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V1.3 (15 Jul 2015)
in Software | Wednesday, July 15, 2015 | 23:19

Update: Not Just Another D64 Viewer (NJAD64V)

1: Better window update when using "Import paths/filenames (txt)" function and during export of all data to pdf,png,txt,csv = no more frozen window during export.

2: Added limit to prevent crashes when doing pt.1 above by allowing only d64 images above 100000 bytes to be exported (otherwise crash would occur in previous versions).

3: Compiled with PureBasic 5.21 LTS just to be sure.

4: Add filesize=0 check to avoid freezing.

5: Add Directory to queue was improved.

6: Cleaned up About Requester text and revised http: links to my site/paypal donations.

7: Added ExampleOutputs directory, so you can see whats possible to export/produce with NJAD64V!

Click below on my PayPal to show your appreciation for this fine looking free software. Any amount is highly appreciated!

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