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Introduction - Vidi-Amiga
in Nostalgia | Thursday, August 07, 2014 | 20:41

The range of Vidi Amiga video and image digitizers made by ROMBO Productions Ltd. back in the good old days. There was a multitude of hardware versions released which in the 80-90's and still today is confusing.

I will however try to make a real sense of all this, together with pictures, test snapshots, user manuals, software revisions and possibly magazine reviews.

Not only that, but their product brand appear in different writing also; like mixing "-" and uppercase, sometimes without space between VIDI and AMIGA and so fourth.

I do this out of a personal interrest as I did own Vidi Amiga (without the VidiChrome color add-on), the Vidi-AMIGA 12 and the Vidi Amiga12RT (RT stands for RealTime) back in the days. Not only that I owned and used them but I also sold them (shame of the previous century) in the late 90's. To set things straight, I will re-purchase the items on EBAY so I can fully test and take new photos of the god beloved nostalgic Amiga hardware.

The only proof from old pictures and movies that I had an Vidi Amiga Digitizer is seen below (the picture is from 1997). It's actually easy to tell that this was the latest Vidi Amiga digitizer I had, since the picture was taken in colors, there is a PC here along with the fact I sold all my Amiga equipment early 1998.

In the video below we can see the black version of one of the Vidi Amiga Digitizers (the video is most likely from 1991) and based on that fact I can say that this must be the black version of VIDI-RGB device (but only the Grayscale unit), since Vidi-Amiga RT12 (in one box and black) was not released until 1992.

Whenever possible I will take a few digitizing pictures if the software and hardware permits. I have also archived every Vidi-Amiga software version I could dig up (just the most important files, no extras). I certainly believe my archive is the most complete and only one found of its kind on the net today.

Play Video: Young Oakvalley with his Amiga and Vidi Amiga Digitizer

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