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V1.11 (20 Jul 2011)
in Software | Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | 08:17

Update: FloatLED by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

Tiime to close the lid.

Added: Since FloatLED is not filled with crap we don't need, I added the portable version of FloatLED.exe as well in the ZIP archive. Copy it anywhere/start it anywhere you want and take notice a FloatLED.ini file will be created in the same path where FloatLED exe was executed from.

Removed: "Request Administrator Mode for Vista" as its a confusing thing. If you have problem with it, install FloatLED into a directory outside of the "Program Files". No time to check further into this matter. Installing it outside in a directory called "C:\FloatLED" should take care of those who has the UAC popup window upon boot or that FloatLED does not seem to autostart itself even if the installer cleary does that automatically for you.

IMHO, UAC is a annoying piece of garbage which should have no life in the computer world. Use a decent virus killer application to secure and provide transparant functionality to Windows Vista/Windows 7 as we always was used to in Windows XP. UAC is for new computer people that should not use computers at all, and by saying that, the point is totally clear. It's pointless to have, just turn it off, which by the way, makes all of the above totally void and null anyway :-)

Fixed: A rare incident that if Two Row modes was selected and the user had 3 drives, unchecking one of these would leave the window just showing 1 instead of 2. Now it will show 2 icons correctly in both Two Row modes.

Improved: Added defined background color to the normally gray area left by an Two Row mode together with an odd number of drives. The icon has no effect and is just a graphical preference.

Changed: Text in menu "Minimize To Tray" to "Minimize To Tray and Disable Activity", because that is what it does.

Added: A persistant Tray Icon for those who have the need to see that FloatLED is actually running. The icon (if right clicked) will show the regular menu as you would expect if you did it in the FloatLED window.

Fixed: Revision string for FILE/PRODUCT VERSION was wrong in v1.10. It still said V1.0.0.9, which now has magically been set to V1.1.1.0 in regards of the current version.

Added: While pressing [U] button during color changes within the "Configure Drives and Icons" window it will also show it realtime. It was probably forgotten in a previous version of FloatLED, so, here it is at least now.

Notice: This will probably be the last FloatLED version ever to be worked upon. I feel the software is 100% now by the help of many users posting suggestions and bug reports. Thank you so much, we made it together, and for now, it's time to close the lid on FloatLED updates and leave it as a magical piece of free software that puts the word FREE back into it's rightfull place in the madness of internet combined with software world that has gradually saturated the feel and look of "free" software as some claim to pose. I will now close my eyes and imagine there is no bloating in the internet and software GUI design world along with the destructors of what free software once was. And, oh, I'm getting married later this year and my time will be focused on totally other things than nursing FloatLED even more :-)

Did not make it:
- Fullscreen option.
- Checking FloatLED with USB3.0 devices.
- Spindown detection (gray out icons).

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Click to open zipV1.11 (.ZIP 654KB)

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