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Subtitle Previews for SOCRV
in Software | Sunday, March 12, 2017 | 21:59

Just a bunch of the standard subtitle look's as defined by me.

These are included with the program, and was carefully designed to match original research material I had when programming/designing "The Real 80's Classic Videotexter" subtitling software.

There are alot of options you can play with and you can save your own presets if you like. Pretty much everything is adjustable, from colors, spacing, fontsize, outlines, blending and positions. Even the background color of strips can be adjusted.

Note that the preview is just an estimate on how it would look. The finetuning of blending the subtitles into your own footage must be performed in your favourite video editing software.

For maximum old-school look, please consider doing what I will do for my TV-Series called "TV-Lesestund".

1: Shoot your original footage on VHS tape (not S-VHS, just regular VHS).

2: Capture and editing can be performed on a digital system (like Adobe Premiere) as its extremely convenient. Don't add text or posters to this footage, they'll become too digital overlay (like my book picture below). Such pictures should be overlayed using for example SCALA (+my subtitle script) and a real Amiga Genlock during live recording back onto tape (see step 4).

3: Convert the final edited movie to High Quality DVD or use Pinnacle DV-500 to play it live from computer THEN through a Genlock to synch/play the subtitles. If you burned back the edited footage back to DVD, you have to send the DVD output into the Genlock, then record everything as normal (again step 4 below).

4: Record everything (with genlocked subtitles) onto a VHS tape again using either S-VHS or Composite video signal output/inputs. Use low quality cables, just for the heck of it!.

5: And voila! You'll get the most kick ass analog style of your movie with subtitles burned into the footage forever.

6: Simply re-capture the newly recorded VHS-tape with Subtitles in place back into the digital world and post it for the public. You will be a star and you might create a re-generation of people who get fed up with digital filters and dwell back into the real analog world of VHS and Composite video signals. Hey, VHS machines might get back on the "most wanted item" list, as they are NOT in production anymore. Just a tip and a telling of the future to come, as first introduced by Stone Oakvalley.

Don't fall for the digital mayhem of possible filter plugins out there to mimic the analog effects, they are rarely beliveable anyway and will only fool the new-age generation, but those with some actual understanding of composite, VHS, analog artifacts includingreal vhs-tape-noise (if you are lucky) spots that digital mimic in a flash of a second.

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