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Commodore 64 Life - Introduction
in Nostalgia | Thursday, August 28, 2014 | 20:58

I will try to piece together archived material I can manage to dig up regarding my introduction into the Commodore 64 world. It will contain anything related, if it's written, drawn, scanned or pieced together out of memory.

After I was finished with the Colecovision (rented at the local gas station) gaming system and my sister's Atari 2600 somewhere in the mid-80's, I was introduced by 2 school friends (Lars Johan and Harald) to Commodore 64 somewhere in 1986 (when in the 7th grade, age of 12-13).

During long waiting to get hold of a Commodore 64, I spent time playing with Lego, Video, Inventions, Electronics and Star Wars.

Anyway, I managed to beg my parents to buy me a Commodore 64, and my kind father found a advertisement in the local newspaper (Haugesund's Avis) during mid-1988 (which is proofed by an old scribble I found, stating the age of my first Commodore 64) where some guy was selling a complete used system with Commodore 64, manuals, 2 joysticks (TAC-2 and Wico 'The Boss'), Commodore 1530 (C2N) Datasette Tape Player/Recorder, some original tape games (Winter Games, Sorcery, -> Pil L Turbotapes and a Commodore International Soccer on cartridge) and even the packaging material (boxed, yes!).

I was so thrilled. Today, I even remember almost the exact house and the road has been driven almost once every year since then and my good memories appear again from where I got my first Commodore 64 in hand.

Thanks to my mother, she stored all my old school books and they will be valuable now in the process of piecing together my history. It should also be noted that my 2 school friends which introduced me to the Commodore 64 *may* still have old tapes copied from me some years later. If I can manage to get them to dig out this stuff, I will be eternally happy!

Later in 1989 (after I got my first Amiga 500), I sold the Commodore 64 and a whole lot of more to a school friend (bad mistake). Which in the recent years I have tried to get all these things back, but his mother had cleaned out the loft and most likely thrown all of the original equipment as well as all my previous source codes, hand written stuff and other personal equipment.

Luckily my trusted Commodore 64 and its dust cover where discovered and they are pictured below. The C64 unit is completely dead black and there was no hope in fixing it (yet). I actually received the unit in 2011 and it was with a big smile I once again could hold the original C64 back in the hands where it always belonged :-)

It should also be noted that in during summer of 1992 I missed the C64 so much and I ended up buying another school friend's (Jostein) system that consisted of the new type C64, 1541 Disk Drive, a printer (MannesMann Tally-MT81 Printer) and even a box filled with C64 disks. These items have stayed with me since then and are still today kept safe. That stuff will be posted below for the ultimate come-togetherness and completion of my complete Commodore 64 experience. That's pretty cool!

If I remember correctly this Norwegian catalog also followed that package Data-Tronic Produktcatalog 1987. This catalog comes from one of my other historical projects, which can be seen here elsewhere on my website. This suggest that I got my first Commodore 64 in the summer of 1988, since that was the year I got church confirmation which is the key trigger of memories regarding Commodore 64.

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