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Conceptual poster artwork uploaded - August 2007 designed by Stone Oakvalley Studios
Conceptual picture artwork uploaded - August 2007 designed by Stone Oakvalley Studios
Currently working on other non-movie projects, and for now "Ylva" its just an reminder of an distant future project.

About the project
A Norwegian supernatural horror movie story created by Stein Eikesdal which is based on the original movie script (Valkyrie) written by the late Tom B. Jenssen during 2003/2004. Reference here: Valkyrie

Quick synopsis "Ylva - the girl, the woman, the wolf" - preliminary
A Viking girl brought to the brink of insanity while being a victim of slavery and accidental black magic while being fed the only friend she had, a sick wolf infected with the blood of sick humans and sick animals mixed with a dangerous fungus. She evolves into a dangerous manmade bloodthirsty female wolf like monster that seeks not only revenge, but also solitude and peace...

The little girl grows into a woman and gets married, but the townspeople condemns the marriage and separates them. She has again lost a true friend and sets out on a killing spree to yet again seek revenge. She is chased to her death into a deep swamp of loam earth where they believe the body and soul of this dreadful monster will be kept hidden from mankind until the end of time.

1000 years pass and little do she not know that her presumably dead husband Ignasaurs, a victim of black magic 1000 years back, is still looking for her on a recent archaeological dig site discovered in west of Norway by some local archaeologists in the home land of the true Vikings.

But the damage done can not be undone, and victims of our time will experience the war and dreadfulness of a hurt, insane and self-inflicted monster that do not longer bear the sign of a kind human soul when the group of archaeologists trespasses on her 1000 year old resting place.

Can they survive the return of a true manmade monster?

Ignasarus believe so with the help of an ancient magical ritual that has not yet been successful in the past, but with the help of modern mirrors from our time, he hope together with the archaeologists to once and for all let her soul free and save mankind from the certain fatal death to come.

The question yet to be answered is;
Do magic really work, or is it just a manmade fairy tale created as a result of the need of believing in miracles?

Will it work on something that is not evil by magic, but evil that was initially created by mankind?

Only in the end of the story there will be an answer.

Script Writer & Director, Stein Eikesdal

Conceptual Poster Artwork - August 2007

Conceptual Photo Artwork - August 2007

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