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C64 Life - First magazines
in Nostalgia | Thursday, August 28, 2014 | 21:24

This was a pure luck struck to find. I had originally given away about 2 meters in height of Commodore related magazines from the years 1988-1995 to my cousin Daniel. Some time later, they ended up in the trash, but he managed to escape the house and store them on a mountain hut.

Just during recent years, around 2008-2010 he gave them back to me. Seeing them again in my hands are just a sheerful of memories and joy reborn!

I must admit that all the current fancy tablets and their PDF magazine style can never compete of flipping through a real old physical paper magazine.

It should be noted I have more than just these 4 left, but these are special, since they are amongst the very first one I had in my hands.

I strongly feel much more to have real paper than sniffing around on a stupid tablet, it's just so "emulated" much like my feel of nostalgia should be to play and use actual hardware instead of software emulators, really, it does make a HUGE difference in your soul and you won't believe it until you actually sit down and set it up, using old CRT's and chewing some Paprika Chips with Coca-Cola in a sofa :-)

The magazines were:
Datormagazin 7-1988
Datormagazin 8-1989
Commodore Computing International May 1989
Amiga Computing April 1989

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