What could be more immersive than really seeing what your character are really seeing?

We could quickly establish that your main character is blind when you start the game, and after a surgery (most likely by a shady company with evil intentions) would give you a very low-res rendering of your surroundings, and not only that, but everything you play (in a modern 2022 game) would be the same ackward jerky and pixellated feeling of like playing Wolfenstein from 1992 in a 640x480 resolution in 256 colors or so.

Then, for each level you manage to solve, your "eyes" will be upgraded as part of an single-player storyline, which on level 2, will up the graphics to the point of maybe Star Wars Dark Forces, then on level 3 you would expierence yet another upgrade of your augmented character to produce a vision that would be similar to the graphics of Half-Life 1 and so fourth.

So, after xx of levels and all the way to the end level bosses, your final augmentation of eyes would bring about the most impressive realistic realtime graphics ever seen in a game (lets say in a 2025 game) with 4K, 250fps and real-life scanned materials and true ray traced graphics which would, lets say, 5 times the best graphics out there in 2021 (on any platform), and the game idea and concept would be a classic, don't you think?

Just imagine the horror of players having to start in a 320x200 or 640x400 resolution with 256 or even 32 colors, possibly even lower resolutions and 2-color, all-in-all the entire game by design would be one of the most breath-taking and unique game designs that has never ever been seen before and long overdue. So, remember where you first read this story, as of 13th of November 2021 by yours truly, Stone Oakvalley (yes, you can double check with archive.org for proof, if that has to be the case in a distant future, hehe).

It should be pointed out that my idea for such a game concept came about somewhere in 2020, but it took a year to finally write down the details and post on my website.

Of course, the things above are just one way of the gameplay story, it could also very well be an alternate multi-verse, twilight zone type, hypnotization or virtual type, or even lucid dream based, possibly even a Tron based world or a alternate universe/concept as The Matrix. Really, any creative future, medical, sci-fi or fantasy based scheme could be used. The whole point is how the levels are designed, played, feels and most importantly the pixel look and number of polygons each particular level design would consist of.

I have no plans to create such a game, this is just a reminder to myself and to either predict the future to be, or create it myself one futuristic day afterall (since nobody else would). I for sure would love to see such a game beeing created, and maybe it could even be done inside Virtual Reality?

I will just leave some related screenshots of the games more or less mentioned to just let you imagine how such a game would look like from level to level. Naturally the game story itself have to be dense, proper, modern and keep the elements of SCI-FI but also down to earth (meaning no stupid too-fast-type-
Pavlov Shack-on-Quest-VR zombies or pathetic Doom-overused-monsters and for gods sake no level with switching on buttons, going into elevators and climbing through those damn air-ducts).

Just to introduce how my game concept/idea is thought of.

The character from Metal Gear show the same exact character from very low pixel to high resolution. Now imagine the entire game, gui of my game concept/idea would look like in full screen with buildings, weapons, cars, people, furniture etc. and how it would evolve throughout the levels :-)

Would be a fun ride!

Illustration of how "bad" the first level could be, naturally just the pathway graphics should be fullscreen, but I want to have really low-res, low-color for the first level!

Step it up a notch on level 2 with Wolfenstein 3D graphics from 1992 style.

Step it up a notch on level 3 with Doom 3D graphics from 1993 style.

Step it up a notch on level 4 with Star Wars - Dark Forices 3D graphics from 1995 style.

Step it up a notch on level 5 with Quake 3D graphics from 1996 style.

To break the game style, we could also feature some levels in just plain wireframe look.

Step it up a notch on level 6 with Blood 3D graphics from 1997 style.

Step it up a notch on level 7 with Half Life 3D graphics from 1998 style.

Step it up a notch on level 8 with Deus Ex 3D graphics from 2000 style.

Step it up a notch on level 9 with Max Payne 3D graphics from 2001 style.

We could even do levels that was only low-poly based.

Step it up a notch on level 10 with Far Cry 3D graphics from 2004 style.

Step it up a notch on level 11 with Crisis 3D graphics from 2007 style.

Step it up a notch on level 13 with The Last of Us - Part II 3D graphics from 2020 style.

End level (or levels) should be up to par with the best of 2021 3D graphics has to offer, give or take 5 years into the future. This picture is just an example of 2021 style.

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