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V1.07 (10 Nov 2010)
in Software | Sunday, October 10, 2010 | 08:03

Update: FloatLED by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

Major update.

Improved: Recompiled and changed some code to comply with official and final PureBasic V4.41 release.

Added: Support for A: and B: for those who has that configured to Hard Disks instead of the conventional Floppy 3.5" and 5.25" (old school style).

Added: Support for Custom IconSize to max 1024x1024 pixels.

Improved: Detection of "Program Directory". Sometimes the Documentation could not be read for instance. Probably the INI file would go wander off into oblivion too.

Added: Transperancy to FloatLED window. Tested with Win2003, WINXP, VISTA, WIN7.

Changed: The text "Set Window On Top" to "Set Window On Top (once)" in the menu, just to point out it's done once and not any persitant behavior.

Changed: The text "Disable Window On Top" to "Disable Window On Top (once)" in the menu, just to point out it's done once and not any persitant behavior.

Added: A menu choice to my website and into the menu giving happy users to donate some cash through my PayPal account. No, it won't be a shareware or buy-it-software in future, don't worry.

Changed: Documention into PDF instead of .RTF. The Office package and wordpad gives me literally the creps in terms of "helpful" formatting and the awfullness of Rich Text Technlogy just makes me wonder why it even has to exist. It's flat out, just awful to work with!

Added: Click-through feature, it's selectable by ON/OFF in the Window Config. This feature will in that case disable the "Use Left Double Click to Explore Drive" as it would of course interfere if the user click two times through the FloatLED window!

Changed: Values in INI files that previously show 0 or 1. We live in a material world and I am a material boy, so it now reads in Human Readable Text "Yes" or "No" instead. Not case sensitive. If anything else is detected than "Yes" or "No",it's set to "No" by default.

Changed: INI entry "HDD Detect Interval" to "HDD Detect Interval (seconds)" so it's understandable what's going on.

Fixed: A bug causing FloatLED to either show garble drive icons or actually crash totally if the user said "No" to a question to exit FloatLED (from the menu). Make up your mind, god dammit :-)

Added: A window behaviour (window snap) feature to make sure FloatLED don't wander off screen during nasty configuration by the user or by manual hacking in the INI file :-). If FloatLED is moved outside borders, it will make sure it stays 100% visible in length or height

Added: Dual Icon Window Mode (Row or Column when applicable) functionality, works as Drive Shown / 2. So if you have 8 drives, it gets 4 by 4 in 2 rows. Support both horizontal and vertical modes. Minimize button is scaled accordingly, but if you got only 5 drives shown, you'll get one grey area of nothingness.

Added: More real-time changes when you click any option in the Config Windows. Neat to vitness.

Removed: "Cancel Changes" button in both Config Windows as I find the function and meaning more or less useless. Another reason was that most of the changes are done realtime now, so you see what happens anyway.

Added: "U" buttons as in "Undo Color Change" for each of the Color Options you could change. This had to be created since "Cancel Changes" button was removed and the inclusion of real time preview of coloring done instead.

Fixed: Behaviour of "Show Small Square On Icon" so it can be visible both in Auto Hide Mode and in Anti-Hide Mode of drive icons. Only a small unlogical behaviour from previous versions of FloatLED.

Fixed: A possible User Configuration incident if all drives where unchecked and save changes, the FloatLED window would disappear completely. Now, at least 1 icon is forced to show anytime.

Improved: Detect if FloatLED persistant window and window snap was off and that the FloatLED was positioned in the Taskbar area (it would be obscured and difficult to reach again). Either move the Taskbar or End Process to FloatLED would fix that, but now, FloatLED automatically jumps out of the area whereever the Taskbar is positioned and sized to prevent it falling behind it.

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