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V1.2 (20 Jul 2013)
in Software | Sunday, July 21, 2013 | 11:52

Update: Not Just Another D64 Viewer (NJAD64V)

Been busy with 1000 other things, but here it is!

Added option to import a complete path/filelist to d64 images, so it's easier to export mass stuff. (used for my SOTDS project, BTW).

Fixed some override for buggy D64 images, caused a 1024 output of garble, now cut correctly to avoid loooong list outputs.

Added semikolon/komma/tab switch for CSV output export.

Fixed bug in filesize that had zero (0) in the middle, like 103 became 13. Fixed now so it appears correctly.

"Single CSV .TXT file" and "Single Regular .TXT file" changed name to "One CSV .TXT file" and "One Regular .TXT file" to allow optional CSV terminator switch as of Semikolon, Komma and TAB.

Recompiled with PureBasic 5.11 just to be sure.

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