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Target: Renegade (64) remake by Demonoid Productions
in Gaming | Saturday, November 13, 2021 | 16:22

This was intented to become a remake of the Commodore 64 version of Target: Renegade from 1988 by Imagine Software, but recreated using AMOS V1.3 / AMOS PRO by me somewhere in 1996. As I viewed this as an improved version, I decided to call this Target Renegade II instead.

The unfinished game featured punching, walking, enemy follow and most importantly a scrolling map!

The game can be played using a joystick. All the graphics where based on screengrabs from an C64 emulator, and then simply handdrawn / redrawn by me using Deluxe Paint.

There isn't much more to tell about this project (can not remember any additional details), other than it was supposed to be an exact replica of the original game.

You can walk around and the enemy will follow you, there seems to be only 1 sprite collision if you manage to punch the enemy it will change it sprite to something, there is no sound or other effects.

I can't remember why I eventually stopped working on this remake, but as this was 1996 I had started working, creating my own website on Amiga and some time after got an PC, playing games, making music and time just flew away.

Added a bootable disk (ADF) so you can even try the 3 separate parts yourself!

Just at the start of first level.

At the end of the scrollable first level.

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