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RawText of .D64/.PRG files.

Based on my own SOTDS "Commodore 64 (D64 image contents) Collection", but this database set contains ALL detectable ASCII text found on every .D64 and .PRG files by using my own RawText extractor! This search engine and collection features even an emulator in Javascript that lets you boot, load and start anything on these D64 images as a most helpful and added bonus

In many cases you might find long lost games and programs this way, who knows :-)

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Rows in database: 253.9 million (253900224)

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X Joystick #1 works only: Use NUMPAD (4,8,6,2) + SPACE=FIRE
Using the excellent javascript C64 emulator based on Vice 2.4 from rjanicek / vice.js
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