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Vidi-AMIGA RT+ (Custom/SECAM)
in Nostalgia | Friday, August 29, 2014 | 19:50

Seems to be a custom hacked version of the RT software done by a French guy. It rely on a custom modified Vidi-Amiga and seems to be only compatible with SECAM signals including some kind of unknown Vidi TV tuner device?.

There is a reference in the software of "VidiAmigaTV".

Anyway, it might be it was compatible with the Quantum Leap (ROMBO changed name?) released in 1995. More information to come when available.

The readme from "vidi-amigart+_v3.2_secam.zip" says (came from Aminet):

Short: SECAM Software for the Amiga VIDI Digitizer
Uploader: Gatellier Thierry (kina@club-internet.fr)
Author: Sam Kennedy (sam@quanleap.co.uk) from Quantum Leap Soft.
Type: gfx / misc

This is the long awaited version SECAM users of french Digitalizer VIDI. I received by Mr. Sam Kennedy, after a mail sent to Quantum Leap Software, autorizations with Sam Kennedy on the redistribution Aminet and others. The price of a redistribution of disk can not EXCEED 15 FF per disc. The partial redistribution of this package is prohibited.

This software is freeware, so free. Needless to 'download 'if you do not interface VIDI. If you want to test, buy a VIDI :-)

Sat I also confirm that to pass the VIDI in PRO (high resolution) it was enough to add a chip D42280GU of NEC-30, and switch the position of JP2. Notice to amateurs of soldering iron. If anyone know the function of other Jumpers, contact me.

I think a new version of Amiga CuSeeMe, supporting the VIDI (And maybe the camera PeeCee) would be welcome. Notice to programmers.

I've included some pictures taken 2 or 3 minutes after the extraction of the archive. They come from an extract of the FVO "Ghost In The Shell" and a camcorder. (Thank you to Mini-Prats and Delph for those pretty heads :-))

Any form of disassembly or use of routines files contained in the archive is strictly prohibited.

Neither Quantum Leap Software, nor its employees or otherwise, nor I can not even be held liable for any soft or hard (crash, loss data explosion of one or all parts of your computer :-) or other devices), etc., etc


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