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Computer Video - Amiga 500/2000 Promotional 1987 Video - Introduction
in Nostalgia | Sunday, December 20, 2020 | 18:01

This Norwegian mini-feature advertisement video really defined me to become what I am today in regards of my interrest into computer graphics, programming, computers and music including keep-the-nostalgia factor that goes into collecting, investigating and archiving all that is Commodore.

The background story for my first Amiga 500 has already been posted on my website years ago, but this time I really want to dig into the movie that I also got as an add-on purchase during that time.

This video was originally produced in English language, but I assume it was translated by the many international Commodore company around Europe too. Since I'm Norwegian, I will focus on the Norwegian version of it and take the video apart.

As far as I can tell, the movie was produced in 1987, in which software that was already produced in 1985-1987 could take part in the presentation, but also naturally 1988-1989 titles in the form of previews.

I must have watched this video probably several hundred times back in the 80's and 90's. I watched it the first time on my VHS player when I was 15 years old (1989) and did many pause-still on the VHS tape to just glare and wonder at the amazing graphics.

Fast forward, and it was only about 10 years ago or so I found the English version of it on Youtube. Some time later, I managed to find even the Norwegian version of it and was forever happy and thrilled. My original VHS copy was eventually taped over and its bubble type cover dissappeared and lost forever. Don't worry, I have also managed to re-produce that physically with the cover and all artwork/text fully. Results will be presented here (meaning printable A4 cover art for a bubble type VHS cover!).

So, I downloaded both the English version and Norwegian version of the video, then used the Norwegian audio (that had low quality video) and combined with the English version (much better quality and capture) and merged these two into a much better Norwegian version.

Additionally, I performed some compression, cleanup etc. on the audio itself, but also cleaned up the video a little bit to produce the best looking Norwegian version out there.

The ad-video was divided into 5 major parts, where they grouped together business, multimedia, music, education and games. Of course, a perfect example of everything you could ever do with an Amiga in the mid-80's and all the way up to 2020 and for the next 100 years to come. Really!

Computer Video'n - Amiga 500 Promotional Video - 1987 - Norwegian Language

Play Video: Full Movie - Amiga 500 (no subtitles)

Download Movie instead (Right click, save as)

Computer Video'n - Amiga 500 - 1987 - With Norwegian Subtitles
Content is pending, currently in transcribing mode :-)

Make sure you check out details for Part 1/5 on the links below too!

Software titles mentioned / re-creation of screenshots

Further, I want to dig into all the software and games titles they showcased, sometimes with a couple of seconds with captions, other times only mentioned in the speech, but also sometimes not even mentioned by captions or spoken word.

I will to the best of my abilities and know-how produce new screenshots and links to all the software and games mentioned/visible in the entire Amiga Promo video in the order it was seen (more or less).

I also noticed during the research that even if the caption said a particular software name, often the sequences before or right after would appear to be from other software, so back then, one "could" get confused what animation or graphics actually came from the titles mentioned in speech or in caption. But, it does not matter, Amiga ruled everything no matter what anyway.

From video: During the introduction part, a lot of footage from the other parts (1-5) showed a random selection and was covered there, however this screen was not seen during the "Games" section, here's some details about it.

In the video they showed a screenshot from a game called "The Faery Tale Adventure" by MicroIllusion.

Screenshot from the actual "The Faery Tale Adventure" game, where the second page of the introduction (book) was shown.

Disk used:
"Faery Tale Adventure, The (1986)(MicroIllusions).adf"

From video: I was unable to find this color cycling image? or is it some kind of custom footage with genlock effects?

From video: This animation show 4 frames of animation, where first "512K" was shown, then "1MEG" was shown on a Clark Kent into Superman inspired graphics.

I have not found this animation or frames yet.

From video: In this longer sequence, we first see some VideoScape 3D mountain / canyon fly animation, where this image was imposed over and once fullscreen, the president's teeth was animated into view.

I have not found this animation yet.

From video: This everlooping animation of zooming into a screen showing the same image as previously was pretty darn cool.

I believe it is some of Jim Sachs work, but I have not found the source of it yet.

The restoration of the front cover, based on an image found on an auction site (where a guy wanted originally 1000,- NOK ($117.97) for the VHS Cover+VideoTape!).

Well, I once offered 200,- NOK for most likely the same video, but the guy never responded and was never sold, ad just disappeared.

After 1-2 years it came back online, but not sure if this was the same guy, well, I don't take NO or IGNORANCE for an offer, so I will upload my restored A4 paper cover for VHS, as well as upload the Norwegian version on my site here, along with a customized version with first-time-ever Norwegian subtitles!

So, yeah, just killing that steep market price pretty much in an instant, as you can now basically duplicate the physical tape yourselves by downloading the video above, record it to a tape, print out my full cover and put it into a bubble type VHS cover from the 80's and put into your retro collection where nobody would ever suspect it was the real deal, haha.

Advertisement from the 90's showing the official VHS Video Tape.

Another advertisement with the actual price back in 1989 or so.

Real picture of the real VHS Cover and Tape Inside from an Norwegian auction.

This image was used to re-create the cover as you can see above.

Another picture from the auction, where luckily I can 100% rewrite the credits for the tape.

By the way, the font used there was "Futura Hv BT" (Heavy).

Here's also the label on the VHS cassette as well, which I found on the same auction as before, but this picture was not present before. This image was captured on 12 Mar 2022, but later found a much better picture of the label and that icon.

I have re-created also the VHS tape cassette label, available for download below!

On top, the perspective corrected snip out of the auction photo.
On bottom, the text rewritten 100% the same, and as you can see, the font matches 100% :-)

That is pretty cool to find the same font used back in late 80's, not sure when the Norwegian version was released, as we all know the english version was released back in 1987.

My guess is mid 1988, sometime before the Amiga 500 was introduced to the Norwegian retailers market?. I bought my first Amiga 500 in June 1989 and this tape was also bought the same day.

My own kick ass "80's/90's" Norwegian type of subtitles titling software used to create never before seen subtitles for the Norwegian Amiga 500 Promotional video.

Note: It will take quite some time to write and sync up all the subtitles and this is also combined with that some spoken Norwegian phrases in the video isn't always too clear, honstly, one guy talks with a potato in his mouth or some kind of oversized, sloppy cheek mouth noises going on, just saying :-)

Update 11 Feb 2021: 1.50minutes out of 14.9minutes done.

Software is free to download, just check out
"Stone Oakvalley's Real 80's Classic Videotexter (SORCV)."

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