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Norwegian Toy Catalogs (1990) - Norske leketøyskataloger fra 90-tallet
in Nostalgia | Sunday, September 12, 2021 | 14:10

During my research into my childhood memories of traces for Virtual Reality / 3D related for my gaming section of the website, I came across some old forgotten Norwegian Toy Catalogs from RINGO and EXTRA LEKER I had collected.

At the time when these was released I was already 16 years of age and they wasn't my favourite regular toy catalogs during that time, as I have not found any older from the early 80's to mid 80's which would be more my prime childhood time regarding these Toy Catalogs.

Anyway, I still have memories that many of the toys in these 1990's catalogs was also present at least 10 years past of the same brands. I specifically loved when Star Wars was presented in these catalogs as those where my favourite toys.

I have scanned both of them, 1 is complete (Extra Leker), while the other RINGO catalog misses 4 pages consisting of the cover pages only.

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