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Every word from "every" Computer Magazine

Contains 10-word sentences from EVERY page (486945 pages!) on 6000+ PDF Magazines, which was collected through many years by myself (downloaded or my own scans). As a bonus, the database results will show a small thumbnail of where the word was found in a sentence of 10-words during search results.

But it does not stop there! By clicking on the magazine thumbnail, a script will let you view the original pdf page and more!

---=: Code & Design by Stone Oakvalley :=---

Approx words in database: 205 million (205004840)

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Using the excellent javascript C64 emulator based on Vice 2.4 from rjanicek / vice.js
Magazine Filesize Pages Sentence (10-word) [A-Z]  Page Number LQ Thumbnail+PDF
42567212 60 conlong arvp data kommando navn anntall troller denne vil oversette 27
59205502 96 løkke goto løkke gjentas visse struksjoner vist anntall gan ger 33
59205502 96 man trenger store databaser til gjengelig for stort anntall ter 11
22935169 66 setter med antall punkter som skal tippes anntall lovlige farger 46