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Homemade Star Wars Comic Magazines (1986-1987)
in Nostalgia | Monday, August 16, 2021 | 20:51

Whilst doing some digging into my childhood archives related to a Star Wars project I'm currently working on, I came across some homemade comic magazines I created back in 1986 or at least 1987 (at the age of 12,13 years old) which I just had to scan and present for historic reasons.

During 1986 and 1987 (at least, probably many more years) here in Norway, a company called Gevion Forlag issued a magazine named "Kobra-magasinet" for a couple of years, I believe they changed the name to "Kobra" eventually. Anyway, inside this thriller/action based comic magazine, they suddenly started to include small Star Wars stories in black/white.

I'm not sure where the stories originally came from (probably from the Marvel Comic series?), but one of the pages says "(C) Europa Press". Since I had no interrest in the rest of the magazine, I cut out the Star Wars related pages and simply glued them together and creating my own front cover to mimic a Norwegian Comic magazine wrapping, including "next month" captions and such :-)

I'm not sure how many stories was actually printed in the Kobra magazine, but at least here are 7 of them - in a young Stone Oakvalley wrapping with artwork drawn by me, haha.

So, if you are a nostalgic Norwegian Star Wars fan, maybe these may be of joy for you all to read (again), they might have slipped your hands back then as I would expect it was quite wierd that these stories came out in a action/thriller detective magazine, while at the same time the "Semic Forlag" was issuing offical Star Wars issues in the shops. The quality of the scans shows indeed that regular tape strips can only hold their glue and transparent color for only a limited number of years. Imagine these are already 34 years by today!

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