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Ghostbusters (64) remake by Demonoid Productions
in Gaming | Saturday, November 13, 2021 | 13:50

This was intented to become a remake of the Commodore 64 version of Ghostbusters from 1984 by Activision, but recreated using AMOS V1.3 / AMOS PRO by me somewhere in 1996.

I remember I really wanted good graphics and thought of making each level a stand-alone game (rather than everything in a huge sourcecode), anyway that remake was never completed and what is left in time is shown here.

3 sections where made, you can actually play one of the game (AlienTrap) more or less successfully as intended by capturing a ghost, you know that green blobby one (Slimer) by positioning your two characters, press fire and make sure you do not cross the beams.

The other section was a driving game where you should suck up ghosts on the road, this game does not much, but it was an start to play with scrolling, animation and slow-fast ease speed code experiments.

The third was supposed to be the map section, there is not a lot of stuff here, you can move a sprite around on a clearly ripped graphics straight from the C64 version (Activision), so this was only work in progress.

Finally, there where some assets that show an 3D animated version of the GhostBusters logo, see below now in 64 and 256 colors animated GIF (original was .anim format, included in the package below).

The 3 game parts can be played using a joystick.

All the graphics where based on screengrabs from an C64 emulator, and then simply handdrawn / redrawn by me using Deluxe Paint.

Funny enough the city scene where you are supposed to capture the GHOST with your Proton Packs I somehow managed to name that "AlienTrap", hahaha. Oh well.

I can't remember why I eventually stopped working on this remake, but as this was 1996 I had started working, creating my own website on Amiga and some time after got an PC, playing games, making music and time just flew away.

I believe one of the reasons why I stopped working on this remake, was that I started thinking on how am I gonna know how the game variables and internal logic worked, when I had only visuals, sound and the movie as reference. How can anybody know what timers and parameters are accounted for making up the logic of the game, so I guess I lost the fight and left it for history instead :-)

Added a bootable disk (ADF) so you can even try the 3 separate parts yourself!

Screenshot from my playable "!AlienTrap"

Screenshot from "!RoadDrive" , playable somewhat by controlling car, ease-in, ease-out of car.

Screenshot from !Ghostbusters" which does not much, you can control a ackward sprite around with Joystick. Nothing else will happen.

The 2D version bitmap of the Ghostbusters logo. If I remember correctly this was handdrawn by me in Deluxe Paint

Just one of the assets for the top and bottom banner throughout the Map and Driving sections.

The background asset used in AlienTrap.

Sprite for the Ghostbusters level, just lying there never used for anything.

The map assets seen only in Ghostbusters executable.

The background layer for the RoadDrive section. My concept was to have a live scaled down map of the town in that black square.

Some of the sprites used in the AlienTrap level.

Some of the sprites used in the RoadDrive level.

Part of the introduction, an 3D animated, 64 colors Ghostbusters logo. I had a plan to play some music here.

Part of the introduction, an 3D animated, 256 color (or possibly HAM converted down) Ghostbusters logo. I had a plan to play some music here.

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