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V1.03 (14 Feb 2009)
in Software | Saturday, February 14, 2009 | 22:58

Update: FloatLED by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

Removed: Adjust Window Transparency function was removed. It messed up with the ontop features of FloatLED and resulted in strange behavior when dealing with full screen apps. I have no time to investigate into the matter, and basically I find the option useless. This because, one can adjust the colors anyway with the color requester making it appear more "mild" on the screen for those who thought that the initial default design was too harsh.

Removed: Removed the hibernation, sleep, standby detection mode. This because it seems the OS is sending other power messages during screen saver (even encountered that FloatLED minimized automatically while installing Photosynth!). This means the surveillance function for hibernation, sleep, standby WILL NOT minimize/deactivate FloatLED while the OS is trying to shut down. (there was one bug report that FloatLED was caught in a 100% dead stuck CPU loop upon OS waking up, but I never experienced that while testing on 3 different machines). So now, it is removed. If I had time to investigate it and filter it better the option would have stayed. But better to make the software stable than hanging on to loose ends and half tested functions.

Changed: When a HD was detected by OS, FloatLED would update the drive icon with a little square to indicate it being detected by the OS. This was interpreted by a user as a foreign letter C with a square above it. So, in order to avoid confusion, the little box was moved from top center of icon to top left of icon instead. Looks pretty good now.

Added: OS check flags for Window 2003 and 2008 was added. FloatLED denied to start itself if not.

Testing: Tested on plain installs of Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. No problems.

Tested on local machines for 1 week, no issues detected

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Click to open zipV1.03 (.ZIP 395KB)

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