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SOMIT Episode #01 (06-1990) Developer Log
in Gaming | Thursday, August 25, 2022 | 21:06

From the progress of my VR project "Stone Oakvalley's Moment In Time" I will start to post some updates on the scenes behind developing this VR experience called "Enter That Room", also known as Episode #1.

Episode #1 [06-1990]
"Enter That Room"

Introduction - 25 Aug 2022

This is the first episode which also happens to be where the "Moment In Time" VR Experience will start from and where users will execute and play all the other 11 episodes available. We could basically call this the "main menu" :-)

The idea for this VR Experience is basically what "Moment In Time" really means for me, this is my actual Childhood/Youthhood room, the boy's room that I was living in from the age of 13 to 23 which will be re-created inside Virtual Reality.

During those 10 years; I had my first Commodore 64, my first Amiga 500, my first Amiga CD32, my first Amiga 1200, my first VHS Video Camera, my first Stereo, my first VHS Player, my first CRT-TV, my first Satellite Dish/Channels and so much more "firsts" happend in this room!

Whatever will be seen and interactable in the VR Experiece is directly connected to all of the above.

So, enjoy the research below of how this Episode will eventually come to life inside Virtual Reality running and aimed for a Oculus Quest 2 release eventually!. I refuse to call it Meta Quest by the way. I purchased it as OCULUS and it will stay that way for me forever. Until I would buy the next generation VR Headset from Meta naturally :-)

I started preparing for this Episode way back in November 2021, but got some time to progress on this during 2022 as well in between all the other episodes already posted on my website.

No UNITY project has been set up yet, but this experience will be confined in just the outside of the room, and basically this VR world will just be inside 1 single room. I will focus on setting up and URP VR Project hopefully during August, updates will follow.

Update 02 Oct 2022:
Worked on modelling all the shelves on the walls, in totalt 6 of them and some other finetuning on the overall graphics since last time. Some new textures where also added to match the real room from the 90's.

There are still some furnitures that have to be modelled/added during the next weeks, which is 2 standard chairs, 1 main chair, 1 old TV CRT cabinet + some minor adjustments of handles of doors. Further, all the electronic parts needs to be looked at regarding modelleing, texturing and finetuning.

I want most of the 3d models and graphics to be more or less final before I start on the actual coding side of things, like interraction, sound effects and to be able to perhaps start one of the other episodes from within this VR room. I once said "I wonder how far I will get before Christmas 2022" and if I do get the needed time, there might be a possible teaser video released of some sorts just before Christmas - but nothing is certain at this point :-)

Update 19 Sep 2022:
Worked a lot on modelling, texturing the past weeks, such as more realistic textures and lightning in place, as well as a classic retro electronics and parts in place, like Commodore 64, Audio Cassettes and covers, C64 cartridge and paperwork :-)

I have also added my bed, finetuned the sofa. Its getting real close to the actual room of 1990!

Update 06 Sep 2022:
Currently working hard to restore and design all original furnitures, computer parts etc. by looking back onto my old VHS movies that illustrate the room for me just enough to make out placement, sizes and textures on everything.

I have not coded any logic yet, as the past 2 weeks were spent into research, modelling, texturing etc. Eventually, I will start to make interractions between objects, define which object are to be VR controlled etc. by the player. I do plan to add more than just the "main menu" for executing all the other VR Episodes/games/experiences such as my music albums, my Norwegian book, old-stock footage, pictures and other retro goodies.

25 Aug 2022:
This was my actual room as it was in 1990-1991 and the image was drawn using Deluxe Paint 2/3 on Amiga 500 by me naturally. I do remember the furnitures move around in 1994 and1997 but it was mostly the same amount of furnitures as well as the very same ones during my 10 year stay in this room.

This image was KEY to re-create my childhood room more accurate, and was just a fun piece of history that is 100% relevant to "Moment In Time".

Luckily, I also have filmed quite a lot of scenes in the same room during the same period for all kinds of experiments, so these tapes where also useful to be able to see textures, details of furnitures, colors on objects, which objects was present and what posters that where on my childhood walls.

25 Aug 2022:
I don't have a single or multiple pictures of the entire room, but here is one from the position of the "green chair" in the previous picture, looking over the desk with Amiga 500 and the CRT TV in the back, as well as some shelves on the wall.

Now, the stereo speakers was not present during half of 1990, as they came later that year or possibly in 1991. I also remember I did change the Amplifier and speaker systems at least 2 times. The CRT also eventually broke down, was replaced by a 21" inch CRT-TV at some point to.

If you are wondering what I'm watching on the telly, well oh mighty, that's Child's Play of course running from a VHS tape (most likely a copied one, hahaha).

25 Aug 2022:
As always, I like to design, model and texture everything using NewTek Modeler 3D. Here's the progress so far that already have some items and objects that are true to the originals that I once had in this room. They will match what you see in the first picture above.

26 Aug 2022:
Finally a fully working Unity VR URP project setup and quickly test to see if my current progress with the 3d modelled room was up to par.

I noticed at once that the height of the room was off by 20cm, the chair seat and back cover was too large, cabinets and decoration lists where a bit off.

Its really good to see the room again and it truly brought a smile on my face to "be there" once again. I can't wait to progress further on more objects, lightning, textures and shadows as well as windows to be added!

01 Sep 2022:
More progress on furniture, details and measurements of the room and objects distance to eachother. I had to go visit my old room during the weekend to take more precise measurements and some detailed shots of certain handles and more.

Its starting to become uncanny to walk in VR inside this room, so many memories here :-)

06 Sep 2022:
Experimenting more with lighting in the room, as well as more objects that were present in my 1990's youth room!

19 Sep 2022:
More realistic textures and lightning in place, as well as a classic retro electronics and parts in place, like Commodore 64, Audio Cassettes and covers, C64 cartridge and paperwork :-)

I have also added my bed, finetuned the sofa. Its getting real close to the actual room of 1990!

02 Oct 2022: New stuff since last time are actual 3d models of the shelves that where present in my 90's room. They have been recreated from scratch by looking at old footage from the 90's, as well as taking recent photographs of these (since the room still is as-is as I left it in 1996 or so, apart from no traces of retro electronics naturally there today).

I also adjusted the lightning a bit more to match the real light in that room more or less. Still some work todo, but its getting better.

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